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Even though the reason so many more of us are paying attention to building emergency kits and a year’s supply, etc.
If you are required to vacate your home for any reason, can you pick up everything you need in less than five minutes and be driving or walking away?
The flood occurred because of excessive rains which overflowed the banks of the nearby river.
The down side to more containers rather than fewer is that when it is time to rotate the water, more containers generally require more time.
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There was a small tornado in the area – not much was damaged and thankfully our home was just fine and the power came back on eventually. Filed Under: At Home, Emergency Preparedness Series, Family Life, Sustainable Living Melissa Ringstaff 22 CommentsAbout Melissa RingstaffMy name is Melissa Ringstaff and I've been blogging here at A Virtuous Woman since 2001.
AubreyI received my planner in the mail today and IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND FULL OF GOD’S WORD!!!
CathyI have been reading your Virtuous Woman for quite a while now and find it very inspirational and wonderful!
Designed for senior parents providing a home and support for their adult sons and daughters with a disability. When you donate your used clothing and household items, you are helping to support children and adults with an intellectual disability throughout each milestone of their lives.
On the other hand, you can prepare the bigger kit, where you can store the three days’ supply of water and food for all your family members. A sturdy containerOnce you have all your items, youa€™ll have a better idea of what size this should be, but make sure ita€™s something you can close like a rubber bin or sturdy nylon bag that zips shut.
FlashlightsMost references tell you a flashlight - I may go a little overkill, but I have three flashlights.
High-visibility Vest - In the case that I do need to get out of my car on a roadway, you better believe other motorists are going to see me. Chargers - If you have cell reception, your phone will be your lifeline, but it wona€™t do you any good if it has a dead battery.
Blankets or Bivvies - Wool blankets are a classic staple for a reason - they are really warm. Other Warming Items - I keep fire starting supplies in my kit (fire cubes and a sparker in case I need to start a fire outside my vehicle), one family in Nevada survived two days in sub-zero temperatures, building a fire inside their spare tire to help keep warm.
First Aid Kit - This is essential, dona€™t bother with kits that are just chock-full of Band Aids, take your time researching kits and find one that meets your needs. Food - Food isna€™t essential for short term survival (you can theoretically go for three weeks without it), however, eating does allow your body to produce more heat, and it can make a huge difference in your mood and attitude which will often determine how well you handle an emergency situation.
Car Essentials - Jumper cables, Fix-A-Flat, ice scraper, a siphon (hopefully youa€™ll find a friendly motorist who doesna€™t mind sharing fuel), a tire iron, and jack are some basics that I keep because honestly, those are probably the only tools I would know how to use in a break-down situation. A Knife - You wona€™t find this on most lists, but my grandfather taught me that the most useful item you can have on you at any time is a knife, and throughout the years ita€™s a piece of advice that has served me well. The add-ons - A few other items have accumulated in my kit over the years: Duct Tape (need I say more?), a hatchet which most often doubles as a hammer (this particular Gerber hatchet also has an integrated handsaw that slides out of the handle which is a nice bonus), a poncho, CamJam Tie Down Straps and Bungees, Gear Ties because they are just too useful not to have a handful, and lastly, a quality whistle for signaling in an emergency.
There are pre-made kit options on the market as well, some are decent some are very cheap and not worth the money.
Thata€™s all Ia€™ve got - I hope you found this useful, I hope you wona€™t need it, but I know you will be glad to have it if you do!
The fact is that during an emergency situation the majority of us just don’t think as clearly as we normally would. While it isn’t clear exactly what led to the incorrect emergency notification being sent out, it does reinforce the need to spend sufficient time putting systems in place before a crisis takes you by surprise. The real key to handling an emergency situation more effectively is to prepare in advance for worst case scenarios.
With clear and event-specific messages, including the best course of action to take, emergency notification messages will have the desired effect; to help keep those who depend on us safe. To learn more about how Regroup’s cost-effective Emergency Notification System with fully customizable templates that you can supplement with multimedia such as images, video and audio can help you be prepared for a crisis situation, please call us at (775) GRO-UP10 or REGISTER HERE for a customized free online demonstration. Other very important contact numbers to list are those of your veterinarian, pet insurance (if you have any), dog security centers (if your pet has a microchip), and also the local pet emergency center. Depending on the room you have left, you may want to pack a small first aid kit or consider including some of the essentials, such as gauze. As some of the items in your dog emergency kit have expiration dates, and other important factors come into play (maybe the vet has changed his phone number), it’s important to go through your kit regularly. Had never thought about it before but now I’m going to create an emergency kit for Sam. Often, neighbors will immediately take you in and provide food and shelter on a temporary basis. We’ll say that your family has had a sufficient income to allow saving a little out of each pay check. The exception here is that if the containers are small enough to pick up and transport, then they can be taken to the garden and used for watering instead of just wasting the water by emptying it down the drain.
