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The Bosnian government used helicopters to carry food and supplies to remote villages buried under six feet of snow. Bosnian workers shovel snow from a street as they working to normalize public transport in Bosnian capital of Sarajevo, on Sunday, Feb.
Police officers carry bags with their food for the day as they walk through a snow covered Hampstead Heath in London at the start of their morning shift, Sunday, Feb. Tourists hike around the frozen Lake Tisza, Hungary's largest artificial lake, near Poroszlo, 136 kms east of Budapest, on 05 February 2012.
A man rides his bicycle in Girincs some 180 kms east of Budapest, Hungary, 05 February 2012, after heavy snow hit most parts of Hungary during the weekend causing accidents and traffic disruptions all over the country. A car drives along the motorway near Girincs, some 180 kms east of Budapest, Hungary, 05 February 2012, after heavy snow hit most parts of Hungary during the weekend causing accidents and traffic disruptions all over the country. Two riverside strollers stop to watch as an icebreaker goes to work on the Spree river near the main station of Berlin, Germany, 05 February 2012.
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Congratulations to Pete Siner, Moment of Clarity, Craig DeMelo, Tyler and Ryan, and Clear Blue! Ensure you have sufficient heating fuel, as well as emergency heating equipment in case you lose electricity. Dress in several layers of loose-fitting, lightweight clothing, rather than a single layer of heavy clothing.

Wear a hat, mittens (rather than gloves) and sturdy waterproof boots, protecting your extremities. Frostbite causes a loss of feeling and a pale appearance in extremities, such as fingers, toes, ear lobes or the tip of the nose. Do not warm the extremities first, for this drives the cold blood towards the heart and can lead to heart failure. If electricity is lost for an extended period of time, a snowbank in your yard can become a makeshift freezer for food. When utilizing alternate heating sources, such as your fireplace, wood stove or space heater, take the necessary safety precautions.
If you lose your heat, seal off unused rooms by stuffing towels in the cracks under the doors. Wrap them in insulation or layers of newspapers, covering the newspapers with plastic to keep out moisture.
Allow a trickle of hot and cold water to run from a faucet that is farthest from your water meter or one that has frozen in the past. Outdoor dogs must be protected by a dry, draft-free doghouse that is large enough to allow the dog to both sit and lie down comfortably, but small enough to retain body heat. The floor should be elevated a few inches off the ground and covered with cedar shavings or straw. Sea covered with ice rings - this quick icing effect (rings) at seaside appears when the weather turns very cold suddenly after mild temperatures. 6, 2012 a woman walks along an ice covered car on the iced waterside promenade at the Lake Geneva in Versoix, Switzerland, Sunday, Feb.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Emergencies reported that at least 131 people had died during a cold snap that has lasted more than a week in which night temperatures have dropped well below freezing. In Poland, the PAP news agency reported that Prime Minister Donald Tusk had asked local authorities to waive the ban on admitting inebriated people to homeless shelters after eight more people died, bringing the death toll from the storm to 53 in Poland. 6, 2012, two people look at ice covered boats on the iced waterside promenade at the Lake Geneva in Port Choiseul, Switzerland, Sunday, Feb. Overnight Sunday, 05 February, saw the lowest temperatures since 06 January 2003, media reported. Yes, I know what the scientists will argue that this actually in some conveluded way proof of global warming, but it's going to be tough to convince the populace to place restrictions on their carbon use after such a devastating winter.
If medical assistance is not available, slowly warm up the person, body core first, wrapping them in a blanket or using your own body heat. Berlin recorded lows of around minus 15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees fahrenheit) on Monday morning.
It is either Global or not.And since it is Global, you need to take the entire global conditions into account.
Jusr because some portions in US are having an unusually easy winter doesnt mean that the whol Globe is warming.We are just not powerful enough to overcome "mother nature".

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