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With floods and possible power cuts, health issues associated with food in the home become crucial.
Humans, as a species, have a remarkable facility for ignoring what’s precisely in front of their noses in order to fixate on something less immediately relevant. As some people will already know, Santa Barbara was hit with a series of tidal waves following a massive earthquake in 1812. Making it even cooler, the earthquake hit, as it happened, more or less in the only place where it could have caused such a disaster.
But the question on everyone’s minds really should be this: Are we likely to get so lucky again? If you live or work in the blue shaded area, however, the Fire Department has safety tips to offer.
Good advice indeed - though if you need it, you have bigger problems than just a giant wave. This is a great article and complements much of the work that I have been doing in this area.
K U A L A L U M P U R N E W S TSUNAMI SAFETY Written by Kamilia Broderick What is a tsunami? K U A L A L U M P U R N E W S After a tsunami, Looking for Signs & Emergency Kits Can animals sense earthquakes and tsunamis?
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. News, messages and shout-outs flooding the media and social networking sites seemed surreal as the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that triggered tsunami waves has been recorded as one of the strongest that struck Japan in its history.

I just have an unhealthy obsession with natural disasters - specifically tidal waves, or tsunamis, if one chooses the technical term.
An earthquake measuring 8.3 on the Richter scale struck on December 21, with an epicenter off the coast a little to the west of Santa Barbara. Five massive tsunamis, the last two topping out at 48-50 feet high, pummeled Santa Barbara and made it all the way to the Presidio. An earthquake centered on shore wouldn’t cause enough disruption in the ocean, and tidal waves from an earthquake farther out to sea would be buffered by the Channel Islands. Just prior to an earthquake or the beginning of a tsunami, people from different parts around the world have witnessed strange behavior of animals. Now a week after this devastating event, people are facing yet another threat in food safety.
The idea of Santa Barbara being obliterated by enormous, unstoppable walls of water is one which many of you don’t contemplate on a daily basis. Fleeing in terror, the inhabitants lucky enough to escape made it to the Mission, where they stood in the ruins and watched as their home was destroyed by gigantic and implacable tidal waves.
It was a scary moment for me and a lot of people died (non family) because they did not realize how dangerous and powerful the waves can be. In Thailand, elephants were seen running away from the coastline just prior to the December 26, 2004 tsunami. Thankfully, Weird Santa Barbara - and the Santa Barbara County Fire Department - are here to do it for you. To put this in perspective, the Granada Theater is about 96 feet high had it been there, the waves would have been half as tall.

Phuket would be the a prime example of why people should always be alert during a natural disaster since Phuket seems to be the safest place on the planet. Birds have stopped singing, cows have begun leaping and cats and dogs have sought refuge in the strangest of places.
So, we are in Santa Barbara where we know that these things can happen, we should be informed and prepared. Go to higher ground or inland immediately and warn everyone on the way byshouting clearly and loudly "Tsunami! What to do After Emergency Kit - Portable radio with spare - Mobile phone a Tsunami Occurs batteries - Strong boots or shoes - Torch with spare batteries - Medications - Help injured or trapped persons.
This region that rings • U.S • Mexicothe Paci?c Ocean basis has some • New Zealand • Japanof the most active plate • Malaysia • Russiaboundaries in the world. Go to higher ground, at least ten metres above sea level, or if possible move at least one kilometer away from all beaches and the waters edge of harbours. If a major • Philippines • Papa Newearthquake happens here is it will • Indonesia Guineade?nitely be strong enough tocause a destructive tsunami. If you did not manage to evacuate in time and yourself caught up in the tsunami for one reason or another, there a a few tips that you could try to survive: - Grab onto something that ?oats.
Do not - A copy of your emergency requirements for petsmove seriously injured persons unless they planare in immediate danger.

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