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Does the game’s music and sound effects get you involved or do they make you resolve to always play with the volume down? This is action packed storm chasing with a twist: you get to shoot down and dispel the tornados.
The log that flies across as it is picked up by the twisters is very realistic since it is actually a 3d model flying across the screen. A strategy to get more tornados is to stay in the middle of the road E to W and then you get get higher points.
WSI licenses GestureTek technology to turn weather presentation systems into interactive virtual sets.
GestureTek and Hasbro's PLAYSKOOL division announce new gesture-recognition learning application.
Immersing the participants into a virtual world affords them the kind of full-impact experience that simply cannot be offered through any other medium.
This interactive exhibit allows groups of school children to have the chance to interact and learn about the importance of recycling, and how to go about separating different types of recyclable material. The game educates participants on 'recyclable materials' versus 'non-recyclable materials', then as the participant grows more confident they may choose a more difficult level, attempting to separate a greater variety of recyclable materials. Visitors to the National Museum of the Filipino People have the chance to visit various regions of the country and try out the traditional musical instruments of those areas. Patrons have an opportunity to experiment with virtual gongs, drums, and traditional string instruments while learning something about the regions where they originated. Notably, the real instruments are much too fragile to permit visitor handling, therefore the only way they can be heard and played again and again is through the use of our Mandala® GX interface.
In a nuclear reactor simulation, you are positioned at the bottom of the screen where you must use your body to ricochet a Neutron into the layers of Atoms at the top of the screen.

As the experience progresses and more power is released, the Neutron begins to ricochet more quickly, forcing you to move faster in order to harvest the energy.
Virtual Simulation lets users race through arteries and blood vessels, headed for the problem areas, travelling from area to area learning more and more about how our human body works and how to maintain good health. Inevitably they must cooperate with an army of other white blood cells in cleaning up and removing problem substances that are harming the body. In a Weather simulation, you are transported out into a rural setting, where they may choose between two storm types. Choose a Hurricane and winds begin to slowly build as the rain begins to increase in intensity. Choose a Tornado and see the storm forming in the distance and rapidly approaching , tearing up everything in its wake. Adding to the realism, participants are blown by large wind fans that are controlled in conjunction with the interactive computer visuals of the storm's effects.
Safe Shopping Guarantee: We guarantee that every transaction you make through WildTangent will be safe. An evil alien species have stolen many of Earth's cities and placed them on their own planet. Oddly enough, one of the 10 stages present in the game is Iraq, and even stranger is what they include in the stage - bombs, tanks and soldiers, delivering the sense of a war infested region in a lighthearted game. The active, engaging nature of the GestureXtreme System takes the participant beyond the touch-screen exhibit into the realm of absolute interactivity! The students must attempt to deposit the materials in their respective recycle bins, racing against the time clock to accumulate as many recycle points as possible. You ride the water particle into the clouds, where you attempt to combine with other water particles to form a water droplet big enough to fall from the sky.

Visitors learn about the various stages and states of water as it journeys through the environment. While watching yourself on the screen, you can interact with the environment and experience the physical dynamics of powerful Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Soon objects come flying into the scene and you are blown along past rattling stationary objects (flagpoles, trees, benches, etc.) that you can try to hold onto.
When the storm finally crosses your path, you are picked up and carried around, up and down inside the whirling funnel. Two to six individual participants interact to save Earth - and each other - from a Meteor Storm.
This means you pay nothing if unauthorized charges are made to your credit card as a result of shopping at WildTangent. The premise of the game is to generate whirling tornados by drawing circles on the DS's touch screen to reclaim what is rightfully yours, or rather your planets'. It's the players obligation to retrieve all of the cities by using a tornado to suck them in then bring them back to Earth. When you fall, you land on the ground, seeping into an underground stream and attempt to navigate your way through the stream past water taps, clogged sections, and other blockages.
In all there are 10 stages, nine of which take place in Earth cities that have been moved to the alien planet.

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