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The HIPAA Risk Analysis is so important that it is the first item defined in the HIPAA Security Rule, a requirement since 2005. Proof of the importance of the HIPAA Risk Analysis is that a similar requirement is in Meaningful Use attestation Core Measure 15 to receive funding through the EHR Incentive Program. Before you begin your HIPAA Risk Analysis the first step is identifying all the ePHI within your organization, and how it moves within your systems and in and out of your systems. Remember that ePHI includes any combination of a patient’s name and their diagnosis or treatment. Once you identify your risks, you can then prioritize them and budget the resources required to avoid or mitigate risks in accordance with compliance requirements and your organization’s tolerance for risk.
Vulnerabilities— The HIPAA Security Rule is broken down into Administrative, Physical, and Technical Safeguards, and over 50% of the rules are Administrative. Likelihood— Looking into a crystal ball won’t help, but you can ask experts familiar with technology equipment, your geographic region, and who have experience with similar organizations to yours. Impact— This can be measured in different ways, including life threatening emergencies, financial losses, liability, customer service failures, and compliance violations and related penalties.  A good rule of thumb is that if the impact is high, an event that has a low likelihood of occurring must be considered.
Core Measure 15 for Eligible Professionals requires an SRA related to the electronic Protected Health Information stored in their EHR system. There has been a lot of confusion about the SRA based on incorrect information provided to practices.
Key differences between HIPAA and Meaningful Use are that a HIPAA violation will usually be uncovered through one of the infrequent random HIPAA audits, or, also unlikely, as part of a data breach investigation. The US Department of Health and Human Services offered this advice in response to someone asking if they needed an outside expert to conduct their Security Risk Analysis.
Doing a thorough and professional risk analysis that will stand up to a compliance review will require expert knowledge that could be obtained through services of an experienced outside professional. The newly published HIPAA Omnibus Rule requires every HIPAA Covered Entity to review or modify their security compliance programs.
Mike Semel is certified in HIPAA and has been the CIO for a hospital (Covered Entity) and has provided IT support for healthcare providers (as a Business Associate.) Mike is certified in Business Continuity planning and helped develop the CompTIA Security Trustmark. In response to continued rapid growth in safety needs for the chemical and nuclear industries, Fauske & Associates, LLC (FAI) offers a complete range of Risk Management Services including Combustible Dust Explosion and Fire Hazard Evaluation, Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Hazard Identification Risk Analysis, Consequence Analysis, Safer Process Scale-up, Process Safety Management (PSM) Program Development, and Relief System Design Review. Enormous attention has been centered on retirement plan fees in recent years, including the new 408(b)(2)disclosure requirements.
While a well drafted, reviewed and understood service agreement can help preclude errors and claims, the service agreement is also the primary defense against liability caused by service provider mistakes and negligence. In addition to agreeing to vague service agreements, some sponsors engage advisors without a service agreement or verification of insurance coverage and bonding. The DOL's new regulations provide an increase in both fee disclosure and clarity for comparative shopping, but 408(b)(2) does not preclude the need for an equitable service agreement.
As noted by many attorneys, ERISA's primary focus has been on regulating the relationship between plan sponsors and participants. The courts have not spoken uniformly about recourse between the plan and outside fiduciaries, but the plan sponsor's supervisory role, or the lack of it, has come under intense scrutiny in recent years.
Learn how to best to protect directors and officers in the event of plan-related litigation in this critical era of new litigation theories, legislation and aggressive enforcement.
For my two cents as an advocate of free markets (not faux capitalism as exists around the world), a return to the gold standard merits serious consideration. Related to Grant's provocative piece, a recent article about voluntary standards caught my eye with its suggestion that industry attempts may be more show than reality.
Please email us with examples of pension and financial service leaders whom you believe inspire and lead the way in terms of governance. To read about the pros and cons of a post 1971 return to the gold standard, check out "What Was the Gold Standard? Pension Governance contributing editor, attorney Kevin Lacroix talks about this significant shift in class action outcomes, citing a sea change in the cost of litigation.
As things change in pension land with respect to rules, regulations and funding issues, industry participants are getting creative about risk management.
