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A hearty shout out to Anne Schmidlin from Environmental Health and Safety and Dan Schied, our manager of Grounds for their creativity and humor in getting the pictures and tips to the Green Corner. Description: Join us for an exciting panel discussion featuring Westchester's green business leaders as we delve into the topic of The Competitive Advantage of Green Marketing. Description: The 15th Annual Wall Street Green Summit is the longest running and most comprehensive sustainable finance event in the industry.
Description: $59 admission for learning expo featuring Michelle Bouchard - President of Dr.
Description: Wellesley College, in partnership with Babson College and GreenerU, are excited to announce that both registration and call for proposals is open for the 2016 Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium Conference: Sustainability Professional Skillshare! Living where I do on Vancouver Island means that the definition of winter still includes flowers in bloom and lawns that need mowing. The Polar Vortex experienced by many throughout North America last winter is said to be making a return this winter. Taking some simple precautions when venturing out on snowy, slippery roads can help reduce the risk of injury or fatalities that have weather and road conditions as a contributing factor. Most importantly, remember to properly prepare your vehicle and drive according to the conditions. When we follow Winter Weather Safety Tips, we can enjoy the blanket of quiet beauty without injury or harm. Air travel experiences significant disruption in major storms, whether winter snowstorms or summer hurricanes.
Lexie, Now you know why I moved from Ohio to NC — and plan to make SoCal a winter vacation next year! We don’t do too much traveling in the winter to places it snows, but these are great tips if we do! If your dogs or cats spend any time outdoors unsupervised during the winter, please review our winter health tips. Increased need for paw care: Walking in a winter wonderland can leave salt and deicer products on a pet’s paws. Garage dogs: Some people let outdoor dogs and cats stay in the garage during the coldest months. Dogs get lost easier: The ASPCA reports that more dogs get lost in the winter than in any other season. March 5, 2014 by Julia Gabriel Leave a Comment Recently The Animated Woman talked about her Top 12 Winter Safety Tips, which have come in especially handy with not end in sight to winter. Whether you are coming for an afternoon of fun, or hoping to catch some frozen ZZZ’s here are my tips for getting the most out of your stay at the Ice hotel.
Having the right accessories is essential –  a hat that covers your ears, scarf, gloves or mittens and boots (big enough so that you can wear thick socks). The Hotel de Glace is open until March 23, 2014 and is the perfect March Break destination for those who love the cold! For more Animated awesomeness visit the Animated Woman on her Blog, Facebook or Twitter or pick up her newly released children’s book The LAST Snowman. The Green Corner wishes you the merriest and happiest of the Holiday season and best wishes for a wonderful 2012. The Univerity of Rochester is in good hands with Anne, Dan and all the dedicated members of the University who make it a priority to keep us safe when winter rears it’s powerful force.

Panelists will share their experiences on how green adds value to their business and brand in the eyes of customers, clients, staff and stakeholders. Launched in 2002 by Peter Fusaro, the Wall Street Green Summit covers cutting edge content, industry developments and features the practitioners and the leaders of tomorrow.The emergence of the "Impact Economy" is where main street investos team up with corporations, entrepreneus and government to solve environmental and social problems while generating financial returns. Proper footwear should place the entire foot on the surface of the ground and have visible treads. We are a non-profit trade association with a focus on training, events, and best practices related to snow plowing, ice management, and business management.
However, having lived in Montreal, Quebec for four years and Ottawa, Ontario for eight years, I am well aware of the different winter weather systems starting to roll in throughout many provinces across the country. With predictions of heavy snowfalls and cold temperatures slipping 2 to 4 degrees below normal, it’s a good idea for drivers to be prepared.
DIAD delivers high school presentations & corporate seminars across Canada and the United States.
The National Weather Service provides a comprehensive resource for weather related information, including a storm preparation checklist, winter driving tips, and up-to-date information on current weather conditions. Homes with gas heat, gas cooktops, gas ovens or gas fireplace logs should have carbon monoxide detectors to avoid needless deaths. We do the same with our son, even though he rarely encounters winter weather in Birmingham.
We have the temps for it today, but the ground is clear as can be… More importantly, the roads are clear! Matted fur and other imperfections that restrict hair from standing straight up are like holes in the armor. They can make paws sensitive and worse yet, dogs and cats will lick and ingest these chemicals to get them off their skin. Snow and ice can cause dogs to lose their scent and reduce their ability to find their way home. There is an area that you can sit down to eat and it will save you from the expense of buying from their cafeteria which is fairly well stocked, but pricey.
I ended up following the suggestions of the person who registered me and only went to bed in my long johns.
By now, you are probably all tired of Christmas blogs, email, posts and even angry letters to the editor.  So, we are going to switch gears and discuss some winter walking tips to help keep you upright (by choice) and healthy so you can return that horrendous sweater Aunt Bertha Mae thought would look so cute on you (if you were still an 8 year old, of course). The reality of driving in winter conditions is something motorists face across the globe and the steps to reduce risk are universally applicable.
One month later, the northeast is buried in snow and half the country is plunged into a deep freeze by the powerful Hercules.
Keep space heaters clear of clutter — at least 3 feet from all fabric, including bedding, curtains and furniture. If you’re not healthy enough to walk around the block, shoveling heavy snow is probably not a good choice!
Luckily I live where we never have to concern ourselves with any of this but really great to know! I’ve had my car die while I was at school dropping off the kids the one time I forgot to bring my cell phone! However, if your pet is already chubby or if your pet spends little time outside, there is no reason to feed more.

Check and clean paws frequently if your pet is exposed to salts or other chemicals on the ground. When snow or ice is on the ground, keep IDs on your dog and consider keeping the far roaming dog closer to home. I would have been better off (read warmer) had I done as suggested in the information session and gone to bed in a new set of clothes that included layer 1 and layer 2 from above and then removed the top layer inside my sleeping bag. If you need to you can warm up at any time through the night in the hot tubs, sauna or guest services. The website, Flightstats, offers comprehensive information as well — you can search by flight, airport or route. Often, people with frostbite don’t realize they have it, but is noticed by someone else. Where heat and comfort are concerned, the best doghouse is sized closely to the dog, has a flap on the door, and has bedding.
Layer 3 is your outer layer and should be a warm winter coat and pants that block wind and keep you warm. In addition to bathing, brushing, trimming the fur, trimming the nails, and cleaning ears, the Groom Room will trim the feet.
Various retail outlets sell safe and effective electric heating blankets designed for outdoor dog and cat houses. Signs of hypothermia include slurred speech, mental confusion, lack of coordination (stumbling or inability to make hands work together), drowsiness, failing eyesight and poor judgment. Instead of looking down, look up and see where your feet will move next to anticipate ice or an uneven surface. Occasionally scan from left to right to ensure you are not in the way of vehicles or other hazards. While seeing the environment is important, you also want to be sure you can hear approaching traffic and other noises. Avoid listening to music or engaging in conversation that may prevent you from hearing oncoming traffic or snow removal equipment. When walking down steps, be sure to grip handrails firmly and plant your feet securely on each step. When you get to your destination such as school, work, shopping center, etc., be sure to look at the floor as you enter the building. When stepping off a curb or getting into a car, be careful since shifting your weight may cause an imbalance and result in a fall. Shortcuts are a good idea if you are in a hurry, but may be a bad idea if there is snow and ice on the ground.
A shortcut path may be treacherous because it is likely to be located where snow and ice removal is not possible.

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