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According to Oxford dictionaries, to recycle means to convert waste into reusable material. About Easy Ways to Go GreenEasy Ways to Go Green is a green blog dedicated to providing you with practical, helpful information on living a greener life. Plastic is everywhere:  In our homes, in our schools, in our kids’ toys, even in the pens we inadvertently chew on. Plastic can become a health issue because some types may leach toxins into the food we then consume, for example BPA (Bisphenol A) which we have written about extensively. You can rid your body of BPA and other toxins by eating fresh foods that are not canned or packaged in plastic containers. Plastic waste is increasing, recycling rates are down, and we’re only using 25% of our nations recycling capacity. Here’s some quick and easy advice to help you understand and participate in plastic recycling.
Since the 1980’s most plastic products have been labeled with one of seven codes indicating the type of material they are made from. Uses: water bottles, bleach bottles, milk bottles, crates, chemical bottles, shopping bags. Uses: margarine tubs, straws, screw on lids, microwaveable meal trays, filaments for carpets, wall coverings and vehicle upholstery.
Description: Often brittle, glossy, may be clear, lightweight, energy absorbing, thermal insulation.
Uses: plastic cutlery, foam (hot) drink cups, takeaway food containers, meat trays, packaging chips, electrical and white goods protective packaging.

Here at Plastiki HQ we’ve got a whole wealth of Plastic Facts, so many in fact that one might say we are Plastic Fact-astic! Don’t forget to comment and tell us some of your Plastic Facts, or tips to help beat waste and cut out dumb single-use plastics. IF THIS HAS GOT YOU INSPIRED TO MAKE A CHANGE TO YOUR HABITS THEN WHY NOT TAKE THE PLASTIKI PLEDGE AND MAKE A STAND AGAINST SINGLE-USE PLASTICS.
Recycled PET is also used to produce carpets and clothing (polyester). From recycling tips to organic eating to raising your level of environmental consciousness, we do the research and fill you in on the information we find.
Rudel RA, Gray JM, Engel CL, Rawsthorne TW, Dodson RE, Ackerman JM, Rizzo J, Nudelman JL, Brody JG (2011). Any information on the safety of the replacement chemicals in all the “BPA Free” plastics? Give preference to products made from recycled content and try to choose plastics that can be recycled in your community. The codes are agreed internationally in order to provide clarity on the chemical makeup of each plastic substrate and determines the grading for recycling of these substrates.
We thought we’d share some of them, as well some of our Plastic Issue images, more of which can seen here. We’ve put together the chart below to help try and break down the different types and when they are used (not all types are commonly recycled, so remember to check what types your local councils will accept).
This number tells you the exact type of material, and how you should go about recycling that container.

Get a complete online yoga lesson with our own Yoga instructor, shop with us at local southern California farmers markets, and share with us your own experience of going green in your daily life. All marks, brands and names belong to the respective companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify the companies and products. Not everyone know which one is which, that’s why you should watch your products for signs. Just because there is an example product listed below next to a specific number, it should be known that each of these products may be contained or packaged within other types of plastic. It is considered to be a environmentally friendly method, that will save nature, that will save energy, reduce pollution and it can save money. Well, for starters, not every city and not every part of each country has the ability to efficiently recycle all materials. Water bottles, milk bottles, soda and detergent bottles, are made from these types of plastic. There are machines who can do the job, but with so many types of plastic, it’s not very efficient.
So again, it takes more tame, it consumes more energy and more human power to recycle a ton of materials than filling it to a landfill. And those mixture are not always decomposable or reusable, which means even if you throw it in the right waste bin, they won’t be recycled.

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