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The death toll from the May 22, 2011 tornado in Joplin – now 122 — was the latest tragedy of a horrific year for tornadoes.
The Why Files asked Jonathan Martin, an expert on the large atmospheric disturbances that form tornadoes, some questions about tornado prediction. Such two-day forecast were available 10 years ago, but they did not garner much attention, because they were not that good. Once the predicted day arrives, the emphasis shifts to monitoring with satellites and radar.
For short-term predictions, we are trying to understand exactly how a severe thunderstorm produces tornadoes. This tornado season is by no means over, and we are already at about 1,200 tornadoes, twice the average for this date.
The question we are asked is whether an increase in tornado intensity can be attributed to global warming. Warm areas near the equator in the western Pacific energize the spring jet stream, which flows to the middle latitudes and influences severe spring weather in Tornado Alley.

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Caption: I knew something was forming after living in Tennessee for a while but at 1400 ft, what could form up here?
A very strong jet stream, which provides the necessary vertical wind shear — an increase of wind speed with height. The ability to predict the likelihood of tornadoes has improved, especially in the one-two day range.
We spent $4 billion networking the country with Doppler radar in the 1980s; this was a fantastic investment that has saved 10,000 lives, at a minimum.
I’d guess we are not running at twice the level of EF 5 [the most intense tornadoes], but we have had the great misfortune that several of the 5s have hit heavily populated areas like Tuscaloosa and Joplin. For the longest time, I said these are very small-scale disturbances, but I am beginning to think there is a link. In Tornado Alley, this air comes off the Mexican plateau and puts a lid on the warm, moist air building in the lower atmosphere.

Still, predicting a tornado at a specific location several hours in advance is not something we can do.
In the Southern plains, solar energy almost literally cooks the water vapor, but the cap prevents gradual release of this energy. We may never be able to do this, but it may not be necessary, given the other improvements in prediction and warning. This is getting us beyond the vague notion that warming must be increasing the number of storms, and allows us to hang our hat on a particular kind of interaction, and test to see if it’s accurate. We turned on the news and watched the tonado hit West Springfield on the Channel 22 new webcam.

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