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I couldn't get a clear picture since this hose was hiding underneath of vanos solenoid, but you can see the leaked green coolant.
Location: TEXAS - Circuit of the Americas doing laps with my CTS-V and coming in for a pit stop.
I had an issue with a leak in item (7) which is one of the cooling pipes so while I was replacing it I replaced all of the other cooling pipes meaning items (5 & 6). It shouldn't matter for installation as lubricant, but for the radiator fill, I would use BMW antifreeze.
E) There is a very short 90 degree hose attached to the manifold near the drivers side firewall. F) To remove injector electrical connections, just push one side of the metal clip on the front of the first 4 injectors, on the last 2 your need to push aside the back side of the connection. So I decided to DIY it, so far I've removed almost everything except the nut holding the lower intake manifold bracket. This vacuum line needs to be replaced, would it be possible this broken vacuum line could cause lean codes(1188,1189)? Regarding picture 3, that short 90 degree elbow fits on the big nipple on the driver's side rear corner.
Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump called Mitt Romney “a disaster” and “a choke artist” for his failed campaign, in response to the former Massachusetts governor’s attack on the billionaire businessman as “a phony”. Trump and Romney may have been considered friends when Trump gave his support to Romney’s presidential campaign in 2012. Romney dropped out of this year’s election in late January, after falling behind in polls that showed Trump in the lead. Romney in a speech in Salt Lake City Thursday morning described Trump as not a genius in business, not smart in foreign policy, and a phony in his business dealings. Trump responded in a tit-for-tat attack on his presidential qualifications by saying that Romney would be unfit to be commander in chief. Trump criticized a comment made by Romney in 2012, when Romney was running against President Barack Obama, and those remarks were viewed as working against the former governor. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
01.25 Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader, has said millions of people would come to Europe if Britain joined an EU common policy on migration. 22.20 Richard Spencer, our Middle East editor, has more on Zuwara, the Libyan port from where the fateful ship set sail. 19.39 Marie Harf, US State Department spokesman, said cooperation between US and Europe on the migrant crisis was important. The EU will reinforce the EU's maritime patrolling operations in the Mediterranean, called Triton and Poseidon, by giving them more money and equipment. The bloc will make a systematic effort to capture and destroy vessels used by the people smugglers, using the EU's counter-piracy "Atalanta" operation off Somalia as a model. The EU's law enforcement, border control, asylum and prosecutors' agencies will meet regularly and work closely to gather information on how the smugglers operate, to trace their funds and help investigate them. The European Union's asylum support office will to deploy teams in Italy and Greece for joint processing of asylum applications.
18.38 This is a breakdown of the nationalities of those who arrived between January and October 2014 via the risky Mediterranean Sea crossing, when the agency counted roughly 200,000 people who landed in southern Europe. 17.20 Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary-general, has said the Mediterranean is becoming "a sea of misery" and that the recent deaths "should shock the global conscience".
15.52 Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, has said that EU policy on migrants should be "less callous", and says European public opinion has been poisoned by xenophobic populists.
I have decided to call an extraordinary European Council this Thursday to address situation in #Mediterranean.
Press conference underway in #Catania on the migrant boat sinking in which up to 900 are feared dead. 13.48 Matteo Renzi, Italy's prime minister, has said his country is working with Malta to rescue two new migrant boats in distress in the Mediterranean.
At his latest court appearance last month, prosecutors asked that he be given a 20-year jail sentence for multiple manslaughter, causing a ship to sink and facilitating illegal migration. My husband and I run a charity ib Norfolk, we deliver aid to the people in Belarus, who received 70% of the fallout, we have both been over on a convoy, it breaks your heart to see them.
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On this Fourth of July, the volunteers of Arson Watch once again will be positioning themselves throughout 185 square miles of the Santa Monica Mountains, keeping an eye out for illegal fireworks and holiday revelers who could spark fires in the tinder-dry hills. Like others in the group, Donaldson says that she and her husband joined Arson Watch after a brush with flames themselves.
The group was founded in 1982 by the late actor Buddy Ebsen after the “Dayton Canyon Fire” torched his neighbors’ homes and gravely threatened his family and ranch.
Independence Day, with so many people in party mode, poses some unique and tricky challenges for the volunteers. For example, on one recent July 4th, an Arson Watch volunteer was alone in remote Tuna Canyon, walking on a fire road where the public is not permitted.
According to data from the National Fire Prevention Association, illegal fireworks caused an estimated 18,000 reported fires in 2009, including 1,300 structure fires, 400 vehicle fires and 16,300 “outdoor and other” fires.
