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In last week’s Hot Off the Press column, I covered the health risks New Orleans residents have been facing since floodwaters inundated their city.
Maintain proper hygiene, such as frequent handwashing and showering, as the situation allows.
Use the utility wrench in American Family Safety’s Ready-Kit™ to turn off the water in your home to prevent additional flooding and pipe problems. Howdie Lovelies, I am glad you all gathered here today for the next episode in my DIY Blog Design series. So today is all about taking the necessary precautions in order to make sure you never ever have to be sorry about messing with your blog.
Rita from the awesome photography blog The CoffeeShop Blog wrote a tutorial on how to back up your blog posts and your template. Close up as many tool bars in your browser as possible ( in IE you can uncheck the toolbars under the menu Extra).
Look for the key on your keyboard that says “Prnt Scrn”, the letters might be tiny but there will be a key (usually somewhere on the top or bottom rows). You can start all fresh with this blog and give it a whole new design, or you can upload your previously saved template (remember Number 1!) and start to change that.
Now that you have a new testblog, you do not want to whole world to see how you are messing it up. On the next page look for “ show my blogs” and then click on the blue link behind it “ Select blogs to display”. Please, pretty please, if you have created a lot of blogs, do us commenters a favor and do NOT show all of you inactive blogs in your profile.
Change the settings to NO for: “ Add your blog to our listings” , and to No for “ let search engines find your blog”. Somewhere down the line you will experiment and change something, and then when you want to change it back later, you can’t remember how you did it, or what the exact color code was. This post was totally useful to me, Marianne, and I thank you SO MUCH for giving us these tips and tutorials! One idea for a future post: detail how to make your test blog an exact copy of your active blog, so you can play with tweaks before comitting it to your active blog.
Thanks so much for all the helpful info, I’m just about ready to take the plunge and lauch a new test blog. There are many health and safety regulations that businesses must abide by to ensure they are providing a safe working environment for their employees.
By law any business premises must have adequate fire escapes and staff need to know which actions to take in the event of a fire, including where the fire assembly point is. In case there is a fire problem fire extinguishers and fire blankets should be available and staff should be shown how to use them. Any equipment that is not deemed safe for use must be taken out of action immediately prior to an accident, not in response to an accident. Warning signs should be utilised wherever there is a safety risk so it is clear what people should and shouldn’t do and where dangers may present themselves.
Typical examples include training how to lift to avoid injury and how to sit correctly at a desk.
Contact UsWe're passionate about safety in the UK and we get a large number of visits from people within the health and safety industry.
To take one example, the phenomena of ‘unintended vehicle acceleration’ was for many years treated as a simple problem of driver error.
In many cases, however, jurors have stuck with a personal responsibility focus, and have viewed the case through the coffee-stained lens of the Liebeck v.
Our own survey supports this tendency to gravitate toward personal responsibility.  When asked to assign responsibility in a situation where a product user followed some but not all of the listed safety precautions, two-thirds of respondents would favor the manufacturer. Naturally, this is a general list and it will apply differently in every products liability case scenario.  What remains constant is plaintiffs will use these four levers to push responsibility toward the outside of the circle, toward greater corporate responsibility, while defendants will want to make use of the same basic tools to try to draw the responsibility in toward the center, into the zone of personal responsibility. From exploding automobile gas tanks to faulty cribs, the history of jury verdicts is littered with cautionary tales of what can happen when a company fails the perceptual test of protecting its customers, investigating dangers known and unknown, and ultimately standing behind its product.  The company that manufactures or sells a product is either a good steward or a poor steward of the goods it brings to market, and jurors’ assessment of that will determine the company’s credibility and fault. Jurors voicing these themes or similar could be found in virtually any case that involves an attack against a product or a service, and a successful litigant will take them to heart. While jurors outside the context of a particular case tend to scoff at coffee cup warnings, once they become more knowledgeable about the dangers of a specific product, they are more apt to appreciate a need to warn clearly.  As one juror in a recent post-trial interview said to me, you “ need to make it idiot proof,” and as another said, “there should be no question” of how a product can be appropriately used. In our mock trial experiment involving the batted ball, warning labels did not play a role (after all, it is hard to put a warning label on a baseball bat that is big enough for a pitcher to see it).  However, attitudes toward product labels still played an important role. There is a parallel in tobacco litigation as well.  The product has been known to be deadly for decades, yet tobacco litigation only became viable in the courtroom when attorneys were able to show that the companies had lied about the dangers and manipulated the addictiveness of the products.
