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Returning from a highly successful ten month tour in Afghanistan on the new the Lynx Mk9a, 9 Regiment Army Air Corps exercised its Freedom of Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire.
The skies cleared as the Regiment stepped off, proudly led by the Band of the Army Air Corps and the Regimental Second in Command, Major Robin Melling. The Regiment halted outside the ‘Fountain’ in the town centre and were joined shortly afterwards by the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Mike McGinty. HRH The Prince of Wales inspected the guards and awarded Operational Service Medals to those recently returned from Afghanistan, accompanied by our Regimental Colonel, Colonel Fraser Budd and the Mayor of Boroughbridge, Mr Geoff Craggs. It has been a few years since 9 Regiment Army Air Corps exercised its ‘Freedom’ of the local town to which it is so closely aligned. 9 Regiment Air Army Corps has certainly enjoyed a little respite before deploying again in October 2011.
I was walking home yesterday, with earphones firmly on, music blaring, moving to the groove as I walked. I could sit back and criticize U.S foreign policy, talk about racism and how things are not as they appear, how life is difficult for some people as opposed to others, about income disparity, about student loans, and high taxes, and interests rates and so on (I do all of this for a living!).
But, its the simple things, the small things that largely define how happy or unhappy you are – in that moment.

So having to dance with a random girl on the street on a lazy afternoon and not having to care about what people think, that is freedom to me. Let me start by saying that the last panel is not intended as a slam on Phantom Regiment but it is meant to be a compliment to them. So my question to you Deaf-ians- what shows do you think corps would actually play if there was no scoring at all for one season? Do you think they would use that year to experiment and get feedback or do something more appealing to the masses? After an intensive week of polishing and marching, the Regiment formed up in the corner of the popular market town. As the column cleared the Swale Bridge and rounded the corner into the High Street, they were greeted by a huge crowd of cheering and flag waving families, children and local residents. The Colonel in Chief of the Army Air Corps, HRH The Prince of Wales arrived and received the Royal Salute under a perfectly timed fly past of three Lynx helicopters in tight formation. It was a proud day that will be remembered by all, especially as the Regiment was privileged to have HRH The Prince of Wales in attendance.
They are one of the few, if not the only, corps to stay true to itself over the course of time and all of the changes that have happened in drum corps and the marching activity itself. And if so, what does that say about our current General Effect caption and how it is scored?
I am sure other countries in the world are better, have a similar or better kind of freedom.

My world is still at the far end on the spectrum of developing vs developed; a world not-quiet moving toward freedom, not quiet-moving toward human rights, the stagnant, the morose, the debilitating face of human tragedy. That’s not to say they haven’t changed anything, but I don’t think their approach to show programming and intent itself has been tampered with at all. So while the last panel of today’s comic wasn’t rip roaring laugh out loud funny, I still wanted to end today’s comic with it.
I looked good, I felt good, I was not cranky (which is rare), I was smiling about something someone (a cute boy, if you must know) said to me. But how can you know freedom, how can you truly understand it without knowing how it is like to not have it? So there I am, standing at the corner of the street waiting for the walk light, when I see a girl, maybe she was Mexican, maybe she was Latino but she had a long pony tail and, she was dancing. I really don’t, because there is so much to like about drum corps today but I think there is so much that corps can learn from Phantom as well.

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