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The Ohio Office of Emergency Management offers a list of tornado safety tips to follow in the event of a tornado. CLEVELAND - The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center is predicting a moderate risk for severe thunderstorms on Sunday afternoon with very strong winds. Now that you know why you should compost, you’re going to need to know which materials to use. Now that you know which items to compost, you’re ready to learn the steps involved in making compost.
It just takes seconds for a tornado to rip through your neighborhood, leaving nothing but piles of debris and trash in its wake. Being prepared is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from the dangers of a hurricane. If you have a nice deck, chances are you’ve pretty much converted it into a second living area – a place where you and your family and friends can gather and have a good time.
One of the great benefits of having your own garden is having fresh, homegrown fruits and vegetables to enjoy whenever you want.
Dreams about tornadoes can also symbolize something destructive or violent coming to the life of the dreamer. The last thing that dreams about tornadoes can symbolize is a sudden change in the life of the dreamer.
At the end of April, a spasm of tornadoes struck America’s Tornado Alley once again, ripping through Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. As the hard-hit towns clean up, The Why Files is wondering about tornadoes, nature’s most intense storms. Tornadoes are compact, powerful whirlwinds powered by differences in wind, moisture and temperature.
Time-lapse video of the weather system that spawned tornadoes in seven central and southern U.S. A tornado may stay on the ground for an hour or so; at the extreme, they may be more than a mile wide. Tornadoes most commonly strike Tornado Alley in the American mid-section, where the atmosphere is affected by the Rocky Mountains to the west and the Gulf of Mexico to the south.
Supercells form where warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico meets cool, dry air from the west.
Scientifically speaking, energy is the ability to do work (that’s one of the plainest definitions in science). An F5 tornado struck Elie, Manitoba, Canada, (40 kilometers west of Winnipeg) on June 22, 2007. That condensation, in turn, releases the latent heat — the biggest single source of energy in a thunderstorm.
A tornado with wind speeds of 200 mph releases kinetic energy at the rate of 1 billion watts — equal to the electric output of a large nuclear or coal-fired electric generator. But that’s just processed cheese compared to the supercells that can spawn tornadoes.
We asked Bluestein about recent advances in tornado prediction, and he pointed to a new system that views the atmosphere in much finer detail, and hence can forecast severe weather, including tornadoes, with greater precision. The High-Resolution Rapid Refresh system, which will go nationwide later in 2014, will update forecasts hourly over the lower 48 United States at extremely sharp resolution, based on the latest observations from ground and satellite-based sensors, radars and aircraft. Forecast systems model the atmosphere by looking at conditions at points on imaginary grids; conditions at points between the grid intersections are unknown. Stan Benjamin, a research meteorologist at NOAA’s Earth System Research Lab in Boulder, Colo.
With that accuracy, HRRR can identify rotating storms, which are more likely to produce tornadoes. The benefits of HRRR are already evident to Bluestein, who had to cut our interview short to go out storm chasing on Wednesday. In the realm of basic physics, Bluestein says, atmospheric scientists are closing in on a fundamental question: Where does the rotation originate?

