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Don’t run a generator inside a building, not even a basement with windows open or an attached garage with the door open.
Sometimes it is more important what you don’t do during an emergency than what you do. September 5, 2012 By Cheryl 6 Comments After you’ve finished packing your emergency supplies kit, a fun idea is to pack a kit full of fun things to do in a power outage. Have a fun ice cream sundae party – because you don’t want that ice cream to melt in the freezer! I have wanted to make an emergency kit, never would it have occurred to me to brink crafts and games to keep my boys entertained!! If you’ve lived at Majestic Oaks Apartments long enough, you know that the power goes out during a rainstorm.
If you would like to know if the power is off in the entire building, simply walk to the laundry room and flick the switch. Majestic Oaks' quaint townhomes are 900 square feet of spacious living located to the West of downtown Dade City. I would personally like to thank Verizon for somehow managing to keep service here so that I didn’t go completely insane. I have so many things that I’d like to talk about the past five days, but I thought a little lighthearted fun would help break the ice, so here it goes, in true countdown fashion! If you think that looking like you just rolled out of a romp in bed is hot, be prepared for a whole lot of sexual tension. I finally broke down and got a smartphone last November and I have never been so thankful for it as I was this past week. Also, I was able to feed my need for social media by capturing memories and posting them Instagram. Ladies, I hate laundry as much as the next person and while it may seem like a good idea to put it off until you husband is wearing his last undies and kids are naked – this is NOT a good plan. I spent far too many hours hand-washing, wringing and line-drying laundry (3 loads of regular laundry and 1 load of diapers).
We had two fireplaces but no wood to burn (we had sold the house and were preparing to move when the storm hit, so we had burnt up all the wood and not replaced). I know of others who survived the same storm and power outage by staying in a hotel and charging it to the insurance company.
While being without electric in the heat of this summer wasn’t fun, we too found ourselves feeling pretty good a number of times. I have never dealt with this yet but you have some great tips I would never have thought about before! I was thinking of you yesterday when our washer’s pump went out and I learned it will be a week before the new part comes in.
My family at least had plenty of firewood, my father and brother put a bunch of firewood down in the basement prior to the storm, so there was some heat. At one point we were about to lose food in the freezer, and by luck at work, (I work in a grocery store by the way) there was bags of ice in the freezers, so I waited for a break and purchase some ice, and stored in the snow where there was shade. Another thing I suggest doing before a power outage, charge the cellphone up before the power goes out, and have spare cell phone batteries.

A great tip, make sure the computer is unplugged ahead of time, I did that, and it wasn’t damage in any form after the power outage. It wasn’t easy losing power for such a long period of time, but I dealt with as best I could.
Have and maintain at least 1 cord of dry seasoned hard wood (oak,Ash,walnut) just for power outages. Now I’m working on maybe a natural gas generator, or some kind of old fashioned floor heaters that needs no electric to run. This website accepts select banner advertising and features affiliate links which help me generate income.
Extended power outages are dangerous to food safety and increase the risk of food-borne illness. Even if they aren’t sparking or showing any other sign of life, they may have current running through them. Your emergency kit should include items such as flashlights, candles, matches, canned foods, water, granola bars, etc. It brings back memories of when I lived in Florida and endured many hurricanes and many power outages—with a little one. I really need to work on an emergency kit before the winter hits and I’m definitely going to incorporate some of these ideas. Well, tuck it away for the next power outage…not that I wish another power outage on you!
Since our homes, schools and business rely on an energy source to power appliances, equipment, and technology, even a short power outage can negatively impact our lively hood.When planning for a power outage we need to mitigate risk and provide a safe and secure environment for our families, students, and employees.
Though I am clearly addicted to social media, the access to local news updates was seriously invaluable – plus the comments doubled for entertainment. These can be used indoors or out and are better than laying clothes all over your car in the hot sun. I am sure that it was a hard couple of weeks but it is amazing how much you were able to accomplish by being resourceful and working with your friends and neighbors. Our kids like to change cloths far too many times a day and I never know what’s clean or not. I was in Tulsa, OK and it looked like streets had been barricaded because of all the stacked up limbs on the roadside. We were without it here in Alabama for six days after the April 27, 2011 tornadoes and it was ROUGH but at least the temperatures were cooler than they are right now.
We had a huge blackout here in San Diego about a year ago when I was just 2 weeks away from my due date. Oh that was so handy during the power outage back in Oct 2011, where there was a snowstorm, and I was out of power for 6 days at my house. When I got colder at night when the temps went down, I would put an extra layer on, or put an extra blanket on the bed, I was warm.
I wished I had done that, I was able to use my cellphone to keep track what was going on via internet, and send text messages. Have a wood stove or Insert that you can cook on and stay warm.Most important that it has a fire ready to light.

The short ones can be a nuisance, but those that are long can be a major disruption that sometimes become life threatening.
If you feel you must use a candle then set it in the center of a table away from flammables and never leave it untended. The risk is heightened in infants and seniors who are more likely to become seriously ill or die from food poisoning.
Simply walking toward or away from downed power lines can get you seriously injured or killed by something called step potential Just stay away. The last thing you want is to end up in a story on the news reminding people of what they don’t want to do during a power outage. It means so much and we hope that all others that were caught in this storm are safe and with power now.
We were able to cook nutritious meals with the help of our grill and have found a new love for it. You’ll save a bundle, keep from buying new plastics and you can just tell your kids that they can use their imagination better without all of those pesky instruction manuals. While ice cubes may not be feasible to keep on hand, I now have a gallon water jug in the freezer to take up space (actually a few now in our deep freeze).
It only lasted a few hours but we were so unprepared for it – we had no backup water, no emergency stash of food and supplies, etc. Seems as though times are changing and the need to protect your home and family from power issues is rising.
By keeping the refrigerator and freezer closed you extend the amount of time that the food will stay at a safe temperature.
Some communities and local new agencies provide emergency notification services, check your local news and public safety agencies to see if an alert service is available.You can also download apps specifically designed to provide information, tips, and even training to help you prepare for an emergency such as power outages.
Okay, so not just to take up space – a full freezer stays frozen longer (and easier), plus having a nice solid block of ice will help keep things cool for a bit longer. A fully stocked refrigerator that isn’t opened should stay safe for 6 hours, while a fully stocked freezer should keep frozen for 2 days.
Some of these are good for daytime fun and others are for the evening power outages when your home is in the dark.
The press and kettle are great for anytime, but priceless during an outage (or for camping!). It was more than 48 hours before we were finally able to locate ice and I was nearly in panic mode over our food supply. It was also nice to go to the home improvement stores (who were using generators) and see all the electric chain saws on the shelf and absolutely NO gas powered ones.
Or a solar battery cell phone charger, or cell phone charger that plugs into the car batteries it would be something to think about.
You’ll need to start with a large box to gather all of the items for your fun power outage activity kit.

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