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Ein Tsunami besteht genauer gesagt aus mehreren Wellen, die in Intervallen nacheinander folgen und sich kreisförmig ausbreiten. Aber nicht bei jedem Seebeben kommt es zu einem schlagartigen Anheben oder Absenken des Meeresbodens.
Die lokal hohe Welle am Ort der Entstehung breitet sich kreisförmig aus und flacht sich ab. Japan, a world leader in earthquake engineering, has been paralyzed by a series of giant waves that followed one of the most violent earthquakes in a century. Residents of the port town of Kamaishi in Iwate prefecture watch in horror as the first huge tsunami waves sweep away cars and buildings.
The news recalls the estimated 250,000 people who perished, mainly on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, in the 2004 “Christmas tsunami” that followed a huge, offshore quake.
Shortly after Japan stopped shaking at 2:46 pm local time on Friday, March 11, we began hearing about troubles at a series of nuclear plants. With the first nuclear meltdowns since Chernobyl, in 1986, under way, global stock markets were crashing. A helicopter flies over the city of Sendai, as it delivers more than 1,500 pounds of food donated by citizens of Ebina City, Japan, to survivors of the earthquake and tsunami. Although landslides and volcanoes cause some tsunamis, probably 95 percent result from underwater earthquakes that contain a strong vertical motion. Like the Sunda trench near Sumatra, the subduction zone in the Japan trench is notorious for large earthquakes, says Timothy Masterlark, an associate professor of geological science at the University of Alabama.
Masterlark, who has studied the giant, 2004 earthquake and tsunami in Sumatra, says the magnitude 9.0 earthquake in Japan likely broke a fault stretching at a shallow angle from the sea floor roughly 150 kilometers beneath Japan, along a trench several hundred kilometers in length. We asked Masterlark how, if the slip was mainly horizontal, the rocks had enough vertical movement to cause a tsunami.
To imagine how vertical movement of the seafloor causes a tsunami, imagine making waves by throwing a stone in a pond. The tsunami is usually most intense close to the earthquake: as waves spread from the epicenter in a typical arc-shaped pattern, their energy also spreads out. One factor that distinguishes tsunamis from more familiar waves is their extreme wavelength.
In some earthquakes, the biggest killer is not the shaking, but the walls of water created by undersea earth movement. All that kinetic energy can hide in waves we can barely see because long-wavelength waves are extremely deep, and the massive amount of water moving beneath the surface contains enormous energy.
Like all waves, tsunamis slow when the lower part of the wave encounters the upward-sloping ocean floor. In 1998, Harry Yeh, a civil engineering professor now at the University of Oregon, told us that tsunamis can have decidedly unconventional behavior. A series of massive earthquakes levels Lisbon during the celebration of All Saints’ Day.
Krakatau, a volcano in the Sunda Straits, explodes with a gigantic roar audible 3,000 miles away. The Sanriku tsunami starts, as many do, when the sea withdraws with a great sucking and hissing sound.
A large earthquake on Unimak, an island in the Aleutian chain, shakes the remote, steel-reinforced concrete Scotch Cap lighthouse, which stands about 100 feet above the North Pacific.
Following a 9.0 quake off the west coast of Northern Sumatra, over 230,000 people perished in the Indian Ocean tsunami, which struck 15 countries.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, established in Hawaii in the wake of the deadly 1946 tsunami, is a nexus in the global warning network. Tsunami warnings are now triggered automatically, says Masterlark, based on measurements of earth movement. Further confirmation of the size of the wave may come from special purpose ocean buoys, if they are in the right place, Masterlark says. In terms of generating tsunamis, not all underwater earthquakes are created equal, says Andrew Newman, assistant professor of earth and atmospheric sciences at Georgia Tech.
These large tsunamis come from a smaller break in the ocean floor, and so contain relatively little energy and do not travel well across the ocean, Newman says.

Newman and colleagues have developed software to detect the peculiar signature of the tsunami earthquake, and are now running it on a research basis.
