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I’ve watched my friends that have teens almost tear their hair out from the frustration over and over from trying, and failing, to understand and communicate with their teens. I started checking around with people who had learned this stuff while working at Troubled Youth Homes.
I was stunned to learn that all of the people, some barely out of their teens and others with grey hair (not too much premature), had been using these skills for years and loved how easy it was to talk to everyone in their life! So I started teaching friends, family and then clients about these skills, about how to really talk to a person. The best thing about these skills is that you learn to EFFECTIVELY communicate with EVERYONE!!! The guy that nervously adjusts his clothes and finger combs his hair over a rapidly thinning head of hair as he approaches the door to an employment agency. The woman that checks her lipstick for the 4th time in as many minutes in the little compact she carries in her purse. If you are not remembering them…maybe you should communicate in your behavior by investing in this program. How about when you are talking to them and they yell at you and storm off to their room and slam the door?
What has helped me over the years to cope with the inevitable confrontations that are part of life is this: They aren’t doing this to me. Seeing life in the bigger picture and not taking it personal is so important in communication. In order to have that conversation that will facilitate communication, you need to first build your relationship. Matt Cooper’s Positive Control Systems (PCS) is the company responsible for Positive Family Communication and the workbook and dvds found on this site. The goal of mediation in family disputes is not therapy, although it can definately have a therapeutic result. We will be Working on a series of SIMPLIFIED DOCUMENTS this year, releasing new ones monthly, that will help others to Prepare and Teach Preparedness.
Disclaimer: Also, because we made some of these documents for our local church congregation, some of them were used in teaching spiritual and temporal preparedness to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Preparedness Is Peace Document is Special and I usually always pass that one out, but one of the other first getting started documents I pass out a lot is a PREPAREDNESS TEST FOR THE FAMILY the first four questions, I believe, are some of the best first four preparedness areas to focus on, and they happen to be promoted by my church (To See their document and council google: ALL IS SAFELY GATHERED IN provident living) The rest of the test asks other general preparedness questions to jog some helpful hints on areas your family can improve on. When I pass the test out, I explain, if they can say yes to the FIRST FOUR QUESTIONS in that test, they will be very blessed, because they will not only have greater peace of mind, because they are living in the top 5% of the world for preparedness, they will probably have already discovered, if not yet, that over time, those first four principles of preparedness, LEAD to other preparedness principles. The ones the church primarily has asked its members to focus on, 90 day supply, storing water and the ability to purify more water, financial house in order, and long term food storage often lead to the other principles of self reliance. Sanitation may be about emergency toilets and supplies, or it may be about how to safely bury bodily waste, or it may be fun, like how to make soaps, cleaners, shampoos, laundry without power, etc. The next TWO pages are used in the front of my church leaderships EP Response Manuals we created for Leadership to Use in Emergencies for a quick reference guide. There are 12 months a year, and there are 12 experts, technically 14 when you include the EP specialist that leads them, and the communications guy. During an actual disaster the Leadership activates, or call on, the specific experts BUT only if Needed.
Since Block Captains or Home Teachers or Visiting Teachers are already delivering a spiritual message from the Ensign they are then asked to deliver a copy of the temporal well being message as well, and honestly we often include the non members in our area, so they are encouraged to be prepared as well. Side Note: *The Fatality Expert for the stake is often some guy in the stake that owns a mortuary, or knows what to do, If there is a LARGE scale amount of losses, etc.