The risk is especially high in wildfire-prone regions, such as the Santa Monica and San Gabriel mountains. Donaldson recommends leaving fireworks to the pros, and suggests contacting law enforcement if you see people lighting them.
She and her fellow Arson Watchers will be in the mountains this weekend to make sure people heed that advice. Los Angeles County fire officials once again are on the prowl, inspecting some 40,000 parcels across the region to make sure owners have complied with brush clearance laws. For full details on the Fire Department’s brush clearance program, including a list of private vendors, click here. Add this to the list of potential catastrophes that come with living in Southern California: an earthquake-triggered tsunami washing over beaches and harbors and leaving devastation all along the coast. The nightmarish images of powerful waves buffeting Japan after the March 11 quake there have prompted many to wonder whether the same thing could happen here—and how to escape it if it does.
And their assessment of what could be coming our way, and how best to prepare for it, is both simple and complex.
Costas Synolakis, who directs the Tsunami Research Center at USC, said tsunamis triggered by faraway events occur once or more a decade here, and generally pose a relatively minor threat to human safety in Southern California—although they can wreak havoc in the ports by damaging docks and disrupting shipping. However, a major temblor in the Aleutian earthquake zone in Alaska could pose a significant exception to the general rule about distant-source tsunamis. Whether they end up causing minor or major damage, tsunamis that originate far away come equipped with one important safety feature: forecasters can see them coming, often hours in advance, allowing time to alert the public and evacuate beach areas likely to be affected.
On the upside: it’s an exceptionally rare occurrence, taking place once every 2,000 to 3,000 years, he said.
The Board of Supervisors voted to designate this week “Tsunami Awareness and Preparedness Week” in Los Angeles County, part of a national effort that includes videos like this one. Planning for any kind of tsunami in Los Angeles County is complicated because there’s no way of knowing in advance which kind will strike.
With fourteen incorporated cities along the coast, evacuation routes and response plans can vary. Land lines already are covered but take a few minutes to sign up to make sure that official emergency information reaches you wherever you are. In the event of a fast-approaching local-source tsunami, people in the tsunami zone may have only 5 to 20 minutes to get to higher ground. Individual county departments have their own plans, and already are working to incorporate insights gained from the recent events in Japan. His department used its new Twitter account to send out messages about the tsunami advisory issued for the Los Angeles coast following the quake in Japan. But even with an internationally-acclaimed skill set and more frequent flier miles than you can shake a boarding pass at, Los Angeles County’s urban search and rescue team has never before had a run—or a wake-up call—quite like this one. No sooner had they returned from their post-earthquake work in Christchurch, New Zealand than they were summoned to Japan less than 36 hours later to help with the aftermath of the deadly quake and tsunami there. The back-to-back deployments made for some joking around on the tarmac as the team—formally known as California Task Force 2—came back from mission No. Ewald said both incidents point up the need to further hone disaster planning and preparedness in Los Angeles, and suggest that a “decentralized decision-making” process may be required in the event of a massive catastrophe like that experienced in Japan.

On a personal level, Ewald—who managed to grab the time to watch “American Idol” with  his family between deployments—took advantage of some rare down time early in the week to drop out of sight, as far as work was concerned. The Los Angeles County Fire Department’s acclaimed rescue team, just days removed from digging through earthquake rubble in New Zealand, is now being dispatched a world away, to the devastated shores of Japan.
The Fire Department’s California Task Force 2 is only one of two urban search and rescue teams in the country regularly pressed into action by the U.S.
The mission at hand differs substantially from those undertaken in the wake of earthquakes in New Zealand and in Haiti, where the team earned international praise for its work in finding and freeing residents trapped for days under buildings. Battalion Chief Ewald said that team members, who’ll be transporting with them inflatable rescue boats, have trained for this kind of challenging work at a variety of far-flung locations, including the Colorado River, a Department of Water and Power facility in Sylmar and the Roaring Rapids ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia. The team is scheduled to leave Los Angeles International Airport tonight on a commercial charter flight that will also carry the rescue squad from Virginia. In a historic choice, the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday announced that it has selected Daryl Osby as the next chief of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, making him the first African American to hold that position in an agency that had been slow to integrate. Osby, a 27-year veteran of the department—and the son of a career firefighter who led fire departments in Inglewood, San Jose, San Diego and Oceanside—will assume the top job next month after the retirement of long-serving chief P. Osby’s elevation is significant for a department in which diversity issues—including the recruitment and treatment of women—has been a concern. Today, diversity advocates within the department note that while the department has hired more than 1,000 firefighters during the past decade, only about 50 of them have been African American. Born in the San Diego County community of National City, Osby is the son of a veteran fire chief. The younger Osby joined the Los Angeles County Fire Department at the age of 23 in 1984 as a firefighter and paramedic. By 2000, he was an assistant fire chief in charge of community services, public information and executive planning.
