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The Earth formed when the sun and its forming of planets formed when a cloud of dust and gas condensed 4.6 billion years ago. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Often, natural disasters aren't the main cause of poverty but instead contribute towards it. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Global Interdependence & Economic Transition section. This answer contains some very good explanations of the causes of poverty around the world and shows a sophisticated understanding of the role of history, politics and economics. Gold, and particularly oil exploration and exploitation have scarred the fragile landscape.
If some particular event is not celebrated, those people of that particular territory will not be pleased, and feel as though they may be less or that the 'higher' people think so. This is a huge issue for Bangladesh as the population is rapidly increasing in size, achieving and meeting the MDG's is seen as an enormous challenge. Religious NGOs (RINGOs) such as SCIAF often partake in issues that some governments are unwilling to do. Piracy on the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Somalia, is also a major problem in progress towards development.
Created by teachers, our study guides highlight the really important stuff you need to know. Afghanistan has a very low GDP per capita, less than $1000, as a result of a corrupt and unstable government, but more particularly war. The Asian tsunami of 2005 devastated many countries in the Indian Ocean, many of which were already in poverty.
However, it is unbalanced in that it gives very little consideration to the roles that natural disasters and lack of access to resources might play (which were key words in the question).

Diseases such as Malaria, Yellow Fever, Tuberculosis and African Sleeping Sickness are all curable with drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies. For example, Christian aid works in a war-torn Sudan which the British and Irish Governments refuse to enter. Dozens of foreign ships bearing food aid have been waylaid and about 10 billion dollars has been collected through piracy in ransom money and cargo value.
All Rights Reserved.Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Poverty can defined in many ways, but one method globally accepted is the International Poverty Line. After the original offensive against al-Qaeda and its supporters the Taliban, the war turned into a counterinsurgency effort, with the new Afghan government forming a coalition with NATO, in particular the USA and Britain. The disaster knocked the countries further back but it didn't cause their original poverty. Even if the author has strong opinions as to the real causes of poverty, it is still important that the answer should present this side of the argument before reaching a conclusion. Not only were there leakage problems of the oil pipeline associated with earthquakes and permafrost, but it also interfered with the migration of caribou on land and salmon in the rivers. This highlights the dangerous situation the NGOs are willing to go to and put their own lives at risk for others.
A country is said to be under the line if, on average, people earn less than US$1.08 per day, measured in terms of purchasing power parity.
This has had huge repercussions for the country, not just the financial implications of fighting off the insurgent groups, but also the destruction caused to infrastructure, which has effectively ground the Afghan economy to a stand still. There were other more significant factors causing the poverty (such as those mentioned above). The oceanic crust typically differ from continental crust because Earth's surfaces cooled below 100 degrees C. Although natural disasters are particularly competent at causing huge scale destruction, it is difficult to support the claim that they are the main cause of poverty as the USA, arguably the most developed country in the world, has had a troubled past in regards to major disasters.
Similarly, although a lack of resources can be a strain on a developing country, there are more important explanations for poverty, such as colonialism, unfair trade, war, political instability and AIDS. Having an abundance of natural resources is a huge benefit for developing countries, such as the huge fortune that the OPECs are reigning in from oil wells.

The most significant cause of global poverty is colonialism, in particular that which occurred during the late 19th century.
These are less significant than the political factors, as often they are caused by political decisions, such as trading patterns and debt, and they have less severe consequences. However, at the same time, the middle east is the centre of an increasingly large number of conflicts with many countries concerned with the future of their energy security. From 1450 European powers began invading and colonising countries, culminating in the 'scramble for Africa' in the 1870s.
That is not to say that they aren't important, Aids has huge implications and is currently wreaking havoc throughout Africa. A lack of resources and natural disasters are both less significant than some of the other factors mentioned above, such as colonialism and political instability, however they are strong contributing factors. Quartz pebble formed 3 billion years ago but the zicron crystals are 4.276 billion years old. An estimated 50million people have the disease and it is causing millions of child-headed families.
As the children have to work to support their brothers and sisters, they can't gain an education and thus can't get improve their standard of living and earn a good wage.
It is important to note that poverty is never caused by a single one of the factors mentioned above. Poverty is caused by a combination of factors, but as some are more significant than natural disasters and a lack of resources, it is clear that I disagree with the statement in question. In the 1700's they believed on the age by parts written in the bible, to getting seashells and fossils. 1900's looking at meteorites and rocks by using new technologies.Ice Core are 3 meters in lengths to form a core that penetrated through the entire 3022 meter thick Greenland Ice Sheet.
It is trapped by greenhouse gases, without it, the Earth's average temperature would be below freezing. Earth's temperature is changed because of the rotation of the planet and the rotation of the storms which can follow the planet and the areas of different climates.

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