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A House: If the house has a basement or underground shelter, that is the safest place to go. An Apartment Building, Office Building, Store, or Other Large Building: If possible, go to the lowest floor of the building. Tornadoes come and go in a matter of minutes, so being familiar with tornado safety rules and being able to quickly follow them is crucial.  Review these tips with your friends and family to make sure you are prepared for the next storm. Today at SxSW in Austin a tornado ripped through downtown, demolished some hotels and left the city without power.
Experts from the United States Coast Guard (Semper Paratus) and the Air Force shared practical advice on how they handle communications via social channels during crisis. 2) We now live in an era of “permission-less information.” There are no gatekeepers and many organizations are using every channel possible to get out information.
In crisis communication, in the long run, you look good by being honest, not by trying to look good. Data and numbers are a huge issues (In San Francisco, thy once reported an oil spill was 150 gallons.
How good was this session?   I looked at social share of voice for this session and one on spreadable content – and #crisiscomm won hands down.
Creating And Sharing Value For All: Inclusive Growth And Business Citizenship At The Heart Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution. MSLGROUP North AmericaMSLGROUP North America is part of MSLGROUP, Publicis Groupe’s strategic communications and engagement group. In the spirit of kicking off peak tornado season (April, May, and June), below are my current top 10 from the group. What are your thoughts about the classic black-and-white photos of tornadoes from the late 1800s through the middle of the 1950s?
In the past it was often more a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for most people who were photographing it. In the United States, most tornadoes hit in the central part of the country, but can touch down anywhere.

A tornado is often a funnel clouda€”a rotating column of aira€” that stretches from a storm to the ground. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". A tornado is a vortex of extremely violent winds, beginning at the base of a thunderstorm cloud when the shear conditions are favorable winds in the lower atmosphere. This meteorological phenomenon has a destructive power greater than that of a tropical cyclone per square metre, but of limited duration and of limited scope: it concerns a corridor of a few hundred meters wide on a few kilometres long. Tornadoes, weak or strong, have special characteristics and are judged by their intensity, not by their size. If it does not, seek shelter in an interior room on the first floor, ideally one without windows such as a bathroom or closet.
Seek shelter in an interior room away from windows.  Do not use the elevators in case the power goes out.
If you cannot get to a shelter, park the car, keep your seat belt on, and put your head down below the windows.
That hypothetical scenario is how the “Disaster: The Future of Crisis Communications” session started at the conference. Although some of our colleagues did support National Grid manage communications around Hurricane Sandy recently, most of the daily issues we deal with as communications professionals, while significant, don’t encompass the devastation of an area.
A local blogger may be more important than a national reporter (it is in many cases for the Coast Guard).
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Photographing one in person is a tricky ordeal for many reasons, most importantly the question of safety.
Many of them were compiled into books such as Tornadoes of the United States by Snowden Flora or John Stanford’s history of tornadoes in Iowa.

Though scientists will never be able to stop a tornado, the more they know, the more they can keep people safe.
If there is a ditch where you can lie below the level of the car, leave the car and lie face down.
Always use the worst case scenario so folks don’t accuse you of fudging numbers and lose trust.
We're focused on delivering multichannel creative programs for some of the world's most exciting companies and brands, as well as to address critical business issues. Photography was not as accessible to the public back then as it is now, so it is interesting to compare those photos with the ones we have today (such as the ones posted above). I’ve been meaning to take a day trip to some of the archival museums in the area to see what there might be to find there too.
No matter what movies show, scientists have had little success measuring or getting equipment into tornadoes.
It is most often indeed a catch-all term that is used to describe any damage by wind and very localized, regardless of the causal mechanism. Make sure you have adapted to the 24 second news cycle and can monitor, engage, communicate the right information and quickly correct incorrect information.
Not only is it dangerous, a tornado demolishes everything in its path, including measuring equipment. It mixes phenomenas as diverse as gusting down in storms, high winds and low synoptic tornadoes.

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