And, said Osby, the father of two daughters, diversity would continue to be a priority, in gender as well as ethnicity. Los Angeles County’s disaster rescue-and-recovery team was mobilizing today to head to New Zealand, where a 6.3 magnitude earthquake crushed buildings and killed at least 65 people—a toll that is expected to rise as the search for the dead and injured continues around Christchurch.
The team, made up of Los Angeles County firefighters, paramedics, emergency room doctors and other specialists, earned high marks for its work after the earthquake in Haiti. By early afternoon, the final arrangements were underway to transport staff and equipment to New Zealand. The 911 calls flew from the terrified crowds to the police dispatchers and, within minutes, to the desk of Tony Beliz: Shots fired at Gardena High School. As tragedy swept through yet another campus on Tuesday morning, Beliz—deputy director of the Department of Mental Health’s emergency outreach bureau and part of an elite cadre of county mental health and law enforcement experts—rolled out to confront the questions that in the past three years have become a specialty for the School Threat Assessment Response Team.
In situations like Gardena’s—in which a gun in the backpack of a reportedly frightened teenager apparently accidently fired, wounding two students with a single bullet—Beliz says he and his colleagues will make themselves available for after-the-fact mental health counseling and other support to the students and school, should it be needed.
START’s mission—and that of threat assessment teams like it on campuses all over the country—has been especially relevant in the wake of high profile incidents both nationally and locally. In Arizona, a threat assessment team at Pima Community College identified Jared Lee Loughner as a potential concern months before the gunman killed six people and injured 13 in Tucson, but the larger community response was too fragmented to stop him.
Closer to home, at Cal State Northridge, school mental health counselors and campus police worked together last week to hospitalize and arrest a 22-year-old student who had not only allegedly threatened students and staff, but also had hidden firearms and explosives in his dorm room. CSUN Police Chief Anne Glavin established the department’s threat assessment program after her arrival in 2002. On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to develop a plan to expand programs like START as a way to better identify students with mental health problems that might threaten public safety.
Since its inception, START has responded to some 250 incidents of potential violence at elementary, middle school, high school and college campuses.
The staff, comprising about 120 county clinicians and 80 law enforcement officers in Los Angeles city and county, Long Beach, Santa Monica and Pasadena, has worked closely with a variety of school districts and local universities, although the bulk of its work has been with the Los Angeles Unified School District and Los Angeles County Office of Education. Not every school takes advantage of the program, but when they do, START makes a difference.
Protecting the safety of students can sometimes be tricky, requiring an understanding of possible motivations behind the potential violence, Beliz says.
And, he says, START helps all the disparate agencies and helping hands of Greater Los Angeles find and interact with each other—no small feat in this massive metropolis. Roman, a 43-year-old mother with a 6-year-old son still at home in Montebello, was thrown from the wreckage.
This week, the Board of Supervisors approved a $3.3 million settlement to Roman in the case. The incident is significant, and not only because the injuries were so tragic and the settlement so substantial. In 2008, the last year for which statistics are available, there were 340 collisions involving emergency vehicles on Code 3 calls in California, 116 of them at intersections, according to the California Highway Patrol.
Although the law is clear for civilian drivers—when an emergency vehicle approaches, you stop or pull over and yield the right-of-way—answers are not as definitive for those on the other side of the lights and sirens.
The California Vehicle Code exempts emergency vehicles en route to 911 calls—fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, etc.—from many rules of the road, including those involving red lights.
Within those parameters, however, policies vary among agencies and jurisdictions when it comes to balancing the urgency of the call against the need for safety.
The policy of the Los Angeles City Fire Department, for instance, is to “stop at all red lights and stop signs .
An overview presented to the Board of Supervisors in connection with the Roman case suggests that those shifts may have been confusing. Traffic safety is crucial, he says, but bringing a heavy truck to a full stop and then getting it up to full speed again takes time when every moment counts. Afternoon rush hour speeds haven't changed much but the worst traffic may be ending sooner. E46Fanatics is the premiere website for BMW 3 series owners around the world with interactive forums, a geographical enthusiast directory, photo galleries, and technical information for BMW enthusiasts. I've been taking classes and doing part-time job, so I had no time to take a good look at it. No leak from anywhere near front of the engine, but there WAS new kind of leak I've never seen.
As of Thursday morning, they could well be considered enemies, after Romney urged Republicans to unite against Trump and name-called him.
