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There are lots of things you can do to keep your family safe from fire Hey, kids, did you know? Fire safety works in two ways: First, it helps your family avoid a fire in the first place. Your home should have at least one smoke detector per floor, and also in the kitchen and every bedroom. Kitchen safety: If you like to cook, make sure to always roll up your sleeves (or wear short sleeves) in the kitchen. Heat test: If you ever notice that an electrical outlet, cord, or light is getting too hot, tell your parents immediately.
911 is the most important emergency number – it’ll get you in contact with the fire department, an ambulance, or the police. Smoke and heat rise up, so if it’s too hot or hard to breath, fall to your stomach and crawl out of your home. If your clothes catch fire, stop where you are, drop to the ground, and roll around until the fire goes out. All images and content are Copyright ©2013 Windsor Fire Department All Rights Reserved. There are both fire protection and fire prevention tips that are geared for adults, children, families, businesses and more.

If you’d really like a candle, ask your parents to get you a flameless version that works with a battery or electric power. If there is a fire, your door works as extra protection until the smoke alarm wakes you up. Every person in your family will need to practice the shortest, safest route out of your home. And letting kids understand the causes and how harmful it is a plus for these kids to be motivated. Fire protection tip number one is place lit candles in a place where if an accident happens, like the glass jar the candle is in bursts, the fire will not be able to spread. Obviously the first fire prevention tip is never play with matches, lighters or any other fire igniting apparatus. If you have a younger brother or sister, teach him or her that the loud alarm means danger.
If you’re old enough and strong enough, you should know where your extinguishers are located and how to use them. You should also have a secondary backup plan, for in case your primary escape route is impossible.
Many fire departments dedicate a week or even a month to fire prevention and fire protection because it is so important to be aware of the things you can do to prevent fires and protect your loved ones from fire.

An extended version of this fire prevention tip is keep these things in places where they cannot be reached by children, like the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet.
If you are not on the first floor, you should practice climbing down the fire escape ladder.
Some fires are out of our control but there are thousands of fires each year that could have been prevented. This fire prevention tip is especially important for those people living in older houses, the chance of a fire happening because of an electrical system short is much greater in an older house. The last two fire prevention tips are to always remember to turn the stove off when you are done cooking and keep any space heaters away from flammable materials.
Your smoke alarms sounding will alert you if there is smoke, and this can lead to protecting your home from a spreading fire. Following these fire protection tips, and reading up on other fire protection tips might help save your life and your families lives.

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