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Earthquakes are common in Japan but this 1995 Kobe quake was a standout that spelled the end of the road for a section of asphalt highway, a fleet of trucks, and even a huge crane which collapsed under the force of the temblor. Haitian girls pick up the pieces by retrieving household goods from a Port-au-Prince neighborhood reduced to rubble by the magnitude 7.0 earthquake which struck on January 12, 2010. Iranians stand near the steel shelters in which they were still living two years after a deadly 2003 quake killed some 30,000 people and destroyed much of the historic city of Bam.Earthquakes originate underground in the crust and upper mantle at depths of up to 500 miles (800 kilometers). A Port-au-Prince neighborhood lies ruined and reeling on January 16, 2010, just four days after one of the more devastating quakes in recent memory rocked the island nation of Haiti.Scientists with seismic equipment monitor about half a million earthquakes a year and very few of them are even strong enough to be noticed by people on the surface.
The human toll is high in Port-au-Prince Haiti, where the after effects of a massive earthquake will be felt for years to come.
A bird’s-eye view reveals a colorful tent city sprouting among the ruins of Port-au-Prince as Haitians sought shelter in the wake of a deadly January 2010 earthquake.Truly epic disasters, the so-called “great quakes” which level cities or spawn giant tsunamis, happen about once every five years on average. With their homes in ruins and their nation’s infrastructure shattered, Haitians thronged their capital’s soccer stadium in hopes of getting relief supplies handed out by the U.S.
Residents of San Francisco’s Marina District were rocked by a 1989 quake which left this row of houses precariously tilted and propped up by temporary support beams.Scientists cannot predict where and when earthquakes will occur, but they can use seismic data to estimate the likelihood of future events.
Chinese women weep near one of many buildings leveled in Dujiangyan by a May, 2008 earthquake. The terrible toll of the earthquake which struck Sichuan province on May 12, 2008, is evident as parents perform funeral rites for children killed when their school collapsed.
Chytrid fungus, responsible for amphibian declines and extinctions around the world, is now confirmed in Madagascar.
With severe water shortages in Brazil's cities and destructive floods in the Amazon, the boom-and-bust phenomenon may be South America's new normal. Eugenie Clark, a marine biologist and ichthyologist, helped the public understand and appreciate the much maligned shark. Nearly 200 pilot whales are stranded on a New Zealand beach, prompting a massive rescue effort. The famed gray wolf that had journeyed to the Grand Canyon from the Northern Rockies late last year was shot dead in Utah, according to the U.S. Tiny sea lion pups are washing up on beaches in unusually high numbers—for the third winter in a row. The passive-building standard is catching on in North America, but it also faces challenges. The Yellowstone River oil spill raises drinking water alarms but is unlikely to affect Yellowstone National Park. Half the state’s big trees have been lost since the 1930s, in part because climate change has cut their water supply.
The National Geographic Society aims to be an international leader for global conservation and environmental sustainability.
The objective of the Disaster Summary Sheet (DSS) is to provide a general profile of the potential impact of a specific type of disaster.
This can be used immediately after receiving an earthquake alert as a framework for estimating the impact of the disaster. It's always been known that animals of all species have heighten senses when compared to humans.
Many of you have probably chosen to go with the Red Cross because that seems to be the go-to charity that everyone from Britney Spears to CNN is promoting, but there are actually other really great options as well. Text donations might take time, but considering how text-obsessed many are, this may be the best way to bring in donations. In some ways aggressive towards the threat, the building is at the same time deliberately lyrical and airy.
12th January 2010 was the day, which Haitians never want to remember but they will never forget, because the Haiti Earthquake Disaster they have faced. Haiti Earthquake Disaster was recorded as the largest disaster which destroyed almost every part of the Haiti.

