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Our hearts go out to the people of Moore, Oklahoma and the horrible tragedy they’re recovering from. Being aware is nothing if you don’t put some serious consideration into how to react to potential dangers.
For my family, I used Snagit to draw a simplified blueprint of our house and annotated it with simple notes to indicate proper procedures.
TechSmith's suite of screen recording and video editing tools lets you make great content and collaborate with anyone. It’s storm season here in middle-Tennessee, so we wanted to inform you of our official Tornado