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We were on a family holiday escaping the heat waves of the Australian summer when a cold snap took over Europe. Four hours later a six star junior penthouse suite was available and the kids were ice skating at the Hotel De Ville in Paris. The Stress Surfer’s house backs into the bush with a beautiful creek flowing through the back of the block. At 4pm the kids are evacuated and furniture moved to higher ground all whilst hungover with jetlag and only 10 days after being snowed in, in Paris!
Remember just because we experience such big waves of disruption in our lives does not necessarily mean we wipeout and lose control of our lives. By adapting flexibly to the limitations our circumstances bring us we can ride through such difficult times and indeed keep focused and moving forwards with life. When hotels rejected us and taxis drove on by, we avoided the blame and anger game and stayed positive and kept trying…. During the snow storm problem solving was vital to get accommodation yet the following day at the airport once flights were secured the 14 hour wait was all about distractions and games…. Stay fit, eat healthy, sleep well and keep exercising – be flexible and creative in your approach to keep these things going. Remember we cannot always control the waves that life throws at us but we can choose how we respond to Balance the four Elements of our inner wellbeing and keep the wipeouts to the minimum!
Let The Stress Surfer teach you how to master the 4 Elements of Wellbeing, so you can stay on top of those waves and not wipe out. CLICK HERE to Visit Our Blog– for a Wealth of JoJo water tank & Rainharvesting info!
TweetFrom the point of view of many humans, the term “natural disaster” is a convenient scapegoat because it allows a person (or a whole nation) to blame nature for their own poor planning.
Wherever we find so-called “natural disasters” around the world (such as Brazil at the moment), we also usually find a large group of people who have cut down the forests that buffer rainfall, paved over the grasslands that allow rain to soak into the soil, and built their homes right in the middle of gullies and natural drainage channels. But getting wiped out by a flood because you built your house right in the flood path of a local river is not a natural disaster. When I lived in Ecuador, I witnessed all sorts of homes being built right in the drainage pathways and low-lying flood zones of rivers with a known history of flooding. The entire fiasco of rebuilding the low-lying regions of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina is a perfect example of mankind just begging to be hit with yet another “natural disaster.” It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that some time in the next 50 years, a category five hurricane is going to strike New Orleans yet again and reclaim the very same regions that technically belong under water as part of the Gulf of Mexico. The most striking example of so-called “natural disasters” is when people build their homes in a giant forest, surrounded by trees, and then they seem surprised when those trees catch on fire and burn their homes to the ground. I don’t mean to make light of the loss of property and the human suffering that occurs during such events, but wouldn’t all that loss have been prevented if they thought more carefully about the situation in the first place?
Even professional city engineers often aren’t very bright about all this: They’ll design cities with enormous areas of pavement and roads, all while failing to properly consider the fact that what used to be dirt which once absorbed water is now concrete that channels water somewhere else.
It’s inappropriate for people to use the term “natural disaster” to refer to poor planning on the part of humans. Still, now that Brisbane has seen the potential for flooding, watch in amazement over the next twelve months as many Australians rebuild homes right back in the same exact locations devastated by this flood. Here are some of the “natural disasters” I predict will strike our world in the near future.
Maybe instead of blaming floods, fires and crop failures on Mother Nature (or God), human beings should take responsibility for the impact of their own actions, both individually and collectively. Human arrogance at work yet again, thinking that every time a fire or flood occurs, it’s a “natural disaster” that must be halted through human intervention.
The upshot is that many “natural disasters” are really only disasters from the point of view of people who don’t respect nature in the first place. Water Rhapsody’s WWF AWARD-winning water conservation systems (product demo) include rainwater harvesting systems, grey water recycling systems, swimming pool backwash recycling, water-saving toilet flushing mechanisms and rainwater tanks (we are authorised  JoJo Tanks & Atlas Plastics water tank dealers in Mpumalanga and Limpopo- best water tank prices in the Lowveld!). Our water and solar systems will save the environment while you save money on water and electricity bills; get free water and free water heating!

