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USA River Map Mapsofworld provides you a USA river map that gives a clear idea about the source and course of all the US rivers. Minar also cautions that there is some missing data as well as some nuances of the data and software that causes some blue rectangles and variable density, particularly north of Texas and west of the Mississippi.
Hot Deals National Map of the Territory of the United States from theDescription : National Map of the Territory of the United States from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean Overview. One of us [Gleick] grew up along the Hudson River on the East Coast, and encountered rivers that seemed to be about the same size: the Susquehanna, the Delaware, the Potomac. The data for this map come from the National Hydrography Dataset (NHDPlus v2) developed and managed by the US EPA and US Geological Survey, made available to the public and water resources community.
Another extraordinary map created using the same dataset was recently published by Nelson Minar, a Google software engineer.

Now if only you could see the Amazon, whose flow is more than ten times greater than the Mississippi.
I live in MI, where we often note that Canada seems to have no weather according to some sources. Blog round-up: Bloggers on Delta Plan lawsuits, the BDCP, and regional issues, plus data visualizations, Aquapedia, a super cool party trick, and more!
Using USGS data, Nelson Minar has created a vector tile map of all the water flowlines in the 48 contiguous states. Six maps of United States river systems?London Underground style?by Daniel Huffman *buchino. Perhaps unsurprisingly, people have little sense of how their local water resources compare in size to other water resources. Anyone living in the West working on water issues becomes more familiar with the Colorado, the Sacramento, the San Joaquin, and the Rio Grande rivers, but still may have little sense of how much water flows through these different river systems on any given year. At the Pacific Institute we have used a new dataset to create a scaled map of the major rivers of the contiguous 48 United States.

And while we share many rivers with our neighbors, this dataset, unfortunately, stops abruptly at the Canadian and Mexican borders.
His maps show every river and stream channel identified by the National Hydrography Dataset project, including intermittent and ephemeral rivers that run dry for part or most of the year. The symbols drawn here have widths proportional to the square root of the rivers’ estimated average annual discharge. If and when we get the data for Mexico and Canada, we can redo North America properly and show the great rivers of Canada and the proper flows of the rivers we share!
We’re accustomed to seeing maps with what cartographers call proportional symbols: big cites get bigger dots than small ones, and interstate highways have a heavier line than county roads.

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