Family Emergency Preparedness Series Part of being prepared for emergencies is knowing where your stuff is when you need it. I'm a pastor's wife and homeschooling mom of five kids, step-mom to 4, and Grandarlin' to 14 {so far} living in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Southeastern KY.
Like you I am a person who is always prepared for sometime or place or incident that can occur. I love hearing how other folks are planning and preparing their homes and families for emergencies. I am an organized person but often wonder exactly how I should be organizing what we have for emergencies.
We recently moved to the gulf coast area where we really will need to be prepared for a disaster. I hope you found the information useful – and hope you’ll visit with me again soon!
Looking for more ways to store more water, food and get bags set up for me my parents and pets.
You are absolutely right, having a house full of children means you have to be that much more organized and prepared. My husband and I just got married 3 months ago and I am so thankful and pleased to have this planner as a tool to do life well in our home for the Lord!!! I am going thru chemo for stage 3 breast cancer and the planners help me keep track of so much. I have been looking for a clear and Biblical guide for the symbols and found it today on line. Senior parents who are members of the Seniors United Network (SUN) based in the greater Fredericton area have identified the key steps for preparing for an emergency. However, there is something you can do about it, specifically you can prepare an emergency kit, which would contain all the basic items that you can take off with. Among other ideas for an emergency situation, some like to secure their power supply by having handy a power generator, and this is especially important if any member of your family requires medical help that is offered with electrical power.

As I look out at a bluebird-Boulder day from my office, I know ita€™s only a matter of time before our first big snowstorm hits. You can also use a good backpack in case you need to carry it, however ita€™s important to note that if you are stranded on the side of the road, it is NOT recommended that you leave your car. For my primary light I use the INOVA X3R LED Rechargeable Flashlight which I can recharge through my cara€™s USB port.
I keep a Nite Ize LED Run Vest in my bag which is neon yellow, has two bright red LEDs that glow and flash, and reflective accents. There are classic chargers to plug into your car or innovative external batteries and battery-integrated phone cases like the LifeProof FRA’ Power that can be life-savers in a pinch. If you dona€™t have either of these things, you can try wedging your floor mats under your tires to help them gain traction. I keep two heavy wool blankets in my car - theya€™ve never been used in an emergency, but have come in handy for many a road-trip naps and as extra layers on camping trips. Some people suggest using emergency candles as well for warmth and light inside the vehicle, though Ia€™m noticing them mentioned less and less on recommended lists, probably due to safety concerns. If you have kids, there are family-focused ones that have kidsa€™ dosages of meds and more often-needed items for them. I go for the classics like jerky and energy bars (peanut butter is a popular choice too), and then swap them out annually (or if you just plain get hungry and eat them then replace as needed).
Do your homework, and if you do go with a pre-made kit, remember that you will still need to personalize it to you - if you are frequently on the road with your spouse, kids, and a dog, you need to remember to add supplies for them. Whether you are into the latest tech products, love to walk your dog, enjoy hunting & fishing, biking with your family, or just love a helpful gadget, we hope that you will find a Nite Ize product that makes your life easier, safer and more fun a€“ night and day!
Events are moving at the speed of light and when we have people who are depending on us, it’s very easy to be, well . This also includes regularly testing those systems in actual safety drills, which gives administrators, staff and public safety officials the opportunity to gain experience using the systems prior to an actual emergency event.
You’ll also want to print directions to the nearest animal emergency clinic in case you need to travel there. I’d recommend an unopened container of dog food, a small unopened bag of treats, several bottles of water, and two bowls. If your pet gets separated from you, he might lose his collar, which is why you’ll want to have one on hand.
Would you like to drive more traffic and sales to your site through a search-optimized pet blog? I'm the office dog at BuzzFarmers, a creative company that produces blog campaigns for businesses. That would be a wonderful thing and we hope that would be the unquestioning response from any of us.