Romney had said that 47% of the American people would vote for Obama “no matter what,” in a reference to them as being reliant on public assistance. One of the traffickers is believed to be among the group of survivors, according to Nick Squires in Catania. EU officials said it would be a combined civilian and military operation but gave no more details. In their case, the “Old Topanga Fire” of 1993 blazed dangerously close to their home while they were vacationing in Hawaii. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has already recorded 33 major wildfires in 2011. The goal, he said, is to create “a defensible space” for firefighters to try to stop flames before they reach structures.
After that, the county steps in to clear the brush, charging the costs to the property owners. If you live in the Santa Monica Mountains, check out the “Road Map to Fire Safety,” produced by the Santa Monica Mountains Fire Safe Alliance.
But some Los Angeles experts and planners have been focused on the local tsunami threat long before the first wave hit Japan.
A tsunami triggered by a large earthquake in Chile last year did just that, he said—though since it was a Saturday, its impact was less severe than it might have been. Such a quake could unleash a powerful tsunami that could endanger both people and property in low-lying coastal communities such as Marina del Rey, Venice and Long Beach, Synolakis said. Geological  Survey started work in January on their first-ever emergency planning “tsunami scenario” for Southern California.
A tsunami triggered by a nearby offshore earthquake could trigger an underwater landslide, causing profound and fast-moving damage all along the Santa Monica Bay—with little or no time for evacuations.
County, it’s simply a matter of moving away from the beach,” said Keith Harrison, assistant administrator of the county’s Office of Emergency Management. Los Angeles County emergency response officials said it would be impractical and too expensive to install and maintain enough sirens along the coast to serve as an effective warning system. And it’s been busy ever since with logistical questions such as how best to communicate with and evacuate “live-aboards” who reside on boats in the marina, and figuring out how to relocate the department’s earth-moving equipment far enough from the coast  so it will be safe and available for cleanup work after the crisis is over. And they hit close to home for members of the team because both New Zealand and Japan are affluent, highly-developed countries with many similarities to Southern California.

And as for the tsunami that devastated Japan: “Their only crime there was having exposure to a coastline, which we also have…How would we respond if that kind of widespread, catastrophic event had happened here?
This one will include a swift water rescue component because of the massive tsunami flooding. He also has worked as the top commander of fire operations for a number of major incidents in recent years, including the massive fire siege in 2003, the 2005 Topanga Fire and the 2008 Wildland Fires.
Freeman—who worked for 24 years in the Dallas Fire Department before coming to Los Angeles—has said in interviews that one of his biggest challenges was the “steep learning curve” he faced as an outsider.
His father, Robert, was in the fire service for more than four decades before retiring as Oceanside’s first black fire chief in 2005.
He rose steadily through the ranks, gaining experience in virtually every aspect of the department’s firefighting and internal operations. The following year, he was promoted again to oversee emergency service, personnel, training and budget issues for 76 fire stations in more than 30 unincorporated areas.
The urban search and rescue squad also has seen action in previous emergencies including Hurricane Katrina and the Oklahoma City bombing.
Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, County Fire Chief Daryl Osby said in a letter to the Board of Supervisors. The first comprehensive program of its kind in the nation, START brings schools, mental health professionals and law enforcement together to prevent and deal with campus violence. In other situations, the teams intervene early to evaluate the public threat of students exhibiting mental health problems. Still, the department turned to county mental health officials for help at one point in ensuring that all the doctors involved understood the gravity of the student’s behavior.
It also highlights, once again, a complex, life-and-death question that public safety workers and policymakers deal with every day: What is the safest, best way for the driver of an emergency vehicle to negotiate an intersection when lives are in the balance? The collision that crippled Roman was one of 36 involving emergency vehicles in Los Angeles County intersections that year. Listed among the factors that “gave rise to [the] accident” was a “failure to be aware of and adhere to the current Department driving policy” on the driver’s part, and a similar failure by his captain to make him aware of the policy. What’s more, he says, stopping at an intersection may confuse other drivers about whether they should stop, go or look for flames around them. But it needs the co-operation of the Italian and Greek governments to say we cannot accept an unlimited number of people crossing over. Along with his daughter Cathy, he aggressively recruited his neighbors to help local authorities prevent future fires, forming the original nucleus of Arson Watch. They represent an early warning system in case of an actual fire, notifying fire officials who can try to contain it.
The volunteer was soon overwhelmed by a crowd of young people clambering up a bluff to throw an impromptu “rave,” says Donaldson. Refusing his pleas to leave, he enlisted help from the sheriffs, who broke up the dangerous celebration. About two weeks ago, Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order devoting more resources to fighting and preventing the fires.
