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Last week many Californians were jolted awake, or were at least startled, by a totally unfamiliar, high-pitched tone coming from their cell phones. On most other smart phones (phones with a touchscreen) tap the Apps icon, or whatever menu link you’d typically tap to view a listing of all your installed apps. On my phone I had to open up my Messages screen, then select the link for Options, then select the link for Settings. You can turn AMBER Alerts off on this kind of phone too, but it’s a little bit more of a hassle. The city turned out to be San Diego, yet everyone with a cell phone registered in California, from the Mexican border to Yreka in the far north, received this message. The Digital Media Mom's Guide To Tech Security And App Permissions and The Digital Media Mom's Guide To High Tech In Plain English are now available and priced at just $2.99 each! Get a LootCrate filled with cool stuff like t-shirts, collectibles, comic books, pens, wallets & more (past box shown below) for $20 a month, incl. With BookGorilla you can get a FREE, personalized email list of Kindle book freebies and bargains in the categories YOU specify, delivered just once per day. This personal medical alarm is a life saving device & assistance solution for those in aged care, independent living, senior care or simply those wanting the security of knowing there is help on hand at the click of a button. If your family support network is not as strong as it once was, BluePhone can be connected to a 24 hour professional monitoring centre. It allows hands-free two way voice communication with the family or other support person in event of emergency via a powerful microphone, which has ability to pick up noise anywhere within a standard sized home. The phone can also be programmed to announce a reminder, this can be suitable to remind the user to take medication or other daily tasks. Telephone buttons large and easy to press, ideal for those with disabilities or other physical limitations. It includes within its design speed dial memories complete with spaces for you to place family photos.
It reminds the resident to do things that are often forgotten, such as medication or meal reminder times. Offers extensive back up such as; In-built battery back up in case of power failure and announces important information to the resident such as a phone being off the hook, disconnected line, power failure or when to replace the battery in the pendant. The Amber alert was issued for the abduction of 7-month old Mario Danner, who was last seen with Marina Lopez -- his non-custodial mother -- in Queens, NY.
New Yorkers reacted on Twitter with confusion at why the alert was issued so early in the morning. The system is a partnership between the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Those who want to manage subscriptions and either opt in or out, mobile phone owners can send the keyword "help" to the short code 26237 (AMBER).
The sale of the Washington Post this week to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has the chattering class in a tizzy, with pundits of every persuasion throwing figurative tarot cards on the table hoping to gain some insight to share with the public about this billionaire’s motivations.
I’ve read that Bezos is part of the anti-public education cabal seeking to impose the libertarian (lol) version of Sharia law on states resistant to charter schools.
Then there’s the debate over whether his purchase of the Post was motivated by philanthropic concerns or a desire to expand his political influence.
Even though today’s Social Dialectic portrays human souls in terms of bias and intent, and fits everything into some clickworthy binary battle narrative, maybe Bezos simply have found the Postan interesting or worthwhile thing in which to be involved. Imagine if your company did things because its leadership and employees truly believed in them? Lynch complained to the Boston Herald, suggesting that the sale might be blocked via legal action.  After all, the Lynchester gang had thrown the most money on the table, and it just wasn’t fair. So obviously there were other considerations at play, one of which might have been politics. It doesn’t take long for followers of local social media and news websites to come upon defenders of Mayor Bob Filner offering conspiracy theories to explain his current troubles.
We wonder what these apologists for horrible behavior would say if they saw the Tuesday news conference at which a 10th woman, licensed vocational nurse Michelle Tyler, spoke emotionally about Filner’s unwanted advances after she had asked him to help an injured former Marine get help with the Veterans Affairs department. I’m not happy to have Bob Filner, the failed human being, in a position of power.  It’s obvious he’s a masher. As former Mayor Jerry Sanders said, quitting is not in his DNA.  And questioning the motives of those who would profit from his resignation isn’t conspiracy theory. UT-San Diego publisher Doug Manchester thinks he can get away violating the law scott free. Can we have good governance without Bob Filner?  Filner’s ego stands in the way of his being able to answer that question.  That doesn’t mean the rest of us should ignore it.