The disaster would eventually claim between 100,000 and 200,000 lives, which Haitian Interior Minister, Paul Antoine Bien-Aime, anticipated on 15 January.
Devastation in a poor country like Haiti is always felt harder, I just hope they put future processes in place to reduce the exposure to negative impacts as a result of earthquakes and other natural and non natural disasters.
Nearly a year later as many as one million Haitians still live in refugee camps.Big quakes can be devastating and deadly but thousands of earthquakes take place around the world every single day.
Most big quakes happen at the faults where large tectonic plates of rock meet and move past one another in a slow, gradual process.
Army.The January 2010 Haitian quake occurred at the boundary of the Caribbean and North American plates. The San Francisco Bay area has a 67 percent chance of experiencing a major earthquake sometime in the next 30 years. The temblor rocked Sichuan province, demolishing a staggering five million buildings and killing more than 70,000 people.The deadliest quake on record also struck in China. The quake killed some 70,000 people and left more than five million homeless.Earthquake frequency appears to be relatively consistent through the years.
When individuals pledge to use less water in their own lives, our partners carry out restoration work in the Colorado River Basin. The DSS is intented to assist disaster managers, in carrying out the initial analysis of the impact of a disaster and to determine priority needs.
The document is still a draft, and is being discussed with a number of experienced disaster managers to improve the form as well as the content of the document.
I believe that in order to understand why animals can seem to detect earthquakes more research must be done on earthquakes. And that's how I felt when I watched images of the horrifying tragedy in Japan flash across my TV screen.
It's crucial to check the history of nonprofits in Japan to make sure the donations are actually being put to proper use, and picking NGOs that understand the infrastructure of Japan is really important. Before you hurriedly text away your money, you need to make sure you are donating to the right charity.
Charity Navigator advises to pick organizations that have a "proven track record of success in providing disaster relief on a massive scale and one that has worked in Japan and the other impacted regions." It's also helpful to specify where you want your donations to go, because charities might put the money toward other pressing causes. It's so easy to text your donation, but the transfer of money from your text donations is not as immediate as it looks. Generally, donations to foreign charities aren't deductible, but there are plenty of local ones for you to pick from. It sits with its blades resting into the ground: ready to divide the streams of water – if and when they come. It meanders along the site as a chain of events and somewhat in the manner of a chain of flowers. At the more formal edges of the site these rise to being banks of small trees, towards the south the ground is treated as a brittle, fractured shale-like surface with fissures that are themselves a reminder of the seismic inheritance. From then on the route through the building is really an experience, but always having a simple interface with each of the Clusters. The earthquake was attacked early morning on 12th of January 2010 in the small island nation of Haiti.
Another belt of high quake activity stretches through the Mediterranean Sea region eastward into Asia. The vast majority of all earthquakes are so weak that no one notices them-except for scientists who monitor sensitive seismic equipment at more than 4,000 scattered stations.
When stresses cause sudden shifts of these plates they move violently from side to side or up and down, sending shock waves through the crust which we experience as earthquakes. About 10,000 people lose their lives to earthquakes each year, an average weighted by catastrophic events like the Haitian quake. California is crossed by the San Andreas Fault system, where the Pacific and North American plates are slowly moving past one another horizontally.

Yet earthquake danger to human is increasing because populations in earthquake-prone areas, like urban California and Japan, continues to rise and put more people at risk.
This could be done by having animals treated normally in laboratories, and study there behavior for up to a year on end. So, it definitely make sense that they would be able to detect natural disasters such as earthquakes. I believe there is some sort of precursor to the earthquake that animals can predict, but our human sense are not sensitive enough to pick up on. A savvy alternative would be the Salvation Army, which is an NGO that has been in Japan since 1895 and has set up more than 80 centers. This might be a problem for you if you set your mind on donating specifically to a single disaster like the Japan Quake situation.
It takes 90 days for your text donations to reach the designated charity, according to the DailyWorth. If you're willing to chance it, there's a possibility that donations to the Japan disaster might be deductible.
It gives a series of highlights and shadows, rises and falls, with expressions of resistance and caress that with their sense of dynamic aim to be a focus for an otherwise unlovely piece of suburbia. The Fourth Cluster contains the Earthquake Simulation Section and the Fifth  Cluster houses the Rainstorm Simulation and the Training Evaluation Section. The people of Haiti were suffering hard, they have no water to drink, nothing to eat, toddlers didn’t had milk to be fed, no prams, no pampers, no education, no hopes on that time when earthquake arrived.
There are lots of buildings were significantly damaged including the Presidential Palace, the National Assembly building, the Port-au-Prince Cathedral, and the main jail. California is in no danger of dropping into the Pacific, but Los Angeles and San Francisco will one day sit next to one another. This could be some sort of electrical pulse that is only detectable by animals or some sort of slight shift. When a disaster first hits, the urge to give aid can sometimes be overwhelming, and many will rush to donate. If you want more transparency, look to organizations such as ShelterBox, which will tell you exactly which disaster relief fund your money ends up going to.
For example, Congress passed a law that allowed everyone who gave money toward the Haiti relief funds the option of deducting it on their tax returns. The Haiti Disaster Pictures are shown on the television and are published in newspapers and posted on internet. You can also email the organizations directly to ask how your donation will be distributed. The fees might also apply to online donations, but one of the advantages of donating through the web is that the NGO will be immediately notified of your donation.
According to the International Red Cross estimate about three million people were affected by the quake. When you watch these Pictures, on one side your heart starts sinking and you feel sense of pain and sorrow in your mind and whole body and on the other side, it create a sense of responsibility in us to donate kindly for the Haiti Earthquake Disaster. Below you can get the detailed of Haiti Earthquake Disaster and view the Haiti Disaster Pictures.
As one of the leading NGO experts, Charity Navigator has a number of great tips for people who are looking to give to Japan. In addition to the tips, the site has a nice list of NGOs that have already precommitted to helping Japan.

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