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Residents of a North Yorkshire village hit by flash floods on Sunday have described it as another "Boscastle".
Twenty holiday cottages, a campsite and houses were flooded after freak heavy downpours ripped through Helmsley.
Ann Hudspith said when the water started to rise she felt vulnerable thinking back to what happened in Boscastle last August. The Cornish village was overwhelmed by a 10ft (3 metre) wall of water after 3in (77mm) of rain fell in two hours.

On Monday, Ms Hudspith, who was on holiday in Helmsley, said: "We overlook the river and it didn't look too bad and then all of a sudden it started to rise.
Peter Gibb, from Carrickfergus, was taking part in a motorbike rally and was staying on a campsite in the village when the flood started. It's where a river's level rises very fast, the flood may arrive instantly in the form of a wave or wall of water. Flash floods are unusual in the UK, we do get a lot of rain and sometimes it's really heavy but normally the soil and plants act like a giant sponge.

In a flat area the rainwater sits around in temporary ponds and lakes until there is room for it to get into the river, it's like a rainfall traffic jam. Steep narrow valleys are the most at risk, a lot of water is trying to push through a small gap.

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