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Scenario: There has been a report of an active shooter at the car dealership across the street from a Coast Guard sector building. Minute 10 – OSC: “Deputy, the entire crew has been notified and 85 percent of the crew has responded to the alert and are safe.
Therefore, the question must be asked, does the Coast Guard not have an accredited and approved system to notify its people in a quick and efficient manner? In fiscal year 2014 the Coast Guard will deploy an enterprise-wide solution to provide Coast Guard units the means to send alerts and warnings to Coast Guard members – active duty, reserve and civilian - in a quick and efficient manner. What is the difference between the Alert Warning System and the Coast Guard Personnel Accountability and Assessment System? Due to its success, the Coast Guard also adopted AWS in 2012 as the alert notification engine integrated within the Coast Guard Personnel Accountability and Assessment System. The major difference between AWS-PP and AWS-E is who the recipients are of the alert notifications. Jeff Kellam, who works within the Coast Guard’s Incident Management and Cross Contingency directorate at Coast Guard Headquarters, shared a similar story.
AWS is a tool that will not only save Coast Guard members’ time but it will further enhance their safety and security. Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. A US Coast Guard vessel had a tense encounter with an Iranian fishing boat in the Gulf on Tuesday and fired a warning shot, the Pentagon said. The Coast Guard cutter Monomoy sent a small, inflatable boat to approach the Iranian dhow and when it got close, the Americans spotted two 50-calibre machine gun, with one of the guns aimed at them, US military officers said.
The Americans pulled back and fired one warning shot, he said, while the Iranian vessel headed off. The United States and Iran are arch-foes and American naval ships and Iranian vessels over the past decade have had occasional tense confrontations in the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf.
Washington accused Iran of sending speedboats in close to harass American naval ships in 2007 and 2008. Recently, the USCG issued a Marine Safety Alert warning operators to have policies in place on the use of cells phones and other devices that may distract crew members from performing their job functions to the best of their ability.
But while music is not directly addressed in the alert, it could technically be classified as a “distraction”.
Throughout the United States, and across all transportation modes, safety initiatives are being established to address issues related to Distracted Operations. With respect to vessel operations, the bridge team management approach to safe navigation is an essential element of risk management and safe vessel operations.
NTSB findings in investigations involving other transportation modes have found that the use of cellular telephones and other wireless devices can degrade performance, slow response times, and increase attention lapses of those in safety-sensitive positions.

The potential risk associated with improper use of cellular telephones and other devices in the marine environment while navigating or performing other vessel functions should be apparent to vessel owners and operators. Consequently, the Coast Guard strongly recommends vessel owners and operators to develop and implement effective operational policies outlining when the use of cellular telephones and other devices is appropriate or prohibited.
This advisory is for informational purposes only and does not relieve any domestic or international safety, operational or material requirement. The use of the Internet or this form for communication with the firm or any individual member of the firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship.
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders go head-to-head Sunday in a CNN Democratic debate certain to focus on racial barriers and economic fairness but that will above all be defined by the toxic water crisis afflicting its host city, Flint, Michigan.
Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. Coast Guard Training Center Cape May fire department respond during a mass casualty exercise . Have the command center send out the active shooter alert to all devices  – work phone, cell phone, work email, personal email. Coast Guard units continue to encounter situations where mass notification of the crew is necessary.
The tool, already used by the Coast Guard in a limited capacity, is referred to as the Alert Warning System.
It is an approved and accredited system which allows Coast Guard members to receive alerts via multiple devices which include email, text messaging, phone, pager and fax. As mentioned above, AWS-PP is used to notify persons external to the Coast Guard whereas AWS-E is used exclusively to alert Coast Guard members. Phil Boruszewski, a port security specialist at the sector writes, “When SLMR first started using AWS-PP, the goal was to achieve a response rate of 60 perecent in one hour of a mass notification of 600 port partners. He began using AWS in January 2013 to alert key personnel of changes in the continuity of government conditions.
Training on the system will be done in a phased approach which will include both on-site and virtual training. The Coast Guard recognizes the importance of this issue, understands the potential consequences caused by increased operational risk in marine operations, and is supportive of the goals and objectives of the U.S. The team approach to safe navigation requires the clear, frequent and accurate exchange of information between all crewmembers relative to the safe operation of the vessel. A recent executive order signed by President Obama prohibits text messaging by federal employees, including contractors, when driving government vehicles or their privately owned vehicles on government business. Coast Guard is warning fishermen in the Northeast of life-threatening temperatures and wind chills forecast this weekend.
Examples include unit closings due to weather, changes in force protection posture and bomb threats.

However, in terms of how the system operates with regards to sending alerts and receiving alerts, there is no difference between the two. In fact, it was used for the 57th Presidential Inauguration and the 2013 State of the Union Address. The training will not target all Coast Guard members, rather those assigned to create, publish and manage alerts. Coast Guard Operation Systems Program Office, whose identity has been withheld on official request.
In other evolutions, such as discharging cargo, loading fuels, etc., full attention is required by all involved in order to prevent casualties or pollution incidents. Most states and the District of Columbia (DOC) have recognized the risk and banned texting while driving.
Sadly, Coast Guard members who carry out such notifications are accustomed to using laborious excel spreadsheets or the Emergency Notification System, an unsupported, non-accredited notification system set to be disposed of later this year. It is the Coast Guard’s approved system for this use and therefore is used during significant events including natural disasters and terrorist incidents. On average the response rate of targeted members has been 77 percent within a four-hour period. Information on the deployment of AWS-E will be communicated through official Coast Guard channels.
Additionally, when mariners are navigating or working alone, the use of cellular or other devices unrelated to the operation at hand could impede the exchange of vital operational information, delay reaction time, or cause attention lapses of those involved which could result in unwanted circumstances having very serious consequences causing injuries and fatalities, material damage, and environmental impact. Air Force, Department of Veteran Affairs, Customs and Border Protection and the Transportation Security Administration to name a few. The use of AWS for this, and when independently deployed to the field for internal mass notification purposes, will be referred to as AWS-Enterprise.
Lastly, the United States Department of Transportation has established a national initiative focusing on Driving Distracted. As already pointed out, the Coast Guard has been using it in a limited capacity since 2009 as means to transmit maritime security notifications and receive confirmations from maritime security port partners and other stakeholders as required by the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002. It is also authorized for dissemination of Marine Transportation System recovery information, small vessel security awareness and outreach and industry notification and outreach. Examples of this include the Area Maritime Security Committees and the National Maritime Security Advisory Committee. AWS 2.0 will use email, landline, wireless, satellite, fax and text messaging to transmit alerts and messages to Coast Guard personnel, port officials and thousands of civilian vessel operators on natural disasters, hurricane preparedness, search and rescue operations, and waterway closures, said the Coast Guard official.

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