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The markers provide construction and utility location contractors with the means to permanently mark underground services in areas where conventional signage can’t be used. The markers allow for the easy location of assets assisting with maintenance activities and helping to avoid cable strikes. The following stock titles are 2?” circles and are available in bright reflective and non-reflective APWA colours. For further details of the marking system please see our main drainmarkers web pages – here. We are proud that our drain markers have been included in the new SuDS Manual as a recognised pollution prevention strategy. In preparation for the summer season, our friends at Morecambe Bay’s Love My Beach campaign are using our yellow fish markers to protect local beaches.
Our friends at Dighty Connect are using the new yellow fish markers to protect the Dighty Burn in East Dundee. Sometimes the most basic pieces of equipment are also those we rely on most.  Let QC provide you with our most trusted and true models of utility carts, and rest assured that your basics are well covered.
Use the search box above, and if we don't list the product, a QC rep can locate it for you -- at a fraction of the wholesale cost. Locate a RepOur QC Storage Reps around the country are standing by, ready to help solve your storage needs with personalized solutions and expert service.

Raveon's RV-M5 FireLine series of VHF data radio modems are a high-speed FCC refarming compliant data radio designed for telemetry, wireless data, GPS, and remote control applications.A  The operate in the 136-174MHz frequency band, with up to 5 watts of RF output.
Compartment storage is the name of the game for Utility Bodies, particularly when tradespeople and government agencies need maximum storage space versatility. When moving most people believe the easiest way to handle their utilities is by transferring their current services to their new home address. Kandela will help choose the best arrangements when it comes to water, gas, electricity, trash pickup and much more. Kandela has a personal relationship with many utility companies, allowing  exclusive prices and a guarantee of a stress free process. The markers will help to protect your staff, contractors and business and help you to comply with the CDM Regulations.
They are supplied with a UV and abrasion resistant coating and have proven durability, with over 20 years use in America. The markers have been used at a number of businesses in the catchment including Michelin, Tokhiem and Sainsburys. By being a dedicated wireless partner, we ensure our products and services exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.
In addition to packing plenty of well-organized storage space, Utility Bodies are also well suited to take on additional duties with cherry-picker buckets, air compressors, cable reels, cranes, digger derricks, and rescue equipment.

Our free moving concierge service will help save you time before, during, and after your move.
Reproduction of material appearing on this Web site is strictly prohibited without written permission. Even if the move is just a small distance away,  there are always better and cheaper options  to peruse. There are long stages of waiting on hold, a high rate of transferring from one customer service representative to another and a waiting period that can last up to a few weeks to get an appointment, after which someone needs to stay at home all day because they are not specific with scheduled appointments.
Kandela will set up everything  in the utility department.  Kandela concierges are reliable and attentive and best of all, our service is free! North Central Truck Paper, Great Lakes Truck Paper, South Central Truck Paper, Western Truck Paper, North Eastern Truck Paper, South Eastern Truck Paper, Mid Atlantic Truck Paper, Mountain West Truck Paper, and Central Truck Paper are registered trademarks of Sandhills Publishing Company. Kandela simplifies utilities for  customers, break down expenses and help find services and providers suited to any budget.
Utilize Kandela to save time to spend with family or concentrate on work and more pressing matters that arise when moving.

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