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When we follow Winter Weather Safety Tips, we can enjoy the blanket of quiet beauty without injury or harm. Air travel experiences significant disruption in major storms, whether winter snowstorms or summer hurricanes.
Lexie, Now you know why I moved from Ohio to NC — and plan to make SoCal a winter vacation next year!
We don’t do too much traveling in the winter to places it snows, but these are great tips if we do!
Severe thunderstorms have the potentialĀ to form during the afternoon hours of April 9th across a good chunk of Northern, Central, and Western Illinois.
At first look at the upper level flow, I immediately notice an area of large scale and pronounced divergence. Looking at the H5 flow, we notice the main jet energy nosing into the area by afternoon with these series of ripples extending into Michigan. Low level flow at H85 is flooding Northern Illinois with warm and moist air during the late afternoon. At the surface, we see a low pressure system anticipated to be close to the Decorah, IA area. Will be playing it by ear if I am going to be utilized by the NWS LOT at their office for severe weather operations.
About Danny NealDanny is a storm chaser from the southside of Chicago and has been chasing since 1998. Dedication: I couldn't be the man I am today without the help of my family, friends, and educators.
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The National Weather Service provides a comprehensive resource for weather related information, including a storm preparation checklist, winter driving tips, and up-to-date information on current weather conditions.
Homes with gas heat, gas cooktops, gas ovens or gas fireplace logs should have carbon monoxide detectors to avoid needless deaths. We do the same with our son, even though he rarely encounters winter weather in Birmingham. We have the temps for it today, but the ground is clear as can beā€¦ More importantly, the roads are clear! I made a post on my Facebook page detailing the risk for severe weather this week and lo and behold the pattern is verifying.

What happens is when the jet stream winds begin to curve back around the trough and the others continue with the mean flow, an area of void space is left over. It is hard to say with certainty, but the NAM believes we do which is evident here by all the dark areas.
One month later, the northeast is buried in snow and half the country is plunged into a deep freeze by the powerful Hercules. Keep space heaters clear of clutter — at least 3 feet from all fabric, including bedding, curtains and furniture. If you’re not healthy enough to walk around the block, shoveling heavy snow is probably not a good choice!
Luckily I live where we never have to concern ourselves with any of this but really great to know! I’ve had my car die while I was at school dropping off the kids the one time I forgot to bring my cell phone!
Our atmosphere will be contingent on the evolution of showers and thunderstorms from the night before. I am happy about that in terms of being a good forecast, but also frightened at the possible end result.
This moisture will stream north behind the warm front and inundate the area with >60 dew points. Pronounced long wave trough with a series of short waves should kick off convection by early afternoon from S.
He routinely teaches and trains others about severe and unusual weather and is considered a great resource for Northern Illinois. The website, Flightstats, offers comprehensive information as well — you can search by flight, airport or route.
Often, people with frostbite don’t realize they have it, but is noticed by someone else. Severe weather is progged to develop to our west Wednesday and move into the region by the overnight hours.
Rising air is obviously a source of life and that mode of ascent is enough to trigger thunderstorms typically. These shortwaves coupled with divergence should give an air parcel no problem rising through the atmosphere. This severe weather risk would mainly be in the form of large hail as elevated supercells develop and traverse the state.

This doesn’t look too far fetched as there are currently low 60 dew points at the southern end of the state.
Signs of hypothermia include slurred speech, mental confusion, lack of coordination (stumbling or inability to make hands work together), drowsiness, failing eyesight and poor judgment. If these storms are progressive, our atmosphere is due to recover rather quickly and set the stage for some dangerous weather to form. If the overnight storms linger and back build, they may cause just enough overturning in the atmosphere to disrupt a rather large scale outbreak. Severe weather is still probable, but it doesn’t appear the Euro has a great handle of the system. Current indications are that the atmosphere will rapidly recover, but we will not know for sure until Thursday morning. I am concerned that previous day convection will overturn the atmosphere and not foster the development of deep convection. As such, I will continue to state that everyone needs to have a plan in place in case severe weather approaches.
The NAM is the slowest and strongest evolving which is generally believable given the main jet energy still holding up just off the west coast.
Risks would include: destructive straight lined winds, large hail greater than golf balls, and tornadoes. The CIPS analog is triggering a couple of high-end notable tornado days around this region so that always is a cause for concern.
If wind shear remains mostly unidirectional, we may be looking at a large line of embedded supercells with wind damage and isolated tornadoes as it races across the state. There is a lot that could go wrong about the forecast, but many of the players are lining up along the sideline and ready to take the field. Three in the last 3 years that come to mind are: November 17th, 2013, June 12th, 2013, and June 30th, 2014.
I am not saying that that will be the end result, but the potential is there which I want each and everyone of you to tell your friends and family to prepare and have it in the back of your mind that some very bad weather could be in the cards. It is entirely possible that nothing happens Thursday, but are you willing to take the chance?

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