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Under the USA Freedom Act, the NSA would be prohibited from collecting telephone metadata under the Patriot Act.
The bill would also reform the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA Court) by setting up a five-person panel that would offer advise when intelligence agencies are seeking new interpretations of existing law. A recent ruling by a federal appeals court also found that the NSA is not authorized to collect telephone data under the Patriot Act, bolstering lawmakers and organizations who want to see stricter limits placed on the agency. What nobody understands is that the NSA has put billions of dollars of infrastructure in place to enable this collection. Beware the Wendigo: Terrifying beast of Native American lore with insatiable hunger to devour mankind!
SOTT Focus: Video rant with Relic: US presidential elections - coming soon to a circus near you! Anti-Russia sentiment in Poland was, is and alas still will be unless Russia helps to change it (vide for instance Smolensk crash).
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President Obama has always supported the bill and is especially eager to sign it because crucial portions of the Patriot Act expired Sunday night. American Civil Liberties Union deputy legal director Jameel Jaffer told NPR, "This is the most important surveillance reform bill since 1978," when the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was passed.
Critics of the bill either feel that it does not do enough to curtail surveillance or that it does too much.
Over the weekend after nearly a decade and a half of rancor, America's infamous carte blanche surveillance bill expired.
While there's virtually no hard evidence that the PATRIOT Act blocked terrorism, its proponents have been vocal in noisily suggesting otherwise. The key question was whether the PATRIOT Act could truly be reworked in such a way that it no longer encourages mass warrants and sweeping searches of millions of Americans' digital records, searches which federal courts have deemed unconstitutional on numerous occasions. Americans have expressed growing outrage at Orwellian programs of sweeping federal surveillance. The passage is sure to provoke lively controversy about how the bill measures up to the PATRIOT Act and what it will mean for the civil rights of Americans. Critics and proponents alike agree that on paper the USA FREEDOM Act does substantially recraft Section 215. To limit its damage to due process the bill explicitly constrains the scope of federal agents' call metadata searches such that they target only specific individuals or small groups of individuals interacting with a specific suspect. However, while it limits the scope of data inspection, it effectively only modifies the premise of ubiquitous collection. Under the plan data collection will be shifted to and distributed amongst multiple telecoms. Some have argued that keeping the data in the hands of the companies that manage it in the first place will curb abuse versus allowing the government to amass the data in a central site. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
However, the bench warrants used under Section 215 only require reasonable suspicion that a targeted user interacted with a suspected terrorist. Further, the orders are approved by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) and are generally sealed so the public has no access to them, and businesses are not allowed to talk about them should they get one. The cloture vote was proceeded by a vote on whether to reconsider (revote on) cloture, which passed 77-17. Other proposed amendments by Senators McConnell (visible in the links above) were declined to be taken to vote on the Senate floor.