Although the Japanese had little time between the earthquake and the tsunami, Newman says the national warning system did work. But the rising casualty counts highlights the deadly role of proximity to the quake, says Masterlark. Seismologists are loathe to predict earthquakes, but in the past decade or two, they have recognized that earthquakes occur in series along major faults in Turkey and Sumatra, as big quakes place extra stress on the adjacent fault. The large quake in 2005 did not cause a major tsunami, but its timing, just three months after the Dec. Predecir los tsunamis es un imposible, aunque existen observatorios marinos que trabajan para poder advertir sobre su aparicion unos instantes antes de que ocurran. Las areas que suelen tener mayor probabilidad de padecer un tsunami son el Oceano Pacifico y Japon, fundamentalmente, y los sismos ocurridos recientemente son un claro recordatorio sobre el riesgo que sufre tal o cual zona. No en vano, el Oceano Pacifico y sus mares cercanos se consideran las regiones mas proclives a los tsunamis de todos los oceanos del planeta y, por lo tanto, ello afectaria a los paises cuyas costas banan sus aguas.
En concreto, tras el terremoto de 8 grados ocurrido a principios de febrero en el sureste de las Islas Salomon y su posterior tsunami, se esta bajo aviso por lo que pudiera ocurrir.
En Australia tambien se ha alertado de la amenaza de un tsunami cerca de la Gran Barrera de Coral, donde se ha encontrado que un Bloque Noggin, una losa gigante de cerca de un kilometro cubico, esta empezando a romper el borde del arrecife, pudiendo provocar un tsunami. Un terremoto podria provocar un desprendimiento que crearia unas olas de gran altura, con la fuerza de un tsunami. Otra prediccion con fecha indeterminada de un posible tsunami en las islas Hawaii esta relacionado con los cambios climaticos y se produce cada cien mil anos, senala la Union Geofisica Americana. Los tsunamis estan intimamente relacionados con los terremotos y aunque no todos provocan grandes olas, algunos si lo hacen. Si bien en los ultimos ocho anos se han producido los tsunamis mas grandes de los ultimos cincuenta anos, y que la ciencia asocia la liberacion de estres en las placas, no puede afirmarse que en el futuro vayan a seguir a un ritmo tan intenso.
Afortunadamente, los futuros sistemas de alerta en el Oceano Indico, Atlantico Noreste, Mediterraneo y Mar Caribe ya estan sentando sus bases para constituirse, siguiendo los pasos de los observatorios del Pacifico, la zona de mayor riesgo. Auf diese Art und Weise sind schon Fischkutter bis zu zwei Kilometer ins Landesinnere geschleudert worden. 11, 2011, apparently did not collapse high-rise buildings, the ensuing tsunamis flattened vast areas along the northeast coast.
After the reactors automatically shut down during the quake, emergency systems for removing heat still being generated in the reactors were routinely switched on. Such quakes often occur where one of Earth’s tectonic plates dives, or “subducts,” beneath another. Even though earthquakes disturb the bottom of the water, the analogy works: just as a larger stone, thrown faster, makes a larger wave, the size of the tsunami depends on extent and speed of the ocean-floor movement.
They can be spaced as much as one hour apart, so subsequent waves can kill those who return to help victims of earlier waves. Striking a totally unprepared town during a festival, the wave kills 27,000 and destroys more than 10,000 houses. Minutes later, a huge wave obliterates the lighthouse, leaving practically no trace of the five Coast Guardsmen inside. At the time, Indian Ocean nations lacked an ocean-wide warning system, causing the tragedy to strike without warning. Since almost all tsunamis originate in earthquakes, the warning centers rely on data from seismographs, many of them located on the unstable ring of fire. But they also offer less warning because local people do not feel the massive shaking associated with a major tsunami. However, the upper stories of tall, reinforced concrete hotels can provide refuge if you have no time to move inland or to higher ground. 26 monster, suggests a compelling reason to focus intensively on the earthquake zone in the Japan trench, says Masterlark. Tan solo seran unos segundos, tiempo suficiente para apagar plantas de gas, electricidad y asi evitar mayores danos.
En concreto, los sismos del 26 de agosto y del 5 de septiembre de 2012 en las costas de El Salvador y Costar Rica, respectivamente, advierten del riesgo de terremotos y tsunamis en la costa Pacifico de Centroamerica.