A Sheriff’s Department hotline to take calls from potential victims of sexual misconduct by San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has “been lit up” with calls and that the department is investigating, according to former Mayor Jerry Sanders. Other Filner stories making the rounds include a woman who initially called for the Mayor to resign changing her mind, Logan Jenkins speculating on whether a County Grand Jury can bring charges against the Mayor, along with Bishop McKinney and Enrique Morones circulating an open letter calling upon the NAACP to stand behind the Mayor.

Over at the Atlantic (which also has a recap on everything Filner), Amanda Erickson weighs in on whether or not it’s time to stop the madness that defines civic pride by the number of bathrooms in the local convention center. Over the last 20 years, convention space in the United States has increased by 50 percent; since 2005, 44 new convention spaces have been planned or constructed in this country alone. So Big Brother got to impress us all with reverse 911 calls warning us about a blue Nissan and a kidnapping the other night… That’s the buzz among the tin foil hat set these days, any way.
The bizarre noises generated by cell phones were not because the Man was calling your phone.  Cell phone towers were emitting a signal that called (almost) everybody’s phones.
Residents across California were startled overnight by cellphones that came to life in screeches and buzzes, awaking some and unsettling others with the state’s first Amber Alert via text message. Californians are no strangers to Amber Alerts, which are issued for critical child abductions.
If you’d like to skip being notified of future bad guys on the prowl, the Times also published a very handy FAQ on how this works; you can turn the notices off. I read the Daily Fishwrap(s) so you don’t have to… Catch “the Starting Line” Monday thru Friday right here at San Diego Free Press (dot) org. Doug PorterDoug Porter was active in the early days of the alternative press in San Diego, contributing to the OB Liberator, the print version of the OB Rag, the San Diego Door, and the San Diego Street Journal.
If John Lynch Manleychester really wanted to buy the WashPo he could have tried to buy all its shares; the old leveraged buyout thing. I expressed disdain for that media- and commercial- black hole called Comic-Con that keeps growing like a bed sore. Re the recent Amber Alert…a large banner and a loud announcement interrupted our TV program.
Lucky are cell phone users that can turn off emergency notifications like this, because according to the CHP, the local TV stations are mandated to broadcast such information. It's the time of year when more of us spend time outside.  And for generations, the only way to get an emergency warning outside was to hope you were within ear shot of a siren. It's a dramatic extension of a national warning system that for decades has relied on radio and television to alert the public to life-threatening hazards.
Emergency Alerts are official messages from the government that come automatically to newer-model cell phones.  The jarring tone and distinct cadence of vibrations sets them apart from a regular text message. That's why FEMA and the FCC recently launched a public service campaign to spread the word about the new cell phone alerts. The National Weather Service is one of the select list of authorized government agencies that can send Wireless Emergency Alerts through FEMA, which sends the message to your cell phone carrier. Wireless Emergency Alerts can only be triggered by a select list of authorized government originators, like Wisconsin Emergency Management or the National Weather Service. That hasn't been a problem in Southeastern Wisconsin, where the system has gone largely unused. According to Cronce, they only issue wireless alerts for extreme weather events such as flash floods, blizzards, and tornadoes.  And we haven't had a single tornado in southeastern Wisconsin since the new system came online last summer. In March, the National Weather Service office in Sullivan accidentally sent out a live tornado warning instead of a test. On many phones, the new alerts look like partially-transparent text over your phone's background.
For many cell phone users, it was the first time they'd ever heard the new emergency tones. Just two months before that, the National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for Southeastern Wisconsin. And that's a concern for federal officials who fear users will be turned off by the emergency messages.
The alerts do work even if your phone is in silent mode, something many phone owners have discovered the hard way when an alert was issued in the middle of the night. Looking at their phones, they found they’d received an AMBER alert, per a new emergency broadcast notification system that went into effect January 1 of this year. And the existing system is pretty badly flawed, so much so that I’m not sure anyone who received that AMBER alert last week had any idea what it was about or for. Since I already get AMBER alerts on the radio and TV, and pretty often from Facebook friends as well, I don’t have any qualms about shutting off these pointless AMBER Alerts on my cell. Remember: you don't need a Kindle to read Kindle books, so don't hesitate to pick one up for yourself and anyone you know who's fed up with tech frustration and worrying about tech security. Working just like a normal telephone but with the added benefit of assisting in a medical or an event where help is required.