If McConnell wanted to discuss riot police, nuclear proliferation, and other topics, perhaps he should try to get bills explicitly on those topics passed, not try to sneak in pages upon pages of these mandates into mostly unrelated legislation. When it came to cloture those who supported bringing the bill to a forced vote (and ending Sen. Senator Rubio stated in a press release that he felt the best course would have been full renewal of the PATRIOT Act program of ubiquitous surveillance. Before scrapping an effective system that has helped protect us from attack in favor of an untried one, we should at least work toward securing some modest degree of assurance that the new system can, in fact, actually work. And these are the provider’s records, which is not what the Fourth Amendment speaks to.
Is it just me or is that seemingly implying that the President and whistleblower Edward Snowden are in cohoots? Moving on from that purely insane take, we see others like Senate Minority Leader Leahy and Sen. We must keep our country safe and protect ourselves from terrorists, but we can do that without undermining the constitutional and privacy rights which make us a free nation.
Lyrics such as “We’ll put a boot in your ass, It’s the American way”, is one of the specific lines out of the song that has seen criticism for Toby Keith.
It’s true that ten years ago country music seemed to be torn up into factions over the Toby Keith-Natalie Maines controversy. The Country Music Project is authored by the students enrolled in the "Rhetoric of Country Music" course at the University of Texas at Austin. Despite criticism that the legislation falls short of protecting Americans' rights, the bill was approved without any amendments. Instead, the agency would have to acquire a warrant every time it wanted to access phone records, which would be held by telephone companies.
Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), the original author of the Patriot Act, had previously called the Freedom Act an improvement on current law, particularly since he never intended for the NSA to use the Patriot Act to conduct mass surveillance. The Freedom Act ends the NSA's bulk collection of telephone metadata, but it does not address the agency's online surveillance or other controversial programs. In fact, the digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation rescinded its support for the Freedom Act this week as a result of the ruling, arguing that more needs to be done. There is literally no way that they are going to actually disconnect it, regardless of whatever laws Congress proposes. The bill lays out new parameters for how government agencies will be able to collect data on citizens and generally conduct surveillance.
The National Security Agency, which halted much of its broad phone surveillance on Sunday night as portions of the Patriot Act expired, will resume and taper off the process over six months, because the bill includes a transition period. Microsoft executive vice president and general counsel Brad Smith said in an email statement, “We commend Congress for taking action to reform government surveillance practices.
Senate wrote the next chapter in what is to follow, passing the so-called USA FREEDOM Act (H.R. Rand Paul and Marco Rubio voted against the bill, as did Independent Democratic Presidential hopeful Sen.
Cruz was effusive about the bill, saying he was happy to work with the President on something they both agreed on.
Rubio, and Senator McCain were among the Republican minority who opposed the bill, but they opposed to do so in the sense that it was stricter than the PATRIOT Act. And it surely undermines American security by taking one more tool form our warfighters at exactly the wrong time. And between those two bookends, much has occurred that has undermined our national security. And today the Senate will vote on whether or not we should take one more tool away from those who defend this country every day: the ability of a trained analyst, under exceedingly close supervision, and only with the approval of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, to query a database of call data records based on a reasonable articulable suspicion.

Wyden praising the end result as a bill that will truly end mass surveillance by installing a more confined replacement.
Wyden's case he may truly be meaning his vote to be one of pragmatism, committed to with noble intentions. Sanders support was unexpected by some, as he had appeared uncertain in his press statements over the weekend on whether he could support the bill. Ron Wyden -- a longtime opponent of the PATRIOT Act -- who nonetheless supported the so-called USA FREEDOM Act after being satisfied that the specificity of its language would prevent mass surveillance on the scale seen under the original PATRIOT Act. This bill is an improvement over the USA Patriot Act but there are still too many opportunities for the government to collect information on innocent people.
Artists such as The Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines have been known to speak out against Keith and his personal opinions. In the first verse he explains how his father served in the army and how his nation is now under attack. He went on to create an album titled Shock ‘N’ Y’all, which contains a collection of songs that some humanistic people might see as controversial. Officials would need to submit data requests via keywords in order to collect relevant data from companies. The act has been in development since 2013, and in November it failed to pass the Senate after a Republican filibuster. Senate, the bill now goes to the desk of President Barack Hussein Obama II (D) who vowed to promptly sign it. It ends the federal government's bulk collection of personal data from law-abiding citizens. When listening to this song we realize Keith is fully supportive of the war for various reasons.
I was only in first grade when the twin towers went down, but I can assure you that if I were in high school when it happened and had heard this song, I would be so ecstatic to put a boot in the Taliban’s ass. One specific song is titled “The Taliban Song.” Keith says, “Now, The Taliban song is a funny song. And at the same time it ensures that we maintain the tools that are needed to target violent terrorists and prevent acts of terror. Keith has built his credentials for being a true American and has a great way of expressing it through his music. It’s about a peace-loving Afghanistan man who’s trying to get out of Afghanistan while the Taliban evening news report is telling everybody to remain calm.” Keith is representing the patriotic American that’s in most of us and by listening to his music we can relate. That's why the House passed it overwhelmingly, and today the Senate passed it with a two-thirds majority. According to the CBS News review of the song, Natalie Maines stated that “she was embarrassed George Bush was from Texas” and that the song “made country music seem ignorant” (Leung). In fact, after releasing this song, CBS News stated that Keith has never been more famous or wealthy. So yes, Natalie Maines and friends, justice has been served and the battle has raged, and I hope you’re sorry you messed with Toby Keith because he speaks the truth for the U.S.
Now that he’s reached middle age, it will be interesting to see whether he has a comeback and how younger artists will create his legacy. The USA FREEDOM Act strikes the right balance between protecting our privacy rights and our national security interests, and I am pleased that today Congress has passed this bill and is sending it to the President's desk.

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