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Concerned about the occasional reports of Nikon D200 geometric vertical stripe noise "banding" problems I've been reading about, I was eager to get a lens and take my own camera out for a spin. I'm pleased to note that so far I seem to have no such banding problems, and I'm very happy with the camera. I shot at ISO 400 with a wide open aperture and exposed for a foreground object in front of an open window. Photoshop CS2 contains a versatile tool for correction certain problems caused by camera lenses. One option for this tool brightens and darkens the corners of images in order to compensate for lens vignetting. This collection comprises 15 original essays by Phil Auslander, NoA«l Carroll, Martin Puchner, Jon Erickson, Alice Raynor, and others.Staging Philosophy raises issues of critical importance by providing case studies of various philosophical movements and schools of thought, including aesthetics, analytic philosophy, phenomenology, deconstruction, critical realism, and cognitive science. This collection comprises 33 original essays on American Drama and Theatre.a€?This volume includes more than 30 meticulously researched essays, some with illustrations, by the best-known contemporary experts on American drama and theater a€¦ Highly recommended. African American Performance and Theater History is an anthology of critical writings that explores the intersections of race, theater, and performance in America.

Method Acting is one of the most popular and controversial approaches to acting in the United States. Kristin Bennet, a veteran of The College of New Jersey, the Society’s headquarters, has been published in a new book. The essayists offer numerous approaches to intertextuality: the influence of the poetry of romanticism and Shakespeare and of histories and novels, ideological and political discourses on American playwrights, unlikely connections between such writers as Miller and Wilder, the problems of intertexts in translation, the evolution in historical and performance contexts of the same tale, and the relationships among feminism, the drama of the courtroom, and the drama of the stage. Intertextuality has been an under-explored area in studies of dramatic and performance texts. At that time I replaced the scholarly journal's relatively conservative design with a pretty zowie illustration of David Mamet, and I've done every cover since then.
The essays, which are organized into three sectionsa€”history and method, presence, and receptiona€”take up fundamental issues such as spectatorship, empathy, ethics, theater as literature, and the essence of live performance. It has not only shaped important schools of acting, but has been a fundamental constant of all American acting. Intertextuality in American Drama, a publication from McFarland, features new essays on such diverse writers as Eugene O’Neill, Susan Glaspell, Arthur Miller, Maurine Dallas Watkins, Sophie Treadwell, Washington Irving, and Thornton Wilder.

The innovative findings of these scholars testify to the continuing vitality of research in American drama and performance.
While some essays challenge assertions made by critics and historians of theater and performance, others analyze the assumptions of manifestos that prescribe how practitioners should go about creating texts and performances.
This insightful volume explores Method Acting from a broad perspective, focusing on a point of equilibrium between the principles of the Method and its relationship to other theories of performance.
The first book to bridge the disciplines of theater and philosophy, Staging Philosophy will provoke, stimulate, engage, and ultimately bring theater to the foreground of intellectual inquiry while it inspires further philosophical investigation into theater and performance.
David Krasner has gathered together some of the most well-known theater scholars and acting teachers to look at the Method. By concentrating on three areas of the Method--its theory, practice, and future application--the collection will serve to inform and teach us how to approach acting and acting theory in the 21st century.

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