According to a recent story in HedgeWeek, hedge fund liability insurance may merit some serious consideration. Gentile Utente, ti informiamo che questo sito fa uso di cookie propri e di altri siti al fine di rendere i propri servizi il piu possibile efficienti. Ricevo molte email e commenti di lettori del blog i quali (giustamente) fanno notare che il rapporto prezzo utili (price earning) non e assolutamente proibitivo, il che rende ancora il mercato azionario decisamente interessante.
Si, e vero, il rapporto price earning ci illustra un mercato che all’apparenza e ancora interessante o comunque non caro.
Ho preso come paramento il rendimento del T Note 10yr e con esso ho ponderato il tutto ottenendo il cosiddetto Equity Risk Premium, ovvero il rapporto che lega rendimento dei bonde e rendimento dell’equity. Ma se preferite un discorso molto piu semplice, vi lascio questo ultimo grafico, che in modo molto piu spartano ci illustra l’Equity Risk Premium.
Semplificandone l’interpretazione, ogni volta che siamo sopra 20, vuol dire che i prezzi sono alti, mentre sotto 15 sono bassi. Smokers and seniors are the primary example of those who companies deem a ‘special risk’, along with any other person with a pre-existing medical condition. Fortunately, those who are a special risk can still find special risk life insurance policies from companies willing to work with them or law firms working on their behalf.
Perhaps one of the best things about a special risk policy is that your premiums can decrease after a year or more with no complications.
With benefits like that waiting for clients, getting a special risk policy doesn’t seem so bad.
But to really know if a policy is the right choice for you, you need to get all your facts about it.
Most find it easiest to go through a special risk advocate to get quotes and estimates, and it’s not a bad idea.
Companies are re-evaluating their quoting policies and procedures, trying to keep up with the competition from other companies, and the chances of a special risk advocate finding a dependable policy sure beats trying to find one by yourself.
But beyond that, contact an insurance company you like, find out if there are any benefits you can receive, any discounts or decreases in premiums you’ll gain after being a client for several years. Finding the right special risk life insurance can be difficult, but there is always a company willing to insure even special risk clients. Two months after taking the risk to leave graduate school, I would find myself walking around the halls of the United Nations, and looking out on the pristine waters of Lake Geneva, shimmering with the reflection of the majestic, snow-capped Alps behind. Upon returning to Washington, DC, and now clear that the decision to have left school was the right one, my short-term assignment at this job was coming to an end. Taking this job with my first start-up (along with the decision to turn down the first offer) would turn out to be another brilliant decision, and a risk well-taken.
In early 2007, after almost three exhilarating and incredibly educational years at my first start-up, and now with solid management experience under my belt, I made the decision to leave my job.
To my dismay, I arrived in Los Angeles to find myself rejected, heartbroken, jobless and friendless.
Well, as stupid a risk as that appears to have been, it would prove to be the most daring, and in turn the most rewarding I have ever taken. Since I made the fearless decision to follow my bliss and walk down the unknown path of the writer, in just three months I have launched my work in two different languages, and I have been beyond humbled to receive more than 5,000 fans in over 30 countries (now 25,000 fans in 35 countries!) ; all amazing souls who are supporting and encouraging me along my path.
Hi Jeannie, with 5,000 Latin American fans in two weeks, this was definitely a risk worth taking. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It is not permitted to copy, reproduce, sell, distribute, publish, modify or exhibit any of the content or intellectual property of The Awakened Life without explicit permission of the author, Jeannie Page.

It forms the basis of your HIPAA compliance program, and should be updated annually or more often if something significant changes within your IT environment. Also, recent HIPAA enforcement actions have cited a missing or old HIPAA Risk Analysis as the basis for HIPAA penalties and large fines (over $ 1 million.) This is something you need to do— and do well. Depending on the size and scale of your organization, you may need to investigate multiple offices, a data center or online EHR provider, local area networks in your offices, wide area networks between offices, the Internet, and other methods of storing and moving data. If you had no backup (a vulnerability) then a hard drive failure or power spike (threats) may erase or damage your electronic patient records. Human error, malicious behavior, lack of awareness and training, power failures, communications failures, equipment failures, theft or loss of data stored on devices, viruses and malware, and snooping are all examples of threats that can act on vulnerabilities. The guidance does not mention HIPAA by name, but does refer to the Code of Federal Regulations section for the HIPAA Risk Analysis.
