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We Accept Company and Government Purchase Orders!Keeping an office or school prepared for an emergency is easy with various emergency kits from ABC Office, but in the case of a child, an adult emergency kit is probably too much. I mentioned last week about an activity that we had for Relief Society for our church. These food kits are wonderful because you can put them in the 2 gallon ziplock bags or seal them in mylar bags! In light of all the natural disasters that seem to be so prevalent, these food kits could literally save you and your family! With the holidays coming, these make great gifts for those that you love, and I honestly do not know of anyone who would not appreciate receiving a gift like this! I’m such a panic ridden person, I couldn’t help myself, and HAD to click on this link at the link party palooza! Make sure you have sturdy backpack that is a decent size for all your materials, but not too large or heavy to carry. Put your 72 hour kit in an easily accessible place like your closet or under a bed – somewhere to be picked up in a hurry. Choose items that you’d want to eat that require no cooking, refrigeration or preparation. It is very likely in an emergency you won’t have time to search through your camping stuff to find your flashlight, and you never know when your batteries are going to stop working. This is an important step to the easing of the hardship that may be involved with a disaster situation. This particular pack (because it is for 4 people!) is a whopping 50 pounds,but once again, Nitro Pak has thought ahead. We rotate our 72 hour kits every 6 months in October and April while we watch General Conference (a broadcast from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) with our kids.
Subscribe to our FREE informational newsletter providing you with with ideas and tips for using your food storage and how to be prepared for disasters. Like the people in Colorado, there may be times when you have to evacuate your home with little to no warning, or you become cut off from the resources you rely on. It is also important to prepare one for each member of your family who is able to carry one.

You may also consider getting a portable water filter or chemical tablets for making outside water safe for drinking.
Each family may have their own unique needs, but the main thing to keep in mind is how prepared you are to meet your needs when a disaster strikes.
All of the pictures I have included in this post are of items found in this 4 person 72 hr bag from Nitro Pak. They also have gluten free food storage for the many families that have gluten intolerance.
I love the smell of a newborn baby but not the sleep deprivation, to spend time with my kids and husband, and girl’s night out with my friends and sisters.
I live in a place where emergencies can and do happen frequently but I am sad to say I’m not prepared! The flood waters took at least eight lives, damaged or destroyed 2,000 homes and washed out hundreds of miles of roads, leaving many communities stranded. When stress is high and especially if everyone is exposed to the cold, a warm meal can do wonders.
Personally, I found it to be cost effective to get my kits pre-made and then supplement them with other items that my family needs. I have the worlds worst sweet tooth, and have about 51 places where I rotate hiding my stash from my kids.
It works great, because we pack winter clothes in October, and Summer clothes in the Spring.
This kit includes a total of 64 different items ranging from food and a blanket to a first aid kit.
This is not a kit designed for long term this is a kit designed to last long enough to where emergency workers should be able to take over.
You want to pack food that is light, easy to prepare , high in calories, but not loaded with sodium as that will only make you go through your water rations faster.
It may be summer when you are packing up those kits, but there is no way of knowing WHEN exactly you will need them. It’s hard to make a first aid kit that really includes everything you would need in an emergency without spending a bundle.
The menu is pretty simple for this 72 hour kit, but  food preferences and choices are and should be up to the individual making the kit.

When an emergency strikes, it’s too late to prepare, and now that I am also responsible for 4 children, I feel a sense of urgency to make sure we are prepared in the best way possible. You can put several 16 oz water bottles in your packs or I also like the idea of water pouches because they are small, sealed, and easy to tuck into tight spaces. Think MRE’s, granola bars, hard candy, emergen C packets, protein bars, emergency food bars, or anything else that is small and easy.
You can get compact tube tents or even a tarp to at least keep dry if it’s raining or snowing.
If you have room, try to include some source of fuel and a small pot or pan to heat up a meal. Motherhood is teaching me my greatest lessons in life and the journey gets a little brighter the higher I climb. If you have kids,  think fruit snacks, applesauce pouches, suckers, and other kid friendly items.
If you have a baby, you will obviously want diapers and wipes, and make sure to include enough feminine pads or tampons for any girls in the family that might need them. Also, if you have a baby, make sure their needs are met with formula or baby food if they cannot eat solid food yet.
We recently received a 4 person 72 hr Bug out bag from Nitro Pak and I was astounded at how much stuff came in it! You can also keep a collapsible water bottle in your pack that can be filled last minute. Even if you don’t have a baby, baby wipes are great for easy clean up for the whole family. Add to it any medications that you might be on, or special items you know someone might need that aren’t included. Just don’t count on that as your only resource for water in case there isn’t any around!

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