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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Moreover, there has been a total press blackout on this press release, which is prominently displayed on the White House website.
President Obama in order to label him a “wild conspiracy theorist,” this became more than real, it became genuinely terrifying. The Minimum Standards provide departments and agencies with the minimum elements necessary to establish effective insider threat programs.
I just listened to the interview your speak via YouTube and he also said he writes false information because if he wrote 100% truth he'd be killed. Gordon Duff admitted a few weeks ago in an interview that 40% of what he reporting is disinformation.

So he indeed wrote this article first, on November 23rd, with a link to the original White House website page. By the way, this VT site has kept me busy for the past month, and it resulted in many wandering-offs into other very interesting sites and blogs.
That's disgusting, if these accusations of treason and cooperation with his North Vietnamese imprisoners against John McCain are true. What Duff wants to make clear is, that an awful lot of politicians seem to have very dirty hands. Why is it so, that honest men like Colonel Ted Guy have no chance in hell to get elected for politics? Use Google with the search terms "Colonel Ted Guy McCain" or just "Colonel Ted Guy" and you will find quite some interesting things.

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