The US Department of Health and Human Services published a Myths and Facts document providing guidance. More frequent audits of practices attesting to Meaningful Use are taking place, and violations are being enforced through the federal False Claims Act. You need it for HIPAA, to comply with Meaningful Use and avoid severe penalties, and to help you make the right decisions that will help you avoid or respond to a disaster. Semel Consulting offers a managed compliance service called HIPAA SOS, compliance audits, Meaningful Use Security Risk Analysis, and business continuity planning.
Would you buy stocks or bonds issued by a public insurance company that charged the same premium for all insured parties, irregardless of their risk behavior? In spite of this important role, many plan sponsors - particularly small plan sponsors - sign standard service agreements without adequate review or counsel.
As noted many times, most small plan sponsors also lack first party fiduciary liability insurance.
In our minds, the service agreement remains a weak link in the advisor vetting process, particularly in the small plan market. Beyond prohibited transactions and prior to the DOL's new disclosure regulations, little guidance was provided on how to manage the relationship between sponsors and service providers, including those assuming a fiduciary role. Because errors and disputes are a fact of life, it is long past time for the service agreement to become an integral part of the advisor vetting process from the beginning.
Susan Mangiero joins a panel of senior-level insurance executives and attorneys for a discussion about ERISA best practices.
Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) litigation has spiked in the last year, spurred by plan investment losses, mass layoffs, benefit cutbacks and an invigorated plaintiff’s bar. From the tone of this long, yet fascinating, commentary, Grant rants about big government at the same time that, ironically, big government seeks to become even bigger in the form of new financial market regulations.
To enjoy flexibility and regulatory latitude, people of great courage must buck the existing system and both demand and assume accountability. This extends to tough and detailed interviews with your external money managers and service providers about all things risk management. Click here for more information about Kevin's interesting article and here to read more about our first class team of contributing editors.
Think tontines, not saltines, according to a newly published article about what to do as the benefits landscape quickly changes. In September 2006, the Insurance Information Institute (III) wrote, "An increasing number of corporations are using captives to fund their employee benefits programs." One type of Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) mechanism, captives are a response to keeping a lid on commercial insurance costs. Se vuoi saperne di piu sull'uso dei singoli cookie o negare il consenso a tutti o ad alcuni cookie, clicca qui. Ora il mercato risulta decisamente drogato dagli acquisti FED e dall’eccesso di liquidita, il che rende il parametro “price earning” assolutamente insufficiente e per certi versi fuorviante.
Abbiamo bisogno del tuo aiuto per poter continuare il progetto e ripagare le spese di gestione! Having an in-home specialist to act as your go between, someone who knows what companies will look at, you’re chances of getting the best rates for your policy is pretty good.
Looking for special risk life insurance is almost like looking for high risk life insurance, but you already have a powerful advantage, the internet. It can take time, but taking advantage of all the resources available to you makes getting special risk life insurance a much easier process than it once was.
Never having left the country (with the exception of the 6 hour drive across the border to Canada), I put myself on a plane and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to Spain, where I would live for an entire year.
In Washington, DC I would attend graduate school at GW University, where I would study International Affairs, putting me on my desired path of becoming a Foreign Service Officer. Within a few months I had been promoted to my first management position, and I proceeded to gain the fantastic experience of building out a brand new department, and furthermore to have the exciting and invaluable education of going through my first acquisition. For all of my life I had wanted to move to the west coast, and at this point in my life there was a love worth fighting for in Los Angeles. And even worse, I had the very bad timing of moving right before the recession was about to hit in 2008, and this meant that I was in store for two years of on and off unemployment and instability. And by this point I had learned that the amount of reward we receive is directly proportionate to the amount of risk we take.
The HIPAA Risk Analysis is the roadmap you must follow to secure electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) to ensure that you do not breach its confidentiality, integrity, or availability. To properly conduct the HIPAA Risk Analysis, you need both the IT skills and experience to view stored data and track the movement of electronic data.