The compliance deadline for most county residents was last Sunday, with June 1 being the deadline in coastal areas. Last year, 93% of property owners complied, Johnson said, with the county being forced to clear only 32 parcels. Modeled on the Great California ShakeOut, the scenario, when completed in 2013, will assess how such a tsunami would affect the region economically, environmentally and as an emergency response challenge.
In Marina del Rey, recently-posted signs designate entry and exit points for the tsunami zone, and also point out evacuation routes.
He also spent 18 days in Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Katrina helping to manage recovery efforts there.
He suggested that the county might do well to hire its next chief from within to oversee the department, which has a budget of some $923 million and a service area roughly the size of Delaware. In the back of the vehicle, court documents would later show, an $80-a-day cook named Antonia Roman had just finished warming tortillas for the next stop.
The firefighter behind the wheel, meanwhile, would later discover that, in the course of a few years, the county’s policy for negotiating intersections on emergency calls had changed without his knowledge, requiring him to come to a full stop at the light, rather than to slow to a speed that was safe for the situation. The challenge, he says, is in balancing the need for swift, potentially life-saving emergency response with the need to navigate traffic safely as public safety workers rush to deliver help.
They were among 27 survivors of what has been described as the worst ever migrant shipwreck. The public outcry it caused led to the launch of Operation Mare Nostrum, Italy's search and rescue mission that was axed last year because of fears that it was acting as a "pull" for further trafficking. A few cities such as Gardena and Alhambra permit “safe-and-sane” fireworks–but there are restrictions on who, where, and when they can be used. However, aerial fireworks and others like M-80s are considered explosives, and can bring felony charges.
Don’t get in a car.” For people in a high-rise building, the best response to an extremely fast-moving tsunami could be to climb to a higher floor. Lights flashing, siren blaring, the truck was doing 35 mph when the light turned red at Figueroa Street. Unrestrained by a seat belt, she was making her way back toward her passenger seat when the crash sent the catering truck careening onto its side. If the fireworks injure or kill anyone, perpetrators can be charged with serious felonies like mayhem, manslaughter, or even murder.
He was identified by the other survivors - migrants and refugees who had paid to be transported to Italy.
Btw, ur vanos oil pipe seems to be leaking as well, recommend to change it while u are doing the water pipe as it is easier to reach the other end of the vanos oil pipe. They were locked in and prevented from coming out,” said Giovanni Salvi, a prosecutor in Catania, who is leading the criminal investigation. This just in from our man Nick Squires: The Italian coast guard ship Gregoretti has just arrived in Catania in Sicily carrying 27 survivors from Sunday's shipwreck. British officials also refused to support a German suggestion that EU nations should provide specific quotas for migrants fleeing chaos in Syria and elsewhere.
Coast Guard officers and passers-by jump into the waves to rescue the migrants, including a young child wearing a lifejacket. The smugglers would have had the best chance of survival, being on the top deck of the vessel.
The boat was met by dozens of Italian emergency personnel and a huge crowd of international media.
More than 10,000 migrants have arrived in Italy in less than a fortnight, and as of last night, there were reported to be six separate ongoing operations to save a further 1,500 people on boats in the Mediterranean, according to UN sources. The debate about it is characterised by very strongly held political positions, based on weak evidence and poor analysis.
Agencies report that it also urges more reinforcement of the EU border control operations in the Mediterranean with more money and equipment and extending its operational area.
The tendency for politicians to think with their guts, not with their heads, has produced polarised ideological positions that are unhealthy and have led to poor policy development. It really is horrific, the scenes that we have all witnessed on our television screens, the loss of life, and we should put the blame squarely at the appalling human traffickers who are the ones managing and promoting and selling this trade in human life, this trade in human death, that we now need to do everything we can to try and stop. All three leaders agreed that the criminal networks behind human traffickers were primarily to blame for this tragedy, and that the highest priority had to be action to disrupt their activities.
The result has been paralysis in Brussels and throughout European capitals while hundreds die. The plan, approved by EU foreign and interior ministers, will be submitted to a summit on Thursday.
We have got to deal with the instability in the countries concerned, we have got to go after the human traffickers and criminals that are running this trade. We now have to move very quickly to agree on the appropriate measures - Steffen Seibert, Angela Merkel's spokesman [It is the EU's] moral duty to concentrate our responsibility as Europeans to prevent these kind of tragedies from happening again and again. Prosecutors say he was the captain of a Libyan people-trafficking ship that capsized off the Italian island of Lampedusa in October 2013, with 500 people packed in the hold. Mr Bensalam was among those pulled alive from a sea full of corpses, but other survivors later identified as him as the man in charge.

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