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Here are some places on the way to Fort Clatsop and the Pacific Ocean that are still known by the names that Lewis and Clark gave them! When the expedition arrived, they desperately needed horses to carry their supplies across the mountains. The Shoshone spent summers there, and the expedition members hoped the Shoshones would make trades for horses.
It was also near this rock where Lewis and Clark began to see how the tides of the ocean, 150 miles away, affected the Columbia River.
Lewis and Clark stayed here from early December of 1805 through late March of 1806, to wait out the bad weather, organize their journals and specimens, and get ready for their journey back East. He had it built during the year before the trip began, as he was gathering supplies and studying the sciences he would need to fulfill his mission in the West.

This old, very large (more than 6 inches long) oban was made by a rich lord in 1592 of gold. The name of the mint and its director are written on it in India ink—a strong ink that doesn't wash off. Although the oban could be used to buy things, it was usually used as a gift to the royal family, other rich people, or samurai warriors.
The kind of American coin we usually give as a gift is the commemorative, a coin that shows a special person, place, or event worth remembering. This 2003 "First Flight" coin commemorates the Wright Brothers and their powered air flight at Kitty Hawk in 1903. For example, President Thomas Jefferson had explorers Lewis and Clark give Peace Medals as gifts to the Native American chiefs they met while exploring the Louisiana Territory.

By the time George Washington became the first president of the new United States of America, the giving of medals was an important part of peaceful relations between the Indian nations and the colonizing nations. On the front of Jefferson's medal, a side view of the president's head and shoulders is surrounded by his name, his title as President, and the year he became president. The Peace Medals series became the Presidential Medals series, and a medal is created for each president even today.

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