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As part of the emergency procedures at Tulane University, certain employees are expected to perform duties essential to the mission of the university. An emergency response dispatcher is a very demanding job that requires a specific skill set. The job of an emergency dispatcher allots officers, fire suppression personnel, or medical personnel to the scene of various emergencies or accidents.
A dispatcher may have to guide a caller though a series of life saving medical or emergent instructions until the necessary personnel arrives on the scene.
An emergency dispatcher isn’t always sitting behind a computer answering phones all day.

In the event of any emergency, it is imperative to remain calm so that a solution to the problem can be determined. It’s a good idea to consider if you have these three talents before you embark on dispatcher training, but if not, luckily time and practice will help. Visit Automotive Training Centres for more information on other career paths like becoming an automotive technician. From teaching and research to life safety and facilities maintenance, certain employees may need to remain on or report to campus. Please click here to access more information on the Critical Personnel Policy and submit information for consideration as a critical employee.

All automotive careers encourage problem solving, but an emergency dispatcher will be particularly focused on big picture and interpersonal challenges.
An emergency dispatcher may have to work long shifts that include nights, weekends, and holidays.

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