When we sit down as a family and discuss the possibilities in a calm and organized manner, the most likely problems become better defined and the solutions become clear. Over the course of several years you now have enough that you could live off of your savings for maybe six months. Again, considering two families, only this time both families have been diligent in building up water storage to the best of their ability (see the Water Storage blog). All residents of this neighborhood were told to evacuate and grab what they could in 20 minutes or less. Think ahead and realize what the circumstance might be for every member of your family when an emergency does occur.
We would only have room for a small closet of items- thanks for the information and inspiration to get off my booty and get prepared!
We live right in the middle of Tornado Alley (Missouri) so we know just how fast those storms can pop up out of no where. You truly have a ministry here in your business and i’m going to tell everyone about this product!  I hope you receive a lot more business and that the Lord blesses you and your house for all the work you do for Him. Drinking my water, what needs done when I have the energy,my journaling, the PL pages to do to tell my story , eating when I am not hungry and the list goes on.
Of course this should be placed in some kind of storage, like a closet or elsewhere appropriate.
Which reminds me, I still need to clean the gutters, replace my balding tires, and blow out the sprinkler system - oh, and update my car emergency kit which somehow always falls to the bottom of my list, even though I know it could be the most important item on there. Your car is the best protection from the elements and where rescuers are most likely to find you - so, hunker down for the long haul. I also keep an INOVA STS Headlamp in my bag in case I need to be hands-free for looking under the hood or under the car. Paired with my 3-in-1 Flashstick, I feel confident that I will be seen and therefore safer on the side of the road.
If using one, you should crack your window to avoid possible asphyxiation, and ideally burn the candle inside a coffee can or tin because many parts of your car (and your kit) are flammable. As someone who does a lot of camping and fishing in the backwoods, I carry an Adventure Medical Kits Sportsman Kit which has comprehensive medical supplies in case of an emergency including QuikClot, and most importantly, the kit includes a book on how to use all the supplies in there in case I am far from medical care.
A good rule of thumb is to go for items with a long shelf-life that are high in protein, and that you actually like. One small one in your pocket or purse, and a utility one in your car kit - just trust me on this one, they come in handy! If anyone in your family has a serious medical issue always pack extra medication and supplies - you never know when a quick trip can turn into an overnight on the side of the road. By utilizing separate templates it will allow you to tailor them to correspond with the specific situation leading to a evacuation. Make sure to list the contact number for any family members who live in the house, as well as a trusted family or friend in the case you are unable to be reached.
If your dog prefers wet food to dry food, make sure to have enough containers to last your pet for multiple days. In the unfortunate situation of your family being displaced from your home, a temporary ID will make all the difference in finding your pet. If you’re displaced, your dog will likely be sleeping on the floor and would appreciate the extra warmth. Be sure to replace any expired items with new ones, and don’t forget to update any official paperwork.
Are you expecting a flood, house fire, earthquake, family accident or illness, loss of income? But what if the emergency was more wide spread such as an earthquake and your neighbors lose their homes too?
What we are trying to say here is that there seldom is a single right answer for every person and family.
Another family however, either didn’t make enough to have any extra or was foolish enough to spend every dollar that came home.
One family has enough water stored for their family of six to last three months: that’s 90 gallons per person x six people = 540 gallons. Both families grabbed a few valuables besides family members and pets, but only one was able to take some water with them.
Start preparing for the most likely emergency, and then broaden your preparations to be ready for additional types of emergencies.
We live in a one level home here and have been preparing for emergencies forever as we are originally from NJ.

After reading your article I realized while I have 90% of what we will need for an emergency its been scattered all over our house. For the purposes of this brochure, emergencies refer to situations that involve the ill health, injury or sudden death of a senior parent while they are still the primary supporter of their adult child in the family home. Think of the items that you absolutely have to keep handy: medication, documents, first aid kit, food and water supply? If you are in an accident on an icy road, you also should NOT leave your car, if an icy patch made your car spin out, ita€™s very likely that other cars will do the same, if possible move your car out of that trajectory. Lastly, I have the Nite Ize 3-in-1 FlashStick, which can be used as a flashlight or lantern, but most importantly in an emergency it has a glowstick on one end which can be set to SOS mode to signal for help. Thata€™s why I also keep two Escape emergency bivvies in my kit as well (so my husband and I dona€™t have to have that awkward conversation about who gets the bivvy to survive the night). If you have an ever-hungry dog like mine, make sure your food bag is securely enclosed in your kit, or they might just rip open your kit and gleefully eat all your jerky when youa€™re not looking. Most of the storage containers I’ve seen tend to be plastic bins, but there are other ideas that would work well. If possible, purchase pop-top cans, but if your cans come sealed, you’ll need to also bring a can opener.