Those who believe that when an individual is injured while using a product, it is “generally,” or “almost always” the product’s fault. Relying on eight years of data collected from a national random sample of 4,291 juror-eligible Americans, as well as the results of our online experiment involving an additional 1,375 mock jurors, we have developed a scale consisting of a specific weighted combination of seven attitudes concerning corporations, government regulation, ethics, and lawsuits.  When juror responses to this series of questions are collected, via a supplemental juror questionnaire or oral voir dire, and combined into a single score, that score serves as a statistically significant and reliable predictor of juror leanings and verdicts on a wide variety of cases that pit an individual against a corporation, in the context of products liability cases, as well as in employment, intellectual property, contract, investor claims, and other ‘individual versus company’ litigation.
For example, in our mock trial experiment, we found that those with scores on the more anti-corporate end of the scale were significantly more likely to favor the plaintiff, find that party credible, and reach a plaintiffs’ verdict on both liability and cause in the specific case.

In addition to the lessons for litigators mentioned above, the other takeaway we gained from this research project is a reminder of the benefits of testing a specific case with a larger sample size than you can typically get in mock trial research. In the end, products liability cases are complicated because they implicate not only jurors’ attitudes about companies and litigation, but also their more personal experiences with the products in their lives, along with their basic outlook toward personal responsibility.  In that context, those who are working to defend product manufacturers and sellers in litigation need to make sure that they are relying not only on the strategies I’ve included in this article, but also on the full alphabet of legal persuasion. Your email address will not be published, but it helps us make sure you are a real reader and we may want to correspond with you about your comment. Deliberations: the official blog of the ASTC, providing news and thoughts on litigation consulting.
Employers need to examine and maintain or replace engineering controls on a regularly scheduled basis.
However, when these types of alternatives are used, employees must wash their hands (or other affected areas) with soap and running water as soon as feasible. This alternative would only be acceptable at worksites where soap and running water are not feasible. But drinking polluted water is only one of the ways you may become ill if your town floods during a disaster. These include airborne viruses, evaporated oil products, mold spores, mosquito-borne infections and smoke from fires.
Any food items that have touched floodwaters—including unopened cans or sealed packages—also put you at risk, as containers have been exposed to bacteria. In addition, you run the risk of cutting yourself on sharp debris or getting your feet caught in unstable pockets or holes. Wash all surfaces well, including wrists, palms, backs of hands, fingers and under the fingernails. I know that you are all sitting at the edge of your seat to learn the real tricks, but before I even allow you to make any changes whatsoever I have to make sure you play safe. That way, when and if someone highjacks your Google account or something of the sort and you cannot access your blog anymore – and yes that does happen! And you all should know by know you should never start a makeover without a good before photo. It is usually in your folder with office accessories (where you can find your calculator and your game of solitary too).
And while your at it make sure that your followers count is included in your picture, or make a note of it. Not only when I was messing with my blog design, but also when I had ‘special’ gimmicks in a post. It will give you a list of your blogs, now unclick every blog that you don’t want people to find. So often I want to visit someone’s blog by clicking on their profile link in my comment section and I run into this 10 blog long list. Did I hash up a lot of things you already knew or was there a bit of new information for you! I've been wanting to play with my template but was scared to, now I can on my test blog. In terms of prevention, anything that could be a fire hazard should be established and precautions taken where necessary and where possible to limit the chances of a fire.
Some members of staff should be trained in basic first aid so they can take necessary actions where required. It is important that equipment used by staff is safe for its intended use and important that equipment is tested on a regular basis.
Accidents can then be reviewed from time to time, patterns established, and actions taken to prevent regular or unnecessary occurrences.
