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The service can be accessed via phone 1800 033 111 (Free call) or + 61 3 9663 2130 (International).
The service has over 19 years experience in the provision of emergency response across Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific with over 17,000 emergency incidents having been handled by the service since its inception. Il corso di Primo Soccorso, Emergenze Mediche ed Abilitazione al Defibrillatore Semiautomatico (Emergency First Response) viene offerto in stretto accordo con gli standard ILCOR, ERC ed IRC (European and Italian Resuscitation Council) che attualmente disciplinano gli interventi nei settori delle emergenze 118. Riconoscere e valutare i livelli di coscienza delle vittime in svariate tipologie di incidenti, da quelli automobilistici a quelli domestici, dagli incidenti sul lavoro alle malattie propriamente dette. Effettuare una valutazione primaria ed applicare con successo tutte quelle tecniche volte a garantire il “sostentamento di base alla vita” utilizzando propriamente un Defibrillatore Semiautomatico o una unita di rianimazione ad Ossigeno. Effettuare una valutazione secondaria volta ad identificare le varie forme di trauma-lesione e di malattia attuando, nel contempo, le appropriate misure precauzionali. Effettuare sollevamenti e trasporti di emergenza a politraumatizzati per allontanarli da pericoli immediati o per garantirne il piu completo ed agevole soccorso da parte del personale sanitario di emergenza.
Fornire valido supporto e collaborazione pratica e di informazioni al personale medico di emergenza. PROGRESSIONE DEL CORSO Le argomentazioni verranno discusse ed apprese soprattutto attraverso le prove pratiche su particolari manichini e tra gli allievi stessi sempre simulando condizioni reali di emergenza. Ma il Kudadive non e semplicemente una scuola subacquea, e molto di piu, e un gruppo di amici con i quali trascorrere delle piacevolissime ore. In the Biomedical, Chemical, & Pharmaceutical industries, HI-Q has marketed instrumentation for certain applications for many years.
For more information on specific products related to these industries, please feel free to contact us. HI-Q offers a line of high volume (TSP-Type) air sampling systems for data collection in perimeter monitoring & industrial emissions monitoring applications.
Since September 11, 2001, HI-Q continues to have an ongoing relationship with the EPA & DHS by continually working on government-funded projects for the development of airborne biohazard collection systems. For more information on specific products related to these industries, please feel free to contact us.NuclearView Full Size PictureSince 1973, HI-Q has directly and successfully served the commercial nuclear industry worldwide with reliable, High Quality (HI-Q), continuous duty air sampling equipment, systems and accessories.
Instaknow acts like an authorized User to access and correlate real-time data from various agenciesa€™ emergency management systems and shows integrated real-time Common Operating Pictures to authorized parties.

Being really good at emergency response takes practice, and since most of us don’t have that experience, preparedness is the next best thing.
When an emergency occurs, the first priority is to save lives; the second is to stabilize the situation.
Once you understand what the risks you may be responding to are, it’s important to know what assets may be affected during those situations – what’s vulnerable.
If your company is highly susceptible to a particular unacceptable risk, systematically reduce the likelihood that your company will be vulnerable when exposed to the risk. Join our tradeshow email list for updates on sponsorship opportunities and upcoming exhibitor deadlines.
Small and medium business need to conduct a thorough risk analysis to reduce their downtime and increase the chances of a successful recovery. Se vuoi scoprirlo ma non ti senti ancora pronto a lanciarti in un corso di certificazione, la prova del primo respiro con Kudadive ti consentira di provare ad immergerti per scoprire se ti piace.
Dove non solo troverete dei veri professionisti della subacquea ma degli amici con cui trascorrere le serate in pizzeria.
Our ambient, in-door breathing level air samplers, commonly known in the industry as "Goose-Neck" or "Giraffe" air samplers have been instrumental in analyzing workplace exposure. All security mechanisms are protected and no costly XML coding or any other change is needed to any system! Wireless alerts (Automatic 2-way voice phone calls, beepers messages, PDA e-mails) to emergency personnel in the field). We might prefer to think about what we’ll do when fortune strikes, but thinking about an emergency response plan before a catastrophe may be the only difference between recovery and losing your business. You need to understand the situations you may be responding to and what will happen if they come to fruition. It may go beyond immediate loss of resources; consider how it could affect the reputation of your business. With a good emergency response plan in place, you can worry a little less knowing that certain hazards have been avoided and if emergency does strikes, you’ve done what you can to prepare. Topics of expertise range from physical security, IT, risk management, cloud, information security, records management, cyber security and records management.

This can help business owners understand the potential risks associated with operational failure and allows them to develop a recovery plan. Callers to the service include customers, employees, transport carriers, emergency services, government authorities, hospitals, veterinarians and members of the public. Veniteci a trovare e troverete molto di piu di quello che pensate, un abbraccio da tutto lo staff del KUDADIVE. You’ll be fortunate you can carry out a well-executed emergency response plan if it comes to using it. These very important actions will be hard to follow through on without a detailed plan in place. Oil spills result in major environmental losses and loss of revenue for oil companies, but they also mean the entire industry’s reputation takes a hit. If lack of a sprinkler system means your building would burn to the ground while waiting for a fire truck, getting a sprinkler system mitigates that risk and gives you some control. The ERS Coordinators are trained to handle a wide range of incidents from human exposures to transport emergencies. Circostanza professionalmente interessante e il termine di scadenza del livello di certificazione dopo due anni dal rilascio. Which risks are most likely to occur; which will have the biggest impact on safety of your employees? If your swimming pool isn’t properly grounded, you can remove the risk of electrocution by closing the pool during electrical storms. The service can be accessed via toll free numbers (1800 033 111 or 0800 734 607), as well as via international access numbers from Asia Pacific.
These numbers are typically displayed on Material Safety Data Sheets, product labels, Emergency Procedure Guides, Emergency Information Panels, shipping documentation, client entries in telephone directories, emergency response plans and on after hours recorded messages. There may be risks that you can accept and don’t require expending resources on trying to avoid or control.

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