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A terrifying reality unfolds brought on by the damage caused to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.  With this disaster ultimately comes questions pertaining to what nuclear power is, how it is managed and what a nuclear power plant actually does.
1.  Rods of radioactive materials are placed in water which causes a reaction generating mass amounts of steam.
3.  Most times the steam is trapped by a condenser which breaks the steam back down into water and recycled into the fission chamber. 4.  During this whole process, an external cool water supply is used to cool the fission reactor to keep things from overheating and exploding. Take in mind that this is a very brief and lament description of nuclear power.  You may click the image at the top of this page to enlarge to view specific locations in a nuclear power plant not mentioned above. Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR) keep water under pressure, so the water heats but does not boil. Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) heat water by generating heat from fission in the reactor vessel to boil water and create steam, which turns the generator. In both types of plants, the steam is turned back into water and can be used again in the process.
The IN learned that BP has hired Three Little Pigs Engineers to design the plant, the same engineers behind the Deepwater Horizon rig design.

BP has guaranteed to the Escambia County Commission that their plant will be 100-percent safe and will pose no threat to public safety, as long as there are no earthquakes, equipment malfunctions or safety failures. Bustamoney stated that about 80 percent of those workers are from Florida, and that after a few hiccups with outside staffing companies and subcontractors, things are going generally more smoothly. Most of those workers who managed to complete the additional training and pass drug tests are now back at work, and BP and its subcontractors continue to hire and train workers in Escambia County for work, according to Bustamoney. This distribution process makes it much easier for anyone—licensees, local and state government, members of the public — to quickly get the information they desire. By signing up, you will receive all outgoing operating reactor correspondence originating from Headquarters, Region I, III, and IV.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Comments on blog posts do not represent official NRC communication, and links to internet sites other than the NRC website do not constitute the agency’s endorsement of that site’s content, policies or products. The heated pressurized water is run through pipes, which heat a separate water line to create steam.
Many have speculated that it was Gulf Power, but the oil giant admitted on Friday that it had been the purchaser of most of the farmland north of Cantonment.

Bustamoney, who was wearing a HazMat suit at the press conference, said, “We will cut no corners. About 90 plant workers’ contracts were terminated on March 31 when it was found that the subcontractor who had hired them had not been trained to provide hazwoper training to his employees.
You can quickly and easily receive documents about any operating nuclear power plant you wish electronically. The webpage is arranged by region and includes maps that indicate where each plant is located, allowing you to easily find the reactors that are of interest to you. The site also allows you to subscribe and unsubscribe from plant distribution lists at any time.

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