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January 13, 2016 by Heather Clement Read about how workers were treated in the old days and it can be a little scary.
In the mid-1600’s, the famous pirate Captain Henry Morgan would compensate injured men to the tune of 600 pieces of eight for the right arm, 500 for the left, 500 for the right leg, and 400 for the left.
Modern worker’s comp laws have their beginnings with Prussian Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.
In 1910, a conference was held in Chicago where the guidelines for compensation law were first established, and then passed into law, first in Wisconsin, in 1911, and spreading to other states, ending with Mississippi in 1948. Worker’s compensation has been a fundamental principle in most industrialized nations. September 2, 2015 by Heather Clement Construction sites provide a golden opportunity for cyberspace mischief makers and thieves alike.
And, if the site is WiFi friendly, hackers and the disgruntled gain easy access to everyone else’s computers. Even with the normal defenses, firewalls, anti-viral software and password protection, the legal responsibility in most states is absolute – you must protect data from compromise. It’s wise to think about using dedicated computers for shared job site communications which do not access personal or company sensitive data. Cyber liability can often be purchased as an add-on coverage in a package or as a single policy. For more tips on protecting yourself with regard to cyber liability, see our article on cyber liability and prevention planning.
June 14, 2015 by Heather Clement Operations concerns work in progress such as constructing the steel for a bridge. If your general contracting company installs an HVAC system incorrectly that burns the building down, your work will not be reimbursed by your insurance carrier, but the work of your subcontractors will. If a subcontractor installed the faulty system, all the work will be reimbursed by your insurance company. The best risk management technique for this exposure is only perform work within your expertise and subcontract the balance of the contract, and perform quality control inspections on your work and that of your subcontractors. Make sure your work is completed correctly to your satisfaction before releasing the project for its final use.
June 14, 2015 by Heather Clement The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mission concerns the reduction and elimination of workplace conditions which lead to accidents and illness.
OSHA is rumored to be feared by many contractors for surprise inspections and handing out steep fines. OSHA has libraries of manuals and fliers regarding on the job hazards and alerts for newly discovered perils. Some are mandatory anyway, so adapt the forms to your reporting purposes and cut back on data entry.
OSHA serves as a built-in interpreter for essential safety communications which require a specialty lexicon. HAZMAT response may be a specialty occupation, but most laborers should have basic knowledge of how to spot a potential toxic chemical spill. June 14, 2015 by Heather Clement Contractual liability concerns accepting grey-area responsibility through agreements with other business stakeholders. Legal fees and costs become part of the limit of liability under the contractual liability unless the insured would be held responsible in the absence of the contract.
As business became more complex and contract oriented, this clause has been added to and modified to meet the contemporary demand. Seek advice from your attorney and insurance agent when contemplating agreements with transfers of liability. February 2, 2015 by Heather Clement Your fireplace looks beautiful and adds warmth to your home.
Flammable rugs, draperies, paper and other combustibles should be located at least three feet away from the fireplace. You’ll safely enjoy your fireplace all season when you use proper fireplace maintenance procedures. Filed Under: Personal Insurance Tagged With: fireplace maintenance, homeowners insurance, homeowners insurance Conway NH, homeowners insurance NHProtect Your Electronics! January 30, 2015 by Heather Clement Whether using your electronic devices for socializing, working or gaming, you want to protect your valuables from theft. While LoJack is known for automotive theft protection, it can also protect your electronics from theft.
Leave your laptop sitting on the table while you check out books, use the bathroom or refill your coffee, and it will probably be stolen.
From carrying your computer to class in a nondescript bag to placing your GPS in the trunk after you park your car on campus, hiding your devices goes a long way toward preventing their theft.
Keep your home and vehicle doors locked, and you deter thieves from accessing your electronics. January 28, 2015 by Heather Clement Forklifts have revolutionized the construction industry, but they have also created the risk of serious injury and death for drivers, other employees, and pedestrians.
Although following the rules for forklift safety operation – safety checks, maintenance inspections, and so on –are time consuming, they’re essential for workplace safety.
Our agency’s specialists are happy to help keep your staff and equipment safe on the job. January 21, 2015 by Heather Clement Social media is a great way build your business’s reputation.
Defamation is when a person makes false statements about your business such as stating that you use discriminatory practices in hiring, or you use dishonest practices dealing with your customers. Businesses with a presence on the Internet, especially if the Internet site encourages comments and dialogs among visitors need to be especially vigilant monitoring about what other users post on their site.
Then why should a business watch what third parties say on their site? This is a valid question. Imagine: your own employee gets baited into a discussion and tries to defend your business.
Talk with one of our risk specialists to understand your exposures and the best way to cover them with insurance. January 15, 2015 by Heather Clement The winter months are the most dangerous for people who work outdoors.
