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This Emergency Preparedness kit is designed to be the basis for some of the supplies that may be needed when an emergency or disaster happens. This 24-piece pack is a larger version of the RC-644, providing twice the supplies for use at the scene of a serious injury, such as a pressure fracture or deep laceration.
This 137-piece food service kit is ideal for restaurants, deli's, or any food service establishment. This 12-piece pack is for use at the scene of a serious injury, such as a pressure fracture or deep laceration.
Be ready for all potential emergencies at home, in the car, outdoors or on the water with our Emergency First Aid Kits.
I believe there are at least three key things that many people are leaving out of their Bug Out Bag.

Perfect for the home, car, or workplace, this kit includes supplies to keep you warm and dry, stay hydrated, treat minor injuries and signal for help. A Bug Out Bag(BOB) is nothing more than an easily grabbed bag that already has stuff in it to help you survive almost any situation for the short term.
A lot of kits have a deck of playing cards, but it is also likely you may encounter someone that does not know how to play.
It may not take the place of their favorite one that they just had to leave behind, but it will comfort them.
A little chocolate, some coloring books with crayons, and a stuffed animal or two will help you with your own children or ones you may encounter whenever the need for your BOB arises.
It is designed to be already packed and easily grabbed that will enable you to survive short term.

Many police and fire departments carry stuffed animals in their vehicles for exactly this purpose. If you do not have children there is a great chance that in a disaster you will encounter them.

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