The proclivity for uphill travel seemed to be the deciding factor when the two titanic tornadoes changed direction. In a computer model of hills and tornadoes,2 Selvam modeled the relationship between tornado radius and hill height. Computer models, Selvam notes, “don’t have much validity unless you have a way to verify them.
Tornado watch: Issued by the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center when weather conditions are ripe for tornadoes. In the United States 20 years ago, only 35 percent of tornadoes were preceded by a warning, says Daniel Sutter, a professor of economics at Troy University in Troy, Ala.
In a study of tornadoes between 1986 and 20043 Sutter found that a watch preceding a warning did not save lives.
If tornadoes are undeniably dangerous, why not build houses able to withstand a direct hit by an EF4 or EF5? But it’s a different story for houses under weaker tornadoes, or those near the path of an EF4 or EF5.
Roof sheathing, usually made of oriented strand board or plywood, should be nailed or stapled securely to the rafters.
The FlatSafe tornado shelter seems to meet the extreme requirements of an effective shelter, and carries some significant endorsements, but it looks expensive.
The conventional wisdom is that existing houses cannot be retrofitted with a safe room, but Robert Falk of the U.S. Falk expects to finish development in a year or two, and hopes to persuade stores in Tornado Alley to sell a complete kit of materials and instructions. When waste is not composted, it will end up in a landfill or incinerator, neither of which is environmentally-friendly or economical. In the past, if you wanted to capture rain water, you just put a bucket out in the yard and waited for it to fill up.
Growing techniques will differ depending on what food you’re growing as well as where you live. Tornado dreams are common in people who do not have complete control over their lives and recognize a change is needed.
Although tornadoes occur in India, Bangladesh and other regions, they are most intense and devastating in the United States. Howard Bluestein, a veteran storm chaser and professor of meteorology at the University of Oklahoma notes that in the spring, a strong westerly jet stream across the Alley creates instability and a trough of low pressure that draws in warm, moist air from the Gulf. The sun warms the moist, air, which rises due to convection, breaking through the cap and releasing latent heat that powers the updraft, the thunderstorm and tornadoes. Moisture condenses, releasing latent heat which warms the air, causing it to rise by convection at up to 150 mph. This was one of the strongest twisters since 1999 and one of only nine to reach EF5 between 1999 and 2011 in North America. The tornado’s ultimate source of energy, the sun, warms the ocean, evaporating water, which carries the latent heat of vaporization (a kind of potential energy) into the atmosphere. Latent heat warms the rising air, causing a density difference that lifts the air fast enough to form a tornado.
These monsters release latent heat at the rate of 40 trillion watts — 40,000 times greater than the twister. 27, 2011 tornado in Tuscaloosa, Ala., caused much more damage on the uphill sections of its path (left) than on the downhill sections. He says the answer seems to lie in a zone of extreme pressure differential in the forward flank of the supercell.
Not always, according to a recent study of catastrophic 2011 tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Joplin, Mo. The researchers also noticed the tornadoes hopping over valleys and causing significant damage only on the top of the bordering hills. So how effective are the tornado watches that are intended to spread the word that a tornado is possible?

They can, he says, trigger early efforts to organize community assistance, and notify tornado spotters, weather helicopters, and television crews trying to cover the storm. Even in Tornado Alley, a twister hits a given square mile only once every 700 years, and unless you want to live underground, it makes no economic sense to build a house to survive such a cataclysm. Shingles near roof edges face the strongest winds and should be set in special mastic during reshingling. Even though building codes usually require anchor bolts, builders sometimes deem them optional. A new home in tornado country can be fitted with a tornado room in an interior, windowless room. It is important to know the basics of tornado safety.-The safest place to be during a tornado is a basement.
Those explosions of white show water rising rapidly, powered by convection, marking tornado tops on this turbulent spring day. As the spinning air column narrows, it rotates faster and the funnel cloud extends higher into the storm. Your Model T burns petroleum-derived gasoline, creating heat energy, which the engine transforms into kinetic energy.
After tracking the destruction on aerial photos, Panneer Selvam at the University of Arkansas found that twisters preferred going uphill, and also caused more destruction while ascending.
Students are modeling different heights from the ground to see what is happening,” and then studying the effects of real tornadoes. The fast-moving storm system spawned multiple tornadoes in the Midwest, causing destruction in 12 states and killing at least five people. Listen for announcements on a radio, television, computer or mobile device, and prepare to act.
Go to a safe place, turn on a battery-powered radio or mobile device, and wait for instructions or an all-clear. Steel doors and reinforced concrete walls and ceiling can form a room that’s nearly bombproof, except in a direct hit. The wall, composed of a triple layer of 2 x 8 lumber nailed loosely together, is being evaluated for a safe room that can be built inside an existing basement. If everyone hears about a tornado and gets in the car to try to outrun it, they will get caught in traffic, and they are going to get hurt. If the building has no basement or cellar, go to a small room (a bathroom or closet) on the lowest level of the structure, away from windows and as close to the center of the building as possible.-Be aware of emergency shelter plans in stores, offices and schools.
The tornado is a destructive force, and the person who experiences the dream may throw a temper tantrum or outbreak in order to get issues and feelings off his chest. And when your brakes stop the car, the kinetic energy is transformed back into heat energy.
Dots record wall movement during the shot, which was gauged a success because the 2 x 4 did not penetrate the wall.
Fowler on HealthTap explains that a short, light period can mean many things, from a change in hormone levels to the start of perimenopause.
Try to avoid areas with large glass windows, large rooms and wide-span roofs such as auditoriums, cafeterias, large hallways or shopping malls.-If you're outside or in mobile home, find shelter immediately by going to the lowest level of a nearby sturdy building.
Reading tarot cards is a combination of knowing each card's inherent symbolism, as well as using one's own intuition about the cards that are revealed during the reading. Debris of varying size and types, including dirt, sand and rocks, moving at incredible speeds can easily penetrate clothing and skin, causing serious injuries and possibly death. It is a complex process that requires extensive study of the cards, though if necessary one can rely on the associated guidebooks that are available. A person can even be blown out or carried away from the overpass by the fierce tornado winds.

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