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The Path to Zero: Dialogues on Nuclear Dangers is an important new book by two long-time leaders of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Richard Falk (Senior Vice President) and David Krieger (President). Commenting on the book, Archbishop Desmond Tutu said, “We are greatly privileged, like flies on the wall, to join this conversation between two remarkable stalwarts, Richard Falk and David Krieger, in the campaign for a nuclear-free world. Daniel Ellsberg, who famously released the Pentagon Papers in 1971, said, “In The Path to Zero, Falk and Krieger engage in a stunningly eloquent dialogue on a range of nuclear dangers and our common responsibility to put an end to them.
Arnie Gundersen, a 40-year nuclear engineer, now of a€?Fairewinds Energy Educationa€™, has just fielded highly concerning questions and allegations regarding the removal of the fuel rods from the spent fuel pool in Unit 4 at Fukushima Daiichi, Japana€¦ a dangerous process (for Japan and the world) that is now beginning to unfold. The following video shows Arnie debunking TEPCOa€™s (Tokyo Electric Power Company) animated film (of the removal process) point by point, and highlights the very dangerous issues TEPCO will have removing the fuel rods. At the request of Congress, a committee of experts was convened by the National Academies to examine the safety and security of spent nuclear fuel stored at commercial nuclear power plants. The committee found that cooling pools at some plants are potentially at risk from a terrorist attack, but given existing plant security measures, the likelihood that terrorists could steal enough spent fuel to use in a nuclear dispersal device is small.
The most significant threat from a terrorist attack is the potential for breaching the cooling pools themselves. The report also recommends that the USNRC improve the sharing of pertinent information from its analyses with nuclear power plant operators and commercial vendors. The public version of the National Academies' report was prepared with the cooperation of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. That kingdom, they are confident, will be a Jewish Utopia overseen by a Jewish Messiah, a divine new King of Israel. In a new audiotape expose, Pyramid Mysteries of the Atomic Bomb (available in Audiotape or CD), I reveal astonishing, newly gathered information linking the Egyptian devil god, Set, lord of the underworld, with the plot by high-ranking Illuminati Jews to invent, manufacture, and employ nuclear weapons against the masses of people of this planet. This pyramid monument was built at Trinity Site, in New Mexico, where the world's first nuclear explosion took place July 16, 1945. Later, it came out that Oppenheimer had all along been a Communist spy who funneled nuclear bomb plans to Stalin in the Soviet Union. Today, because of this betrayal by America's Jews, Zionist Israel has a nuclear arsenal of over 400 bombs. As Michael Collins Piper, in his outstanding book, The Golem, and Michael Hoffman, in his Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, explain, the Jews have developed an insanely psychotic but passionate attachment—a bizarre religious affection—for nuclear power.

The Zionist Bomb—Israel and the Jews Possess Over 400 Nuclear Bombs, and They Are Planning to Use Them! What Did Jesus Do For You?"What Did Jesus Do for You to Prosper" Adult Size Rubber Bracelets.In stock - red, blue, black and white.
The committee's consensus report was delivered in classified form in July of last year to Congress, the U.S.
The committee said an attack that partially or completely drains a cooling pool could have severe consequences, including the initiation of a high-temperature fire in the fuel's zirconium cladding, which could result in the release of large quantities of radioactive material. Some cooling pools, for example, are located below ground level or are otherwise protected from external line-of-sight attacks. During its work, the committee observed that current classification and security practices have impeded the sharing of valuable information that could improve plant security, with a negative effect on feedback, cooperation, and overall confidence in the agency. It contains all of the findings and recommendations of the original classified study, although classified security and safeguards information has been removed. Committee on Safety and Security of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage, Board on Radioactive Waste Management, Division on Earth and Life Studies (2005, approx. The Satanists who form the inner circle of Illuminism literally worship and revere the atomic bomb and nuclear power. In such a Kingdom—a Big Brother police state and New World Order—Gentiles everywhere will serve their masters, Talmudic Jews. Subsequently, other Jewish scientists working under American sponsorship compounded the treachery by filching nuclear secrets and clandestinely turning them over to the fledgling theocratic nation of Israel. Robert Oppenheimer, physicist scientist who headed the Manhattan Project in New Mexico which developed the first atom nuclear bombs. 666) and American rocket scientist Jack Parsons, in conducting black magic rituals connected to the Manhattan Project's work on the nuclear bomb. The report recommends that two immediate steps be taken to reduce the chances and consequences of such fires: repositioning fuel rods in the pools to more evenly distribute heat loads from radioactive decay and installing water-spray systems to cool the fuel in the event of a coolant loss. For this reason, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission should promptly undertake plant-by-plant vulnerability analyses to determine which plants are at highest risk. Roosevelt to approve the Manhattan Project, the scientific effort to invent the atomic bomb.

Oppenheimer, an occult adept, was a covert Communist agent whose security clearance was eventually stripped after allegations surfaced of his criminal spying activities. The illuminist creators of the bomb conceived of the carnage as a Satanic ritual of human sacrifice, and believed that the nuclear explosion and fission process would create a supernatural entity, a homonunclus, a type of Golem. And I unearth shocking new material which explains Israel's manic behavior regarding nuclear science. 11, 2001, some independent analysts have worried that these fuel rods could be stolen by terrorists to make "dirty bombs" or that cooling pools at the plants could become new targets for terrorist attacks. The committee also found that dry cask storage, which is used to store fuel older than about five years, has security advantages over storage in cooling pools; for example, it divides the inventory of spent fuel among a number of individual containers. That structure, the pyramid, as I demonstrate in my book, Mysterious Monuments, continues to this day to be the chief ensign symbolizing the Illuminati's goal of a New World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum).
With it, they shall destroy their wicked enemies—especially Moslem usurpers and Christian blasphemers—and install their Jewish King to his rightful throne on planet earth.
By using this supernatural energy current, the Masonic potentates of the Jewish-led Illuminati believe they will destroy their enemies and establish the final kingdom on planet earth.
Robert Oppenheimer, the Jewish scientist who led the research team in New Mexico that successfully produced the first nuclear bombs. All hail the Golem—Devil King of the Jews, Destroyer of Gentile Worlds, Lord of the Pyramid. Once the recommended plant-by-plant vulnerability analyses are completed, the USNRC may conclude that earlier-than-planned movements of spent fuel from pools to dry casks would be prudent at some plants. Eye-opening, too, is that in Los Alamos, New Mexico, at Trinity Site, the exact location where the very first atom bomb ever invented was exploded in 1945, a pyramid stone memorial has been erected.

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