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Featured Stories News Share on Facebook34k Tweet Email PrintFBI Warns Something Big About ISIS That Has U.S. Though the threats are not being labeled "credible" at this time, experts say such a distinction is largely irrelevant given ISIS' method of operation.B. The interconnectivity inherent within the social media sphere, officials explained, has made recruiting terrorists a much easier task for ISIS. Though the warning acknowledged that there is no “credible” threat of such an attack, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson stated earlier this year that identifying threats as such has become increasingly irrelevant given the uncertainty with which ISIS operates. In preparing for the possibility of a domestic attack, the intelligence community is urging law enforcement, governmental and military personnel to remain on high alert to identify any potential threats. Security is the main concern among organizers of all ceremonies remembering those who died and large crowds are expected as the country reflects on a decade of war abroad and fear of further attacks at home.
The State Department on September 2 issued a worldwide travel alert ahead of the 10th anniversary, calling on US citizens living and traveling abroad to remain vigilant. A former Saudi Arabia ambassador to the United States, however, said bin Laden’s death should have been used as an opportunity to pull American troops out of Afghanistan, where a Taliban insurgency continues to rage.
As school budgets continue to be decimated, it can be hard for some educators to turn down free STEM education.
The AEOP’s marquee program is eCybermission, a web-based STEM competition for students in grades 6 through 9. The Army STEM Experience, an 18-wheel traveling exhibit, uses video technology to thrust students into the year 2032, when they must use science to respond to a terrorist attack on a chemical plant.

Perhaps it all comes down to who is best qualified to be giving lessons about science and math, and supporting students in thinking critically about the political and social implications of scientific theories and discoveries—trained teachers? Seth Kershner is a freelance writer and researcher whose work has appeared in Sojourners, Bitch, and Fellowship, among other publications. The FBI estimates the number of Americans in communication with ISIS regarding terror attacks against the U.S.
National and city leaders will commemorate on Sunday the ten-year anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001 with a ceremony unveiling a memorial and museum.
The vast majority of those killed, 2,753, were in New York, while 184 people died at the Pentagon and another 40 on Flight 93, which crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. But, according to those who make a living tracking students’ feelings about the military, it would be pure folly not to start before then. I soon discovered that early in 2013 the Army STEM Experience visited an elementary school in Kentucky.
In places like Portland, Oregon, where activists have forced the school district to restrict the access of military recruiters to students, offering free STEM programming allows the military to circumvent local policies.
Teachers, often adept at sniffing out corporate-sponsored content, need to apply an equally critical lens to STEM programs by asking: Who is the sponsor? O'Connor, 401st Army Field Support Brigade commander, speaks to maintenance employees and members of the 3rd Battalion of the 401st at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. They then work with adult advisors, usually teachers, to develop a workable solution based on science or engineering principles.

If they get stuck on a problem they can always call up a cyberguide at Mission Control, in which case they have a 50 percent chance of communicating with a soldier.
Some of the soldiers staffing the exhibit then visited the same children on another occasion to participate in a school event, Pajama Day. Fox News reported on the written warning, indicating the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security and the National Counterterrorism Center identified an increased level of threat by following social media chatter prior to Memorial Day. O'Connor focused on the importance of alert procedures in case of emergency, mass casualty or attack. In 2010, the most recent year for which data are available, the Department of Defense (DoD) was administering more than a dozen different programs and spending close to $50 million on K–12 outreach targeting the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.
Partly because it costs nothing for schools to participate, and perhaps because winning contestants receive hundreds of dollars in U.S. The workers are part of the Field Installation Readiness Support Team (FIRST) employed by Architecture Engineering Consulting Operations Maintenance-Consolidated Analysis Center Inc.

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