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The city of Suffolk reported high water in the southern part of the city, in some places so high roads were impassable.
See why electricity can be dangerous and what can happen if contact with electricity is made. As an underground contractor, Tom Dickey knows all too well the dangers that can lie hidden beneath the ground. A tragic farm accident claimed Jim Flach's life when his crop sprayer touched an overhead electric line. Less than a week after a power line safety demonstration at their high school, the car Lee Whittaker, Ashley Taylor and two friends were in crashed into a utility pole. A community is coming together tonight to recognize more than two dozen volunteers, who loves helped save lives through organ donation. There is a PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) tornado watch in effect until 8pm for most of the Miami Valley.  The wording PDS means that it is likely that we may see large hail, several intense tornadoes and winds near 80 mph. The Dayton area is in a 30% probability of a tornado within a 25 mile radius of a given point.
There may be a few storms that pop ahead of the initial severe storm line between 2-5pm.  We are expecting this strong line of storms to approach the Miami Valley between 5-7pm.

Much like the events of May 19th and May 20th in mid May 2013, a potent set of ingredients came together during the afternoon hours of the May 31, 2013 for a major severe weather episode over central Oklahoma.
As the southernmost storms moved east into better moisture and instability, they rapidly became tornadic. The map below shows the outline of the El Reno tornado (white polygon with light shading), the path of the tornado center (thick pink line) and times the tornado center was along that line (black and white targets with white time labels).
With an elevated threat of severe weather a€” including an isolated tornado or two a€” forecasters are urging residents of south-central Kansas to review their tornado precautions at home and work.The National Weather Service has produced this graphic of safety tips. He survived contact with deadly voltage from underground electric lines and suffered life-changing burns and injuries. His widow Marilyn tells about the accident, and the couple's three sons, who are carrying on the livestock work, share their thoughts about their late father.
In order to comment here, you acknowledge you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service. A nearly stationary front was draped from southwest to northeast through central Oklahoma, with a dryline mixing eastward into portions of west central and southwest Oklahoma by mid afternoon.
All of them urge farmers and operators of large equipment to be more aware of the presence of electric lines and know what to do, should you be involved in a similar accident. Tragically, many drivers and passengers who survive a car accident are electrocuted when they attempt to leave the vehicle.

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During the heat of the day, extreme instability developed ahead of the dryline and south of the frontal boundary, placing Oklahoma city in a very volatile severe weather environment.
In the vast majority of cases, the safest action is to stay inside the vehicle until the electric utility de-energized the lines.
Please be respectful of the opinions of others and keep the conversation on topic and civil. This tornado traveled eastward toward Union City and El Reno, producing extensive crop and property damage along the way.
Helping drivers understand the right actions saves lives, as dramatically illustrated in this real-life video.
This storm would go on to produce several other tornadoes in the Oklahoma City metro area, and a line of training supercells produced heavy rainfall and runoff that in turn caused historic flash flooding.

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