It can be in any form – written, images, or voice files—and can hide anywhere in your technology environment, which is now expanded to smartphones, tablets, websites, e-mails, electronic fax systems, voice recorders, and portable storage devices. The failure of a hard drive—which spins thousands of times per minute— can be expected (a high likelihood) and the negative effect on your business (the impact) could be huge, since you would no longer be able to access patient records. In many parts of the country weather events have interrupted business by causing power and communications failures.
Two notable recommendations are that you may not use a simple checklist for your SRA, and that you should engage a professional if you want your SRA to survive and audit or investigation. A combination of the aforementioned is nothing less than a nuclear accident waiting to happen. New types of litigation, such as suits related to qualified default investments in 401(k) plans, are on the upswing. Riskier organizations get subsidized by more prudent market participants and have little incentive (arguably no incentive) to get their risk management house in order.
Griffith examine how liability insurance underwriters assess corporate governance behavior - and related expectations of risk - when pricing coverage.
Scorrendo questa pagina, proseguendo la navigazione in altra maniera o cliccando qui o sul tasto chiudi acconsenti all'uso dei cookie. E nella fattispecie, visto che parliamo di mercato USA (per l’Europa l’analisi sarebbe molto simile) occorre quindi un confronto con il rendimento dei titoli governativi USA. The equity risk premium may be calculated as the return such a stock actually earns over a given period. You may not always get the policy you were hoping for, but you’ll certainly get a secure plan for yourself and your family.
Insurance companies are willing to give you free quotes, giving you an idea of how much you’ll be paying a policy. I’m talking about life risks, the kind of risks that require a perfect balance between practicality and fearlessness, mixed in with just a dash of insanity. I landed in Madrid, a world away from my family and the only life I had known, not knowing a soul and surrounded by ham legs.
You see, after leaving school, I began immediately looking for work, honestly having no idea what I was doing or where I would land. Here I was having dropped out of grad school, and virtually out of money, and I was being offered a full-time job.

So I quit my very stable and well-paying job in Washington, DC, packed up everything, and drove the 3,000 miles across country to Los Angeles.
If, as you said the other week, we are on the same path then you are currently out of sight at the moment.
Then you need to guesstimate both the Likelihood that a Threat will take place, and measure the anticipated Impact (negative result.) By combining all the variables into your HIPAA Risk Analysis you can determine if a Risk is Low, Medium, or High. You may lose the records forever, putting patients at risk, violating accessibility and retention requirements, and lowering the value of your practice.
Other vulnerabilities include power, connectivity, unencrypted data, systems stored in unsecure locations, portable devices, access to systems and data, and unprotected software. If you haven’t done a good job with HIPAA compliance, this can create a significant risk to your EHR data. At the same time, leadership at the Department of Labor is spurring new enforcement strategies. Bair, Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation before the Committee on Financial Services, U.S. Stiglitz, respectively, for their research about information asymmetry and related market impact. According to a recent overview of ERM by Towers Perrin, "More than half of respondents - 57% in the U.S. Hedge fund directors are arguably more vulnerable than ever before, especially in areas such as valuation and trading controls.Bigger and more frequent claims make for unhappy insurance underwriters. For example, if the interest rate on a Treasury bond is 4% and the stock returns 9%, the equity risk premium is 5%. In a surprising turn of events, I was offered a position with a human rights firm in DC, which sent me to Geneva, Switzerland for three weeks to work at the Commission on Human Rights at the UN. On one hand I could choose the path that society says I should follow, the path of the stable career, salary and benefits; on the other hand I could choose to follow my heart into the unknown. So, it is easy to determine that you should backup your patient records because the impact of not doing it is so high. Join this panel discussion of methods to avoid litigation and establish a record of procedural prudence, a critically important component in the defense of any ERISA litigation.
Whether or not this is worth the investment depends on the cost of the stock, the risk relative to other stocks with similar returns, and the investor’s own risk aversion. This risk to move to an unfamiliar world in Spain would prove to be the first in a long line of bold life choices.
After all of the work (GREs, college applications, pre-requisite courses) I had done to get myself to GW, this was no small decision and a risk I took with slight trepidation.