Will the cause of the emergency allow you to stay in your home or will you have to vacate for safety reasons?
The same basic problem may create a different problem for your family than it does for another. They purchased five 55 gallon drums and recently added one of the 250 gallon Super Tankers to achieve this much storage. Today we have gloomy rainy weather and I realized if an emergency popped up we wouldn’t have all of our supplies. Now, you can prepare two kits, one being a handy bag that you can take with you in cse you have to leave immediately. It is extremely important to place the emergency kits in the place where it is safe, the lowest place is usually preferred, as well as ensuring its safe from water is likewise important.
These bivvies reflect 75% of body heat back to you, but are also breathable so you dona€™t get sweaty which is a pitfall of traditional mylar. Plan ahead with your veterinarian to get a one- to two-week stash of medicine you can add to the kit. The point is not that large or small storage containers are bad; it is that a combination of storage methods be used to meet whatever the circumstances call for. So in a few minutes the kids and I will go through the house collecting our emergency supplies and getting them organized and where they need to be. These should contain your documents, medical records, any extra medicine that you or your relatives would need on a road.
Remember that the most important items in the emergency kit should be lying on the top of the bag, so put them last, so they would be always handy.
In general I recommend staying away from mylar blankets and bivvies as they shred very easily and are flammable - ita€™s worth spending a couple bucks more to get a durable upgrade. How about storing all of the emergency essentials in a backpack that is kept inside of the travel case?
Each of the afore-mentioned possibilities carries with it a potentially different requirement for preparation. They have added eight of the 15 gallon drums, one at a time, and a couple five gallon water containers over the past year.
Food in our home is mostly being turned into a dehydrated rationing plan for the times when the power does go out. It is also a good idea to include some snacks that won’t get rotten fast, like energy bars and of course some water supplies. Notify all of the members of the family who live with you where the emergency kit is situated, so everyone can reach it in time. Along the lines of warmth, I always make sure that I have a hat, gloves, and extra socks in my kit - even in the summer months here in Colorado it can drop below freezing at night, these dona€™t take up much space and are probably at the top of the list for most used items in my kit. Whenever possible they also purchased one gallon containers of bottled spring water (not filtered tap water simply rebottled). Food can quickly be returned to its original form and eaten without worrying about consuming MRE”S or other commercially prepared rations which contain far more chemicals than I can even imagine eating.
So, one family was able to take at least a little water with them to get them through the first several days.
Water for drinking and cleaning and cooking is stored in several places according to the need. When we think the power is going out we put on candles and lo and behold, we never seem to lose it for too long if even at all.
Prepare now: Click To Tweet So, regardless of whether you are expecting the crisis that comes or not, having your home organized with emergencies in mind will go a long way to helping your family stay safe during an emergency. And all I could think was, if a tornado came and hit our house, I didn’t want the rescue workers to find me in my underwear!
Here are several things you can do to keep your family prepared.  Create a Home Emergency Closet In our house, we store food and other supplies in various places. But I also have a place in our coat closet by the front door that houses our Grab and Go Bags, camping gear, and other emergency supplies.
In the dark, I opened my drawers to grab some pants and ran to the basement door – which of course, was locked. Click To Tweet You should have a stash of emergency supplies – especially your Grab and Go Bags by an exit and easily accessible so that in the event of an emergency where you need to vacate the house, you know exactly where to find all of your stuff and quickly. It was dark, I had no lights, and trying to get that key into the little key hole while my heart pounded as loud as the thunder outside was so stressful, but I did it. It’s also a good idea to have supplies stashed in different places around your home where you might need them. I promptly put on my pants on and we huddled under blankets on the sofa with the kids until the storm passed, in the dark, but safe and sound.
For instance, if your home has  a basement where you would go during a bad storm {or perhaps a closet under the stairs}, find a place to keep emergency supplies like candles and matches, water, blankets, snacks, a game of UNO, etc. Also know that when the power goes out, water purification systems may not be properly working. Don’t use possibly contaminated water for washing dishes, brushing your teeth, drinking. If you are in an emergency situation and your battery power is low, keep it turned off except for when you especially need it. Teach your children and other family members to keep a good pair of shoes beside their bed at night.
You may want to keep a pair of comfortable, sturdy shoes for each family member in your Home Emergency Closet as well.

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