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Join Romeo’s Pizza in helping to replenish the local food bank supplies after the holiday rush. This entry was posted in Events and tagged dining, Hartville, Romeo's Pizza by Discover Hartville. SHARE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1994 by business executives dedicated to providing affordable housing for individuals in need. These food items reflect recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide and are supported by Manitoba Dietitians. It is with great pleasure that we nominate our dear Josephine Aldenese for Volunteer of the Month.
The same can be true of toothbrushes, mouthwash, cleaning supplies, and numerous other things.
The National Association of Letter Carriers and Akon area mail carriers will once again team up with Campbell Soup Company to collect food donations for local families in need. The best part about participating in the food drive is it’s simple to make your donation because you can do it at home from your mailbox. Many people are busy living day to day and may not realize how many of your fellow neighbors are in need of a good meal.

Often many of us feel like were too busy to help others but this initiative makes it easy to take a few minutes to put together a donation that will help area families have good meal to enjoy.
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Tanisha HerrinAkron Family Health ExaminerTanisha Herrin is a writer, self-published author and creator of Creative Writing Inspirations featuring creative writing, self-help and poetry. Poisoned elephant carcasses have deadly consequences for lions and vulturesThe latest practice of poisoning elephants by poachers after their tusks have had disastrous consequences, not only for the pachaderm population, but also for other wildlife.
Mama June 150 pound weight loss: Fainted on starvation diet, hospitalizedMama June Shannon was hospitalized after fainting at her Georgia home March 2. During its nearly 20 year history, the organization has served hundreds of families, seniors, veterans and those with physical challenges or terminal illnesses. In her short two years volunteering with Winnipeg Harvest, Josephine has already donated over 500 hundred hours of service. While we recommend that you live a full and happy life and not let every financial choice be a constraint, we also urge people to be frugal whenever possible.
For example, you can buy toilet paper or paper towels from Amazon who will then then ship it to your house.

The Stamp out Hunger initiative helps millions across the country who are struggling to provide essential food items to their families.
Josephine, or as we playfully call her, our ‘human dishwasher’ can be found twice a week deep in the dish pit of our community kitchen meticulously cleaning every plate, cup, and pot. The best way of saving money is when you get to save some cash, but don’t have to give up anything in return. Often, you’ll have to buy in bulk to really save money, but can you ever have too much toilet paper?
So, at the end of the day, you get the same products you’d buy at the local store at a lower price, and get to enjoy the added convenience of having them shipped to your door. Josephine came to Winnipeg Harvest as a part of her continued rehabilitation after brain surgery and has never looked back.
We are very grateful for all of Josephine’s time and commitment to Winnipeg Harvest; we could not provide lunch for all the people that we do without her help!

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