Cold is punishing to people and exposure to cold has many negative effects that include dehydration, frostbite, numbness, shivering, hypothermia and immersion foot disease.
Continued cold exposure first affects the limbs, toes and fingers and then progresses deeper into the body tissues and the core of the body.
Frostbite and Hypothermia are the two most common cold environment illnesses workers get from cold exposure. Keeping feet warm and dry is the best prevention measure against trench foot and frostbite of the foot. Preventing cold weather injuries is better than treating them and having your construction company’s worker compensation rates rise.

If you’re looking for an agent that you will feel both comfortable and confident with, look no further than the team at M&M Assurance Group. At M&M, we have spent years investing in the lives of our customers here in the Mount Washington Valley.
With winter approaching, a few minutes' maintenance could see your motor through the worst the weather has to offer. As a car’s tyres are key to both steering and braking, it is essential they are in good condition. You could also look at changing from summer to winter tyres, as these also offer increased group in snow slush or ice. Give your windscreen a thorough clean inside and out and top up your screen washer fluid with antifreeze.
Before setting off on a longer journey, check the weather forecast, travel news and safest routes. Clear all windows of snow and ice using a scraper and de-icer, and ensure you have antifreeze in your car.
This should include a shovel, torch, blanket, hi-visibility vest, screenwash, food and drink supplies, scraper and de-icer, and snow grips for your shoes in case you need to walk to safety. Comprehensive breakdown cover is crucial at this time of year and will give you the peace of mind of knowing you won’t end up stranded in the cold. Also, keep at least a quarter of a tank of fuel in case of unexpected delay and check the oil. If you have a bit of motor know-how, check your brake pads, brake discs and brake fluid to ensure the brakes are fast and responsive. Ensure the fan belt and alternator drive belts are tight and not worn and that plugs and other leads are in good condition and secure. Good habits start early, so here’s a few pointers on how to teach your kids to stay safe near traffic. When it comes to car care essentials like oil, coolant and screen wash, there’s often a baffling array of products and prices. If you’re heading abroad, make sure you have the right insurance and other road essentials for your trip. Whether brand new or secondhand, buying a car can be expensive so you need to find the most cost-effective way of funding the purchase.
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For Mac Users : In Safari, Control-click on the image and select Use Image as Desktop Picture. Our cars take a beating when they’re exposed to cold temperatures, snow, sleet, ice, and salty roads. We mentioned the importance of regular car washes during the winter, but we didn’t touch on waxing. If you’re giving your car a makeover this winter to make sure it is running well all season, we would love to help. We provide Free Insurance Quotes for Auto Insurance, Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance and more.
With industrialization, workplace injuries began to rise, and worker’s compensation laws proved an effective way to address this. Many historians actually consider it odd that the US took so long to enact such laws to protect workers.
Contractors and subcontractors share huge data sets including pictures, drawings, submittals, photographs and various other files where viruses and spy ware hides. Think about smaller subcontractors that may keep employee personal identification information on their job site laptop.
According to the Travelers website, in large companies, the average claim is over five million dollars.
Over one quarter of all attacks are against companies with fewer than one hundred employees. This coverage is an important part of your risk management plan, particularly when sharing massive data with other stakeholders. Completed operations is the finished process or scope of work put into its intended use by someone other than another contractor. The bodily injury or property damage must arise from your work product or completed operation. We recently noted some of these in our post about new OSHA reporting requirements for 2015. The publications, available on their website, bring awareness and solutions to potentially dangerous job conditions.
OSHA responds to general safety and health needs, but you can tailor ideas to fit your specific conditions.
Non-English speaking labor does not automatically know the United States standards of or tolerance for safety. Hire a professional to look for cracks and other damage and to clean out combustible buildup like creosote. It prevents sparks from flying into your home and discourages your children or pets from reaching into the fireplace. If left unattended, sparks could start a fire in your home or your children or pets could walk into the bright but hot embers. Follow six tips as you protect your electronics at home, in your vehicle or at a public location like the library or coffee shop. Take precautions and carry your laptop with you or use a small but powerful Kensington lock to secure your laptop to your office, library or dorm desk.
The floor gradient is an important consideration because slight changes can cause a tip-over. Interactivity between merchants and customers has helped many unheard of boutique shops become Internet darlings with maxed out sales.
Making statements like these and putting them on the Internet for anyone and everyone to see is libel. There is a powerful federal law known as Section 230 of Title 47 of the United States Code (47 USC § 230). You want your site and blogs to promote your brand, not distract from that purpose by allowing a “flame war” on your sites. He then engages in Internet Defamation costing you customers and even cash if a lawsuit against you goes to court. Boots that have insulation and are waterproof is one type of the many personal protection equipment available for cold weather injury prevention. We’ve had the privilege of building relationships with some of the best this Valley has to offer, and we’re proud to call them clients, and friends. Content from the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers and video from Telegraph TV.

Before you know it, little white specks of snow will start falling off of the sky into your rooftops and driveways making park trees and benches look like they came out of a fairytale.
In Kansas City, we’ve seen some rough winter conditions already, and we’re sure to face more harsh wintry conditions before we welcome spring. Some narrow city streets are lined with parked cars, keeping the plows from clearing the streets and making it hard for salt to be applied. Waxing is a winter car care staple because it gives your car’s paint an extra barrier from the winter elements.
By 1884 he would establish Workers’ Accident Insurance, providing monetary compensation as well as medical and rehabilitory considerations. Authors like Upton Sinclair are often cited as major proponents in the push for safer working conditions and worker’s compensation for the American laborer. Use every avoidance risk management technique to avoid the loss, but insure to avoid disaster. Add to these data by keeping records of near misses, prevention responses, or any in house data or follow up within your own safety culture.
While you should always have an attorney review your contracts, we can also give guidance relative to the insurance requirements and how the contract may (or may not) protect you. Protect your home and family as you enjoy the beautiful ambiance when you follow a fireplace maintenance schedule and implement safety tips this winter. Then, secure a spark-arrestor screen to the chimney as you prevent dangerous sparks from escaping and damaging animals from entering. Once you have the fire going, don’t use it to burn holiday gift wrapping or grill food. Ensure the screen is constantly in place and free from any damage as you reduce accidental burns and other injuries. Use an ash vacuum or metal shovel, and place the materials in a secure metal container outdoors. Give us a call to ensure you have replacement coverage on everything from your laptop and printer to your tablet and MP3 player. The type of tire is perhaps the most important difference between forklifts that only operate indoors and those used outdoors. However, fostering social media on your website or participating in social media on another’s blog can be dangerous. There are important elements for a statement on the Internet to earn the label of a defamatory.
Hypothermia is a dangerous illness and along with frostbite is one of the two most dangerous dangers of working in a cold environment – inside or out.
The chilling effect of frostbite is permanent damage to hands and feet, ears, and the nose. Other measures include long johns that have insulation, cold weather outer coats, space heaters where possible and other appropriate cold climate measures.
For more protective measures, see our Cold Weather Checklist, and also check out this article by Juan Rodriguez – good stuff. No matter where you live, you need to prepare your car for either rural or city streets that haven’t yet been treated.
If you need tire rotation or replacement tires, we’re here to get your car’s tires ready for the road. It also helps keep your car looking sparkly and clean, despite the salt and sludge that build up. Defrost helps give you a clear line of sight, but your windshield wipers often come in to save the day on bitterly cold Kansas City days when windshields ice over even as you’re driving. The intention of these laws was primarily to ensure that employers not be hit with civil lawsuits.
Give us a call today to update your home insurance policy and provide a layer of protection for your family and house. To prove the value of the devices you own, save the purchase receipts and record the serial numbers with your insurance policy in a secure location.
Yellow tape is easier to notice than signs, and won’t become covered with dirt or debris like floor marks. While indoor forklift-tire sizes relate to truck weight, aisle and lift height, tires for outdoor lifts aim to prevent punctures.
This law has precedence over any local or state laws and protects owners of interactive computer service providers from claims of defamation from postings made through reader’s comments and entries of guest bloggers.
Apart from this, in places that are lucky enough to experience a decent snowfall, winter is that time of year when activities such as making snow angels, holding snowball fights, and building snowmen all come to life. Check this list of car care tips for Kansas City drivers for simple ways to maintain your car and keep it running well all season and into the spring! By giving workers a way to recover and to seek compensation without harming the financial well-being or reputation of their employers.
The shift in public attitudes was slow going at first, with people showing more concern for their food than for the people producing it. If this isn’t an option, make sure the driver understands the limitations of this forklift and can do pre- and post-operation maintenance checks. In other words, this law gives you, as a web host, protection from claims made from hosting information written by third parties. Aside from the cool weather and the soft snow, winter is also known for its ability to turn frowns upside down.
When winter time comes, people start smelling hot chocolate and eggnog as well as freshly baked cookies for Santa. The different images and experiences that are associated with this time of year is what makes the season truly magical. Although winter can only be experienced once in every year, and although there are a number of places in the world that are not as lucky to encounter a season like this one, there is always a way by which winter moments, feelings, and emotions can be lived even during the hottest summer months. Wallpapers of winter usually come with extreme clarity and color vibrancy making the entire viewing experience spectacular. Images from white snowed out meadows to a sleeping polar bear can turn anybody’s day from bad to simply amazing.
Regardless of what it is that you like, you can easily get amazing winter-themed desktop wallpapers for your computer desktop at home. All wallpapers here are in HD and I hope it makes you ready for Christmas or just gives you a smile on the face.

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