Las costas japonesas podrian padecer nuevos maremotos de intensidad similar o superior a la padecida hace por la costa nordeste del pais en el 2011, con olas de 14 metros que resultaron devastadoras. Los expertos advirtieron que en el mundo existen muchas mas areas submarinas a punto de quebrarse, por lo que suponen un riesgo real de tsunami, quizas inminente. En este caso, el aumento del nivel del mar cuando el clima es mas calido y humedo afecta a la estabilidad de las laderas destruyendo los volcanes y produciendo deslizamientos de tierra. En el Mediterraneo, el riesgo de tsunami de gran magnitud es minimo, aunque la peninsula iberica esta considerada como una zona de alto riesgo. Pero todavia hay mucho que avanzar, y no solo en la creacion de observatorios, sino en los mecanismos de prediccion. De todos modos, en estas cuestiones es importante estar al tanto de las noticias de ultima hora.
Am Gegenufer lief sie 524 Meter hoch und erodierte die bewaldeten Ufer bis auf den blanken Fels.
The death toll is swelling steadily as bodies wash in on the surf, and citizens and Japan’s Self Defense Forces scour a landscape turned upside down by inconceivably powerful waves.
As fires ignited by overturned candles ravage the city, residents seek relief from the heat near the waterfront.
Fishermen at sea don’t notice the deadly wave and return to an ocean strewn with the corpses of loved ones and the wreckage of their homes. Five hours later, the tsunami slams into Hilo, Hawaii, obliterating the waterfront and killing 159. Ignoring warnings, many residents stay in homes near the bay, increasing the death toll by 61. Even a warning system would have had limited utility to close-in coastal communities, given the jet-like speed of the waves. Sin embargo, no poco puede hacerse mas alla de esto e incluso resulta dificil identificarlos una vez formados, ya que pueden recorrer largas distancias en forma de pequenas olas sin ser distinguidos y los sistemas de alerta se activan una vez se ha producido un terremoto, aunque las zonas mas amenazadas si estan identificadas.
Fue el terremoto de mayor magnitud de la historia de Japon, que dejo mas de 15.000 muertos, sembro el caos y, segun calculos del gobierno japones, obliga a estar preparados para otro terremoto. La consecuencia seria un tsunami de 300 metros de altura en el Oceano Pacifico que acabaria con las islas por los deslizamientos de la tierra. Pero, en general, la probabilidad de que ocurra siempre es una incognita, tanto en este punto del globo como en cualquier otro.
Sollten Sie ein totes Link entdecken, schreiben Sie uns bitte eine Mail zusammen mit der Adresse der Seite. Terremotos, volcanes, meteoritos, derrumbes costeros o subterraneos e incluso explosiones de gran magnitud pueden generar un TSUNAMI. Antiguamente se les llamaba “marejadas”, “maremotos” u “ondas sismicas marinas”, pero estos terminos han ido quedando obsoletos, ya que no describen adecuadamente el fenomeno. When the water turns to steam, the explosion causes tsunamis that cause most of the 37,000 deaths on nearby Sumatra and Java. Lo unico que sabemos es que Hawaii ha registrado un total de 15 grandes deslizamientos en los ultimos 4 millones de anos, y el ultimo sucedio hace cien mil mil anos. Los dos primeros implican movimientos de marea, que es un fenomeno diferente y que tiene que ver con un desbalance oceanico provocado por la atraccion gravitacional ejercida por los planetas, el sol y especialmente la luna.
Y lo mismo ocurre en el lago Lenan en Suiza, expuesto a sufrir nuevos tsunamis devastadores, advierten los expertos. Las ondas sismicas, por otra parte, implican un terremoto y ya vimos que hay varias otras causas de un TSUNAMI. DEFINICION TERREMOTO Un terremoto es el movimiento brusco de la Tierra, causado por una liberacion de energia que se ha acumulado durante mucho tiempo. Much of the video you see is from helicopters, or people watching from two or three stories up in buildings. La corteza de la tierra esta conformada por una docena de placas de, aproximadamente, 70 km de grosor, cada una con diferentes caracteristicas fisicas y quimicas. Estas placas (tectonicas) se estan acomodando en un proceso que lleva millones de anos y han ido formando a la superficie de este planeta.
Tambien han originando los continentes y los relieves geograficos en un proceso que todavia no se ha completado. ESCALA DE RICHTER Existen varias escalas para medir la energia sismica liberada en cada terremoto.

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