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Bella offers a timeless collection of blackout colours, from an array of neutrals to the brights of lollipop and kiwi. Please note that we have done our very best to represent the colour, however, images on computer screens may vary with colour and for this reason we can provide small samples to free of charge. For this reason we offer a FREE SAMPLE SERVICE to request samples please use the request sample button.
Please advise us immediately after placing your order, if your blind head rail is to be installed in excess of 2.5 metres from the floor.
For additional child safety we can provide all our complete vertical blinds with a wand control. However, when I saw this Newspaper Blackout Poetry, I suddenly had the urge to buy a newspaper. As you’ll see in the video below, with a black Sharpie, you put a rectangle around the words you would like to use in your poem. Austin Kleon is the person who first created this process, and he’s even published a best selling book with these types of poems.
For this reason we cannot guarantee with any certainty that the color represented in a product image on your monitor is EXACTLY as it appears in the physical world.

This is essential so that control lengths can be adjusted, otherwise all of our complete vertical blinds will be supplied with controls compliant with EN 13120 and will be supplied up to a maximum of 1 metre long. This wand replaces the usualy control chains and is used to open, close and rotate the slats. For safety we recommend moving beds, cots and furniture away from windows fitted with a blind that has a side control mechanism. I haven’t seen anyone read a paper black and white old-fashioned newspaper in at least six months, or maybe longer. This is truly a fascinating creative process, and the end result is like a reverse word search. We can also offer sewn in slats weights which would remove the need for any bottom supporting chains.
Once you’ve blocked out your poem, you simply black out the rest of the page with your marker.
For a complete chainless vertical blind please add the wand control option and sewn in weights.
For more information on child safety please contact us or view our child safety information pages.

I didn’t even realize that people still buy newspapers since I hardly ever see those little stands on the sidewalk anymore. You start to notice individual words that when pieced together with other words on the page, might create an insightful poem of some sort. If you’d like to submit one or browse through the poetry, just click over to Newspaper Blackout. I don’t like to get ink on my hands, I started reading all my news online over a decade ago. Will I use the video signal tab for use with the e osd or do I use the video out tab to the transmitter?

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