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Some of the remarkable discoveries from quantum physics can be adapted to help us break free from the groove of our past and unleash real change in our lives. It appears that when the light photon is not being observed it exists in waveform, but at the moment of observation, the wave collapses and becomes a particle. The imprints of certain childhood events, which impact us so significantly, are in fact wave collapses of our identity.
Often, people cling to habituated beliefs about themselves in accordance with their primary wave collapses. I have been working with a middle-aged man who, because of childhood interactions with his parents, collapsed impressions of himself that instructed him that he wasn’t lovable. Breaking free from the predictability of the wave collapse requires uprooting the repetitive thoughts that platform the continued belief. It appears that the universe perpetually unfolds from this state of potential – known in quantum physics as superposition.
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The Science of the Surf (SOS) is an educational program for the general public designed to reduce the number of drownings and injuries on our beaches. You don't cross the street without looking both ways and you shouldn't go in the water without checking it out before you go out! It's a big challenge, but the goal of SOS is to educate coastal and rural communities, families, schools and domestic and international tourists about the surf in a fun and fascinating way so that everyone has a safe visit to the beach. SOS was initiated as a visually powerful and entertaining community presentation conducted at Tamarama Beach in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in 2001 by Dr Rob Brander of the University of New South Wales.
In December 2008, UNSW TV worked with SOS to develop a YouTube video called 'Don't Get Sucked in by the Rip'. SOS has also developed fact sheets, a rip current poster, a rip current survival dvd, and much more educational material that is freely available to the public and downloadable from this website.
Dr Rob Brander is a coastal geomorphologist and Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
I rushed to get to the office- hair still wet, no lunch (and I always have healthy meals prepared), but beaming with pride and joy over my accomplishment in the ocean.
My co-worker (truly my friend) and I shared a laugh about never packing up a desk before and how odd it felt. Nana (my landlord’s sweet mother) caught my teary eyes as I walked through the courtyard carrying my box of text books. Quincy in tow, I sat on the patio, glanced over the menu and decided that today…I am happy. Well, maybe I wouldn’t be flying, but I would be soaring through the air with my feet off the ground. Through the process of letting go you are able to get to the end, and then back to the beginning again for a fresh start.
I wasn’t done yet, my friend Wade called while I was making the drive to Cafe Gratitude earlier that afternoon. I dropped off my new book and my dog at home, threw on a pair of flip flops and went to the beach. I turned to watch the waves roll in, knowing that not only this morning did I ride a wave to shore, but I know how to ride the wave of life. As newborns or infants, if not at conception itself, we resemble the potentiality of the wave, waiting for our identities to take shape.
In spite of new events, which might cause us to reconsider or re-evaluate our beliefs, we remain rooted in the way we see ourselves and block the opportunity for change.
I asked her to consider whether it was possible that for her entire life she had believed an untruth about herself.

Noticing the repetition of these old thoughts, in lock step with the wave collapse, enables the shift. Prior to the instant in which we select and attach to a thought, we are like the wave, in a state of potential.
It is a significant moment in which there is long awaited insight and what has always been obscured becomes illuminated.
When we speak of the universe we tend to refer to it as out there, leaving ourselves separate. Having thoughts from the habitual groove of our experience will likely replicate more of the same feelings and experiences. Right this minute I am facing such a breakthrough and I have been uncertain as to where it was leading me to. You might want to further these insights by reading some of my older posts on embracing uncertainty. This 4 minute video on rip currents has been massively successful reaching 150,000 views in January 2011. He has been studying beaches and surf zones for 20 years having completed a BSc and MSc at the University of Toronto where Canadian water temperatures convinced him to live in Australia.
The company that funded our start-up drastically cut our budget and with it went the health and fitness content department meaning my position became nonexistent.
He let me explain and then proceeded with his lecture of how the only way to have job security is to work for yourself.
See, the universe has a funny way of picking you up and throwing you back on your path like it’s the WWE smack down. Quincy and I cruised down the way into Santa Monica, parked and went straight to the rings. Wade has a funny way of helping me find clarity and direction when I’m lost so I picked it up at Barnes and Nobles on my way home. Notwithstanding matters of genetics, archetypal and astrological influences, our lives are not yet determined and our personalities not yet molded. She lived only one block from school and her mother incredibly thought she could handle the walk by herself. Fortunately, she permitted herself to allow an alternative point of view with all of its accompanying dissonance and considered that perhaps she wasn’t intellectually inferior.
However, very recently a woman with whom he has fallen in love has, in fact, decided that she, too, loved him. In the nanosecond between thoughts, our next state of reality is suspended in a pure state of potential. I guess when my professor told me that I was a dumb particle he really meant that my wave was frozen into particles. I intuitively told myself to let go of wanting to know now, that the answer would come at the right time for me. There are over 11,000 beaches in Australia and at any given time there are approximately 17,000 rip currents.
It has been linked and incorporated to websites around the world and won a prestigious Australian National Safer Communities Award in 2009. His PhD on the morphodynamics of rip currents was completed at the University of Sydney in 1997.
After a few waves to the face I managed to paddle out, process Lane’s words of wisdom and even ride a couple of  waves. The same time I started that job, I started attending kundalini yoga classes and spiritual healing circles at Guru’s Gate.
I decided that was going to a big part of my next phase- Do good and have fun without attachment to outcome. Ordinarily, even a single experience is sufficient to collapse the wave and become embedded in our psychic structure.
Upon arriving at the school, she was told that she had arrived too late and would have to miss the entire day.
As he was inclined to remain in his primary collapse experience, he resisted this new information. We fully participate in the crafting of that universe as much as the universe informs who we are.
Given that only 4% of Australian beaches are patrolled by lifeguards (and the vast majority of those are seasonal), it's not surprising that approximately 50 people drown in rip currents every year.

