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The department now leads the effort to prevent and disrupt terror attacks, screen airline passengers and cargo across the country, combat the sex trafficking of children, and patrol the borders and cyberspace, among many other duties.
Officials say despite the broad range of responsibilities and steep start up costs, the agency''s work is paying off and getting more efficient every day. Napolitano has heralded recent improvements in administrative efficiency, saving taxpayers close to a billion dollars, and reduced reliance on outside contractors by 11 percent, or 420 million dollars. But some Republicans say the Department of Homeland Security has not done enough to reign in costs and curb its incremental growth.

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul wants to cut the DHS budget by 43 percent, transferring the Coast Guard to the Department of Defense, privatizing more of the work currently done by TSA, and trimming remaining spending to 2008 levels. The House GOP budget approved last month would slash an estimated 600 million dollars for border security and immigration enforcement from the DHS budget for the remainder of this fiscal year.
Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said that the DHS has largely proven it is not inclined towards pet projects and abuses of discretionary funds that have characterized military spending.
Description: A new US department of Homeland security lapel pin with no signature on the back the lapel pin it comes in a presidential box.

2 : A recent Gallup poll has found 56 percent of Americans opposing cuts to spending on homeland security programs with 42 percent in favor. Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site.

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