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These types of clouds are often seen preceding thunderstorms, as the storm’s cold downdraft pushes low-hanging warm air in front of it upwards, where it condenses and winds essentially roll into a long tube.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt has left the anticipated adaptation of Sandman, citing creative differences between his vision of the film and that of New Line Cinemas.
Scientists from the University of Chicago have taken a look at the Curious Marie, a bit of meteorite containing perhaps the most valuable ceramic in the world. Caption: I knew something was forming after living in Tennessee for a while but at 1400 ft, what could form up here? Members can leave comments, upload and share photos in our Wunder Photos section and participate on the WunderBlogs. The clouds in that picture are a kind of Mammatus, which occur where there are severe (or tornado forming) storms.

My closest encounter with a tornado happened in high school — last bell and I was already outside when a teacher yanked the doors shut behind me (thanks, butthead). That type of mammatus forms in air settling lower after the passage of a system capable of forming tornadoes.
That tornado watch turned into a tornado warning over Columbus… and we were close enough to it to see the freaky green and blue clouds. While it looks menacing enough to fuel another 2012 end-of-the-world conspiracy, it’s also downright breathtaking. Adult Swim's fantastic show Rick and Morty is coming back to television by the end of 2016, and will include more episodes than originally anticipated! These ceramic elements can tell us whether the early universe created heavy particles -- without containing any of those elements.

Perhaps fortunately, we lacked a camera so we didn’t stick around to take pictures of the rather cool and ominously fast moving clouds. We turned on the news and watched the tonado hit West Springfield on the Channel 22 new webcam.

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