Contact us for a free quote on a solar geyser, water system, rain water tank or water tank. Why does God allow natural disasters?If God is truly in control, He must be able to control weather events and natural disasters. We will never know all of the reasons behind a particular natural disaster, but the Bible does offer insight. One word of caution regarding our human evaluation of natural disasters: we must not claim to know for certain why a particular natural disaster has taken place. Natural disasters are a tragic part of life on earth, but we cannot understand the "why" of their occurrence. Natural Disasters all over the world – and you bet, The Stress Surfer had front row seats on both sides of the planet! With snow everywhere, having checked out of our hotel which was fully booked and unable to get to the airport due to roads being shut, we were stuck in the snow and freezing cold.
The following day after a marathon 14 hour campaign at the Orly airport we were flying out to Rome only 1 day behind schedule with an amazing series of extra adventures under our belt!
Back to Australia and home to Brisbane arriving horribly jet lagged on an early Sunday morning in the middle of Monsoon rains. At 10 am a beautiful babbling brook with a delightful sound of water flowing through the river rocks whilst we slept off the jet lag. The following days were jetlag filled with landscaping and back breaking labor to get things back into shape! Natural disasters are literally big waves that rate highly on the stressful life events scale for us to cope with and recover from. But rather, we maintain Balance in the Four Elements of our Inner Wellbeing (Mindsets, Emotions, Lifestyle, Purpose).
In the flood, problem solving was needed to get the house ready and then distraction when waiting for the flood to subside. Airports have long sheltered walkways to keep exercising, sleep can be found in strange and uncomfortable ways and food – well it’s your choice – keep the caffeine and sugar low and breads, salads and water high.
When a volcano blows and causes widespread destruction beyond what anyone could have reasonably foreseen — such as Mt St Helens in the 1980’s — that’s a legitimate natural disaster. Even back in the United States, the federal government actually encourages people to build homes in flood zones and hurricane zones by offering “federal flood insurance” which is for the most part a way for the taxpayers to subsidize the risk of those who live in homes that never should have been built in those areas in the first place.
They’ll report things like, “The fire caused over $200 million in property damage…” Well, not exactly. Instead of blaming themselves for building their homes right in the middle of a flash flood zone, too many people blame nature (or God). Amid global starvation, the GMO scientists will exclaim, “There’s no way we could have foreseen this!” Oh yeah?
Already, the bird and fish die-offs are being called “natural” by conventional scientists who don’t see what’s really happening. Instead of blaming this on the most likely culprits (GMOs and pesticides), conventional scientists will try to blame viruses or weather events.
Everything we do to world around us, whether destructive or creative, will eventually be reflected in that world. The best way to avoid natural disasters is to learn to live in greater harmony with the nature world, respecting its natural cycles of “destruction” which are actually crucial to life on Earth.
Arrogant scientists and engineers promised that such dams would end floods downstream, produce clean energy and lead to a healthier world. Humans desperately and ignorantly attempt to extinguish such fires, thereby preserving the forest floor “fuel” that one day ignites into a much stronger blaze that, instead of invigorating the forest, kills it dead. The question then becomes if God is truly good, how could He allow so many people to die as the result of something under His control?
First, natural disasters are "natural" in the sense that they are the result of the natural laws of our world.

To speak of a specific earthquake or tsunami as a judgment from God on a particular sin is pure speculation. When we do not have the answers, we depend on the power of our heavenly Father, knowing "that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose" (Romans 8:28).
To get the best possible experience on our website we recommend that you upgrade your browser. We convinced the kids it was all a lot of fun whilst changing into warmer clothes in front of curious commuters, followed by an internet search problem solving for available hotels. When an under-the-ocean earthquake causes a fifty-foot tsunami that wipes out a beach town, that’s a legitimate natural disaster, too. Do people honestly buy multi-million dollar homes in California and think that their homes will somehow be magically immune to the forest fires that inevitably sweep through all forests? The forest fire burned where it has always burned, every few decades, for probably tens of thousands of years. I haven’t studied the underlying cause of these floods, but they seem completely out of character for the region there. They were wrong: By stopping the floods, dams directly interfere with the normal life cycle of virtually all the animals that live downstream.
The God who created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1) designed the laws of nature, and those laws periodically lead to earthquakes, hurricanes, or tsunamis. James 5:17-18 teaches, "Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth.
In some cases, God may use the forces of nature to focus our attention on Him and the greatness of His power (Mark 4:35-41). Christians are called to help those who suffer in difficult situations, using the opportunity to show Christ's love (Matthew 25:37-40).
When caught in the subway we stayed relaxed and huddled together whilst we planned the next steps….
When a large meteorite slams into the planet with the force of millions of atomic bombs, laying waste to an entire era of unique lifeforms (the dinosaurs, for example), that’s a natural disaster.
And when it comes to disasters, there’s plenty of short-sightedness to go around these days. In that case, it means the victims of the floods in Brisbane are suffering through no fault of their own but rather as a result of some destructive global influences on the planet’s weather systems.
And by halting flooding, they deny the croplands on the banks of the rivers the nutritional replenishment they need to grow healthful, mineral-rich crops. It was all the decades of extinguishing fires there that led to the devastating, tree-killing fire of 1988. Then he prayed again, and heaven gave rain, and the earth bore its fruit." How many storms and natural disasters have been averted due to the prayers of godly people? The disciples' response was, "Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?" Nature recognizes its Maker. Historically, God has used certain natural disasters as a judgment on sin (Numbers 16:30-34). And until humans started building homes in forest fire zones, those fires never caused any so-called “property damage.” So why is the fire to blame for destroying homes?
Still other natural disasters may occur because God plans to use the event to bring about a greater good (Romans 8:28).

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