To establish effective communication with your partner you need to consider key factors like time, place and topics of discussion. Remember, selecting the appropriate time and place is paramount for effective communication   to take place. Caution to parents: Remember it’s very inappropriate to scold a child at the dinner table in front of the whole family. I thought  you’d see things my way… click here==> and get the 3 Step Simple Formula  I use to earn $1000’s per week sharing with the world topics I love. CLICK HERE==>for your mindset training audios to take your passions to another level like myself and so many others are doing RIGHT NOW! In a senior community, ita€™s more important than ever to build a strong sense of community where residents feel at home. Get full access to our easy-to-use online tools and start creating quality, full-color, customized communications. I have been studying and using a program used by Troubled Youth homes for the past 18 years, and man did it work. If there’s only ONE thing you get out of this program, it should be that “All Behavior is Communication.” The more you use these skills, it will “sink in” and you will begin watching everything you do…and you will realize how awesome you are at communicating already…I just helped you become conscious of it.
If you are with your special someone, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to talk about issues before they become a problem? Specializing in tools necessary for Residential treatment facility staff and even private training for individuals, PCS provides the best combination of communication and physical skills in the industry. These two pages "ACTIVATE SPECIALISTS" sit side by side and constitute the team of experts he has called to the Response Team, they also help teach each subject in our stake to each ward, BUT only focusing on one area a month a year. The stake usually activates two immediately first, the EP Specialist and the Communications Specialist, and sometimes the High Councilman assigned over the EP program. For instance, if the water has been contaminated, the water specialist is called up and activated to duty. By deciding on these factors ahead of time, you can avoid destroying the mood or causing your partner to shut down. Since these topics can be difficult for most couples to agree on which triggers escalation, it’s best to select the weekend to approach these topics.
If this is the best time to chastise a child, then do it with consideration to their feelings and proceed with caution or else the child will shut down. When you make time for both residents and family members, youa€™ll win points all around and give seniors the comfort and happiness they deserve.
However, by offering multiple communication channels and products, we help you keep families informed about what is going on in their loved onesa€™ lives and encourage them to be involved when it matters most.
Looking like an easy mark, and yet the rough looking youths at the corner actually back up as he approaches. Teaching facility staff to communicate more effectively and to create a safer, more positive therapeutic environment where troubled youth can trust, learn and grow. We do not represent or speak for the leaders of the church, we only hope we are upstanding members in our efforts to serve the Lord.
Example, When you are talking about sanitation, deal with everyones sanitation needs, including diapers, feminine products, cat litter, etc. The bishops once they saw the level of training and organization at the stake and the support within the team also asked if they could call a team.
Children shutting down will hinder effective communication with them which goes against our goal.

The children will then reflect on the wrong acts which will help to foster an environment for effective communication to flow with them. Would you like to earn money while blogging about your passions instead of posting these things on Facebook for free? Because I had been watching my friends have the same problems with their kids that I had with mine. He nods his head to them with a hard glint in his eyes and predatory smile on his face as he passes. They are doing it for themselves.” has really helped me over the years when life happened to me. For instance one year EDUCATION may be focusing on helping people to go back to college, another it might be about scholarships, another it might be about k-12 options, including charter and homeschool curriculums. Out EP Specialist, Communications Specialist, Stake President, and High councilman over preparedness developed that team. So, Each Bishop in our stake has now duplicated this plan, so they each have teams of trained experts in Every Needful Field at the ward level. They usually email that theme out to ward and stake leadership and other experts from the wards, the message is then supposed to be passed down.
Alternately, a family that practices effective communication strategies with each member is more likely to be a happier more functional family unit. Sometimes public venues are better choices to discuss heated topics because neither of you are likely to let it escalate causing public embarrassment, whereas  if you two were in private discussing the same heated topics then the conversation could escalate causing no resolution to be reached.
Dinner talks should be light conversations with positive topics of discussion like “How was your day (son or daughter?)” or “How’s school going?” …get the point? They will be visual, easy to understand, one page docs, and educational so Individuals and Families, Communities, Church Organizations, and Neighbors can gauge where they are at in their preparedness, and help them to move forward one step at a time in their personal efforts. Our opinions and interpretations, are in no way meant to represent the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are just responsible for that one month's message and then the next month someone else takes over.
We were fortunate enough to have in our stake a man who was a coroner, who also did some work on the ground after the 2004 Tsunamis in Thailand who had dealt with the overwhelming task of more than 400,000 deaths. Now, since we're usually on our best behavior in public settings this strategy can really help couples to effectively communicate about certain hot topics and actually resolve them without escalation.  However, effective communication is best in an intimate setting like home where you’re both calm and relaxed so you can lovingly but openly discuss important issues. Just remember to avoid mentioning finances and bills on weekdays or during special occasions. Remember, coercive or forceful chastising at the dinner table is like striking a match at a gas pump…BOOM!!! Also their other annual responsibility is to work with the other called ward Food Storage Experts from the congregations once a year to do some great classes and booths on Food Storage at the Stake preparedness fair.
He privately trained our stake leaders about grief counseling and has been a blessing to our stake president knowing his expertise is available.
Consequently, this breaks down the family structure which causes barriers to communication, which in turn creates more problems. This way everyone will know there’s going to be a roundtable discussion so total family participation will take place.

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