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If a heavy snowstorm hits while you’re on the road, a well-stocked winter emergency car kit could save your life.
When hitting the road this winter, make sure your emergency car kit is stocked so you get to your destination safely.
With the cold and snow already arriving and still the winter months to come, now is the time to get your car or truck revved up and ready to go! Make sure you have a winter survival kit in your car, including blankets, a flashlight, and of course, an ice scraper. Automotive experts estimate that up to 50% of breakdowns on the road could be avoided by simply keeping up with routine maintenance.

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Treacherous driving conditions can lead to accidents, breakdowns or getting stranded on the side of the road for long periods while waiting for help to arrive. When your tire tread gets close to that wear bar, it's time to get them replaced,” Miller says.

Have your car serviced to be sure it’s ready for the winter weather in your area, keep a fully-charged cell phone on hand at all times, and pack these items into a clear plastic bin in your trunk.

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