Well yes, except for the fact that my gut was screaming at me to not take this job; my instincts told me that although it was a good offer, that it was not the right path for me. You see, this man had just chosen another woman over me, and I was stubborn (or stupid!) enough to try to fight for him anyway. Choosing the latter would go against the practical advice of everyone around me (including my parents), and it would absolutely require an ample amount of insanity. Other risks may not be as obvious, and the only way to determine them is to have complete and accurate information.
For example, a driver with several tickets and an accident record pays more for auto insurance. Ask any service provider or trader about their controls and how they monitor the quality of their processes.
While not available in file form, I'm happy to provide hard copies of the published short version to interested parties. I knew that if I had not taken the risk of dropping out of graduate school, I would not be having the incredible experience of standing in the halls of the United Nations in Geneva. Without any other plan or idea of where my future would lead, and facing the fact that I would soon run out of money, I went against the advice of my parents (here’s where the important dose of insanity comes in!), I took another risk and turned down the job. If there's no cost to the behavior, the carefree driver has no incentive to change, losses mount and premiums go up for every participant.
Winner of the 2005 Weblog Award, InsureBlog focuses on life and health insurance issues, with an emphasis on Consumer Driven Health Care. For pension fiduciaries with hedge funds on the shopping list, now might be the time to ask managers even more questions about their policies and procedures - content, frequency of review and revision, oversight and metrics for determining "errors".After all, pension fiduciaries themselves are under more scrutiny and are unlikely to want to invest in a hedge fund or fund of fund with few or no documented policies and procedures. That was a pivotal moment in my life; the moment when it crystallized for me that life is all about taking risks. I knew how long my money would last and I knew that I would need to find a job before the end of August. DOL established EXPRO, or the standardized and expedited procedure, six years ago in order to grant advance approval of certain types of standard transactions-such as the use of captives to fund certain employee benefits- effectively removing roadblocks that prevented such transactions.
On August 24th, just as I was reaching my deadline, I was offered a different job: a job with an internet start-up, an incredible opportunity which would take me down a completely different path. Companies can't seek pension insurance elsewhere, but they can end defined-benefit plans and shift to defined-contribution plans, such as a 401(k), in which employees share the risk. Heinz will use Heinz-Noble Inc., its Vermont captive, to reinsure employee and retiree group term life insurance policies, according to Business Insurance. Should pension fiduciaries ask money managers for proof of insurance if they don't do so already?2.
Their Vermont-based captive is also used to cover a variety of property and casualty risks for the company. Should pension fiduciaries eliminate a fund from consideration if they do not have this type of insurance?3.
In addition to group life insurance, the other nine companies with DOL approval have covered long-term disability and accidental death and dismemberment policies through their company's captive. As a licensed insurance carrier a captive is under the control of its parent corporation with the primary purpose of insuring or reinsuring portions of the entire risk exposures of the parent and related companies. For example, would a fund with lots of liability protection be perceived as less of a risk-taker and perhaps more likely to deliver lower returns? Though risks covered by captives typically have been related to property and casualty and workers' compensation, companies are looking to place other risks with their captives to help reduce risk management costs. Alternatively, would a money manager with ample coverage be seen as more of a risk-taker since insurance provides a safety net in the event that something goes awry?4.
Helps clients to understand and achieve essential life safety goals like complying with codes, meeting egress requirements, choosing sustainable fire protection systems, analyzing hazards, and preparing for and responding to emergencies.
Specifically, do pension fiduciaries ask about the insurance underwriter and its financial capabilities to pay a claim?5.
Should a money manager ask pension fiduciaries if they are covered by liability insurance if they don't already inquire?6. Is it an indication that a pension fund is inclined to have an established governance process that includes regular detailed assessments of money managers' risk controls? Would that discourage a more freewheeling money manager from doing business with that retirement plan?It is our view that scant research has been done about the behavioral aspect of fiduciary insurance in pension land. First, it could shed light on process-related risks associated with pension plan investing. Second, it could (and probably already does) encourage a self-selection process that is directly tied to probability of loss on both sides of the fence. Few would argue that rational pension fiduciaries and investment professionals alike seek to avoid monetary losses and reputation-related harm.

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