Up to 8 pre-programmed family numbers are available, so if the first call is not received, it dials the second number, and continues to dial your support network until the call is responded to. There is a nominal once off set up charge, along with a small fortnightly monitoring fee for this 24 hour professional monitoring service. This basically means that the user can hear their family member and the family can hear the user, even if they are unable to physically pick up the phone.

Notifications are delivered through the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) program -- much like extreme weather alerts. After all, when you’re a zillionarie, you get to do pretty much anything you could imagine, let alone want.
I’m not talking about glorious mission statements, governance policies that declare love for everything good and pretty in the world, or marketing campaigns constructed to tickle consumers’ fancy.
Coming in second, or third in the Beantown bidding war , depending who you’re listening to, was UT-San Diego’s Doug Manchester and his trusty minion CEO John Lynch. Not just commenters but some San Diego alternative journalists — especially self-styled “progressives” — suggest the real reason Filner is facing sharp criticism is because he has crossed powerful downtown business interests. The fact that he got this far along in life without facing the consequences of his actions, speaks volumes about how failed the political process is. The promise of huge groups of visitors descending, in need of places to sleep, eat, shop, perhaps catch a show, is an alluring one, especially for cities that struggle to get residents downtown.
But for the first time Monday night, residents across the Southland experienced an Amber Alert issued via text message to their cellphones — and got the full complement of a 10-second spurt of high-pitched noise and buzzing.
Subscribe to “The Starting Line” and get an email every time a new article in this series is posted! He went on to have a 35-year career in the Hospitality business and decided to go back into raising hell when he retired. To be not interested I can understand, but why hate a bunch of goofballs having innocent fun once a year?
It really does not tell you a lot," said Tod Pritchard, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Wisconsin Emergency Management. The carrier then sends the alert to cell towers in the affected area, which broadcast the message to all WEA-capable phones in that area. But that warning was issued 24-hours in advance of the storm.  At 4 o'clock in the morning. After all I got a web site from where I can actually get helpful facts concerning my study and knowledge. I really enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and may come back at some point. It is the perfect companion for those that may are generally capable of living alone, but who require extra peace of mind.
This is ideal where budgets are limited, or for those who live rurally where ambulance support is some time away.
ET, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children sent out an Amber alert that went to the smartphones in the New York area. Android users can go to Wireless & Network under Settings, select More and then Cell Broadcasts. His track record of actions barely suggests some secret motive other than having intriguing and varied interests, including media (duh).
I’m thinking real stuff…building products, offering services, and taking sides on public issues if and when the company’s rank-and-file employees really cared about them (or at least tolerated management’s convictions). Attendance at the 200 largest conventions peaked at about 5 million in the mid-1990s and has fallen steadily since then.
Also I don’t see the need for an alert to be like a siren as most people have their phone on them and respond to the basic alert noises of a text message or such. She writes books, articles and code, shops at the Jedi Knight level, and is making the transition to an all digital-media household.
It is also suitable for those with good extended family networks who prefer to receive assistance from a family member, for example, persons with English as a second language.
It is estimated that ComicCon will bring in over $400 million between this past convention and 2015. I worked a position where I was on-call at night responsible for evacuations and emergency situations and when my phone went off I swore it was the alarm setting on my device letting me know the fire sprinkler system had gone off and that I needed to evacuate a section of the building.
Being inconvenienced by a sound that lasts less than ten seconds should be the last thing on the minds of people. She's always on the lookout for tech that saves money and solves problems for regular people, and has a thing or two to say about all kinds of entertainment media. This then dials out to either family or a professional monitoring centre to dispatch assistance. But if it doesn’t expand ComicCon is gone to LA, Anaheim or Las Vegas who would love the hundreds of millions that come with it.

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