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Starting with iOS 6, Apple introduced national, state and local government-sponsored emergency alerts for US users.
As announced at the introduction of iOS 6, these emergency alerts will not count against a user’s data plan. Does it use a location tracker system so,say, I am traveling in the South where tornados are active in the summer it would alert me?
Holy Cross of San Antonio – SHINING FOR THE REST OF THE WORLDWelcome to Holy Cross of San Antonio! Due to a potential winter weather threat tomorrow, please know that if we have to delay the start of school or cancel classes for the day we will send out an email, a text alert to your cell phone, post the information on the school blog, and post the information on our social media sites.  Please be advised that Holy Cross follows the decision of Edgewood ISD when determining whether or not the school day will be delayed or canceled.
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Have you come to the blog at the end of the day, only to realize that a *HOT* freebie, coupon or deal was expired?
If you've forgotten your password, enter your cel number or email and we'll resend it to you now. Meteorologist Travis Herzog says southeasterly winds will pick up today in advance of this weather system, increasing the clouds and moisture levels. One anticipated category of alerts were those related to inclement weather from the National Weather Service. The notification sound for this Emergency Weather Alert was loud and alarm-ish; it certainly got my attention.
The intent was to alert users of potentially hazardous weather in time for them to take appropriate measures to ensure safety.

The Commerce Insurance Company is not responsible for the contractual or financial obligations of MAPFRE Life Insurance Company. Thank you for making Holy Cross of San Antonio the outstanding educational institution that it is for our current and future students.

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