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In 2001 the Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Fair moved to the parking lot at Dodger Stadium. The Celebration of Heroes was held for several years in Hansen Dam Recreational Area in the northeast part of the San Fernando Valley.
Air Rescue 5 helicopters are used in airborne law enforcement, search and rescue, mountain, desert, off shore, swift water, flood rescue, air medi-vac and USAR. Normally configured to carry up to three patients, Air Rescue 5 can be quickly re-configured to transport up to 15 personnel.
While it's a lot of fun to see the aircraft and historic vehicles at an event like this, our main focus as CERT members is first response. First Responders, capable of sustaining as much survival as possible in that crucial first 72 hours after a major disaster. LAFD Heavy Rescue was built for the Los Angeles Fire Department in 1995 by Peterbilt and Century Wrecker.
Above to the left you see the back of an ambulance equipped with the normal gurney, which is adequate for most urban operations. Above right you can see a similar ambulance, but with the more rugged gurney that is gaining popularity.

In search and rescue operations, this kind of robot can search areas which may be hazardous to humans. The Los Angeles County Fire Department covers a more rural area, and in most cases more isolated.
The stations were quite realistically set up to represent several emergency search and rescue scenarios. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. CERT Head-to-Toe Assessment - Favarit Video Ana sayfa SA┬▒cak YA?kselen PopA?ler ARA CERT Head-to-Toe AssessmentLt.
CERT training consists of 9 units of training as described briefly below (click on each image for a larger view). This is a presentation on hazards that face Madison County and steps that individuals can take to mitigate those hazards as well as having a disaster supply kit and disaster plan. Students learn about treating life threatening conditions, the START trigae system, and watch a video about START triage. Students learn about conducting a sizeup of the disaster scene, degrees of damage, basic search principles and techniques, and rescue operations.

Students learn about the Incident Command System (ICS), how to use ICS to organize themselves as a team, making decisions on a disaster scene, and how they fit in the ICS used by local responders. Students learn about terroist targets, weapons, indicators of a terroist event, being prepared, as well as what CERT's should do in the aftermath of a terroist event. One does not appreciate the sheer size of this machine unless one has seen it on the ground, up close and personal. The replacement cost today would be about $300,000, plus about $100,000 for tools and equipment. They have a video camera on board, which allows the operator to guide it to its target area.

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