Obviously potentially dangerous equipment should only be used with caution and only when absolutely required. Training needs to be provided for anything that employees need to do to carry out their job in a safe manner. McDonald’s Restaurants spill case.  Over the years, juries have sent the message that it is the individual’s responsibility to protect themselves from possible poisoning from Botox injections, collapsing stepladders, and tire tread detachment. Is the product user able to control the conditions of use, or are these conditions set by a manufacturer? When looking at the sum total of choices leading up to the adverse event, were those choices made by the ultimate user, or were those choices made earlier by a manufacturer? Did consumers do everything possible to protect themselves from harm, and did the manufacturer do everything possible to protect themselves from lawsuits? Ensure that everyone, including your marketing and sales force, is consistent with the warning. Ken Broda-Bahm is a Senior Litigation Consultant for Persuasion Strategies and has provided research and strategic advice on several hundred cases across the country for the past 15 years, applying a doctorate in communication emphasizing the areas of legal persuasion and rhetoric. Notify me of new posts by email.When you submit this message, you give The Jury Expert permission to publish it on the web. The recommended infection-control concept called "Universal Precautions" advocates everyone's blood and body fluids be considered _______.

The two essential control strategies employees use to eliminate or minimize the transmission of bloodborne diseases in the workplace are _______. You can develop dermatitis (an inflammation of the skin), and if your feet have been submerged in contaminated waters and remain wet for an extended period, you’re at risk for immersion foot (also called “trench foot”). In some areas, drop-offs may be surprisingly deep, and you can become submerged in a matter of seconds.
Even if you have not yet changed anything yourself to the code, you still need to back it up because all those choices you made when you first started working with your blog have been registered in that code. Keeping tabs on a couple of statistics for your blog is also fun and shows you how you grow. I always try new stuff out on my test blog, including posting blog posts to it if I am trying to do something new (like adding a YouTube video) just to see whether it works like planned.
So if you have one active blog and one blog you have used for your links, or your awards or the photo’s of your dog, please let that be reflected in the title. So from your dashboard go to ‘Settings’ – of your testblog – and right there on the first Basic tab change a few things. If you really want to make sure no one can read your testblog you could also go to the permissions tab and select “only blog authors can read this blog” . I have changed my blog look several times and it would have been fun to keep track of the changes.
These staff members should be specified as first aiders and can then administer aid when there is the need for it. It is unacceptable for safety to be at risk due to employees not having the required equipment. Where this is the case precautions must be taken; staff need to be trained to use it adequately and protective clothing must be worn where relevant, for example goggles and safety helmets. There will be other health and safety issues in additions to these, with the specifics varying from industry to industry. As this is a professional journal, editors will publish comments that are courteous and respectful (even when in disagreement). Downed electric lines from high winds may also be hidden in waters—and they may still carry an electrical charge. Now I know MAC users have some sort of neat special feature to make print screens, I envy you. And if I have changed my blog banner I always post it to my testblog first, so I can see if it looks like I wanted it to. Sometimes when I am really busy (thus in fact always) I just won’t bother figuring it out and leave. It is completely safe to change that here in your settings, your blog address will not change!
A folder in which you safe all posts like this one, that taught you how to do something and maybe a word document in which you record some settings, or a simple notepad.
I have already some questions about that in my file, but if you have any Blog Banner related questions let me know, and I’ll see if I can answer them.
But I did open a test blog, had my new layout and design worked out there and then transferred what I wanted to keep to my current blog. First aid kits should be provided, with the number and location of these depending on the size of the premises.
If something is required to do the job, then it must be provided with employees trained how to use it in a safe manner. Broda-Bahm has taught courses including legal communication, argumentation, persuasion, and research methods.
But thrust me once you have carefully selected a color for your background, or chosen your favorite font for your sidebar titles, you want to remember it. There are no specific laws regarding the regularity of PAT testing, but really this should be done at least once a year.
He has trained and consulted in nineteen countries around the world and is a past President of the American Society of Trial Consultants. You all know how to create a blog, and the beauty of blogger is, that it allows you to make as many blogs as you would like.
Where accidents do occur they should be recorded, whether they were avoidable or not, and whether the business was at fault or not.
Broda-Bahm (wife, Chris), and is the proud dad of the 4-year old Sadie (and appreciates the loan of her blocks).

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