He has published over 20 articles based on his research on rip currents, coral reef-islands, and the 2004 tsunami and has taught at UNSW since 2000.
I cry over a sunset, I cry when someone tells me a sad story,I cry when I laugh hard,  I cry out excitement as I am passionate about my goals. I said my heartfelt goodbyes and rolled my stability ball (my office chair) out of the building. I reached up grasped the first ring, held on tightly as I ran back and forth to gain momentum and then soared from one ring to the next.
I sat in easy sitting pose with hands in Guyan Mudra (thumb and index finger together to promote calmness and receptivity) a few feet from the incoming tide, and fully experienced the present moment. This seemingly illogical notion is naturally counterintuitive and rubs against our common sense of logic. Of course, this necessitated her embracing her discomfort as she moved beyond the limits of her familiar zone. I attempted to heighten his opportunity for change by highlighting the dissonance around this contradictory information. In order to access universal potential, we must devote ourselves to apprehending that possibility.
This disturbing trend was the prime motivation for giving the presentations and they have been held each summer since 2001 around Sydney and beyond. Whether it's federal, local government, business or individual sponsorship, use your contacts to drum up support and sponsor a visit to your local school or beach community by the Science of the Surf. I felt the wave take me, I got up and I rode the wave all the way  into shore, and I laughed the entire time.
I cried  in that moment because it was like someone unexpectedly pulled the rug out from beneath me, from all of us.
I was going through a shift in consciousness, and the lay off was just part of the growth process.
I told stories to myself, terrible stories- I’m not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough.
Even with the most intense training, you know you’re in trouble if you don’t make it out on time and the wave falls on your head.
Our work then focused on helping her break free from the addictive tendency of her thoughts to malign herself. The pathway to change doesn’t require a gradual overcoming of our obstacles, but can be easily accessed through a quantum re-envisioning of our wave collapse. Over 5,000 people have seen the talk and it has won numerous community safety awards and become increasingly popular. I dropped my box of books in the middle of my studio, grabbed Quincy (my dog), and my iPad and went to a place that affirmed everything I am- Cafe Gratitude in Venice. I had learned so much in a short amount of time at that job and now it was time to move on. I told myself that I needed someone else, some big opportunity to come along and do it for me.
Yet, in those moments our potential becomes narrowed and our identity begins to take shape. Our emergence is linked to seeing differently, and a new way of seeing is the most powerful thing in the universe. Many of the presentations held at beach venues include a release of purple dye into the rip current. My client told her mother about the time mistake, and her mother bellowed, “How stupid can you be?” Forty-five years later, this woman still carried a core belief that she was, indeed, stupid. By making this choice, he permitted himself the opportunity to select a new observation and collapse a new wave of experience.
Lifeguards cannot be everywhere and we really need to educate people about how the surf works. Given that our beliefs tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies, it wouldn’t be surprising if her performances, both in life and academically, were affected by her belief.

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