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Current Northwest Wildfire LocationsMajor forest fires always affect regional travel and recreation in the Northwest. It's always wise to check on the latest fire situation before embarking on a Northwest wilderness trip.
The emergency medical services in our department consist of two advanced life support ambulances. There are several levels of EMS certification that can be held by our members or new people coming onto the department.
All recertification is done either in house at our fire station or by attending classes and conferences offer throughout the year at various venues. Fire suppression in our department is accomplished using two pumpers, two tankers, and a grass rig. With miles and miles of wilderness, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington get more than their fair share of major forest fires.

These ambulances are equipped with all up to date monitors and assorted equipment need to care for an emergency we are faced with. This is accomplished with a wide array of rescue and extrication tools including the Jaws of Life, rescue airbags, and many small hand tools.
Dike Fire Rescue is responsible for all water rescue and calls for service on Grundy Lake located on the south edge of Dike. We go out and storm spot when a severe thunderstorm warning is issued along with a tornado watch. The reduced visibility and air pollution that result from an active fire can range from inconvenient to life threatening. Due to the rural nature of the majority of our response territory we also train on tanker shuttle and rural water supply along with the use of fire hydrants. If a tornado is spotted the citizens of Dike can be alerted via two warning sirens, one located behind the fire station and the second located just south of the Fox Ridge Country Club.

Poorly-attended campfires, train and machinery sparks, and tossed cigarette butts cause no end of problems during the Northwest's dry summer season. Even the risk of fire has an impact; camp fires, barbecue grills, and firewood cutting are usually limited or prohibited during the dry summer months. Personnel are trained in house by our own firefighters along with formal training done by the fire service training bureau.
These sirens are activated by either personnel at the fire station or thru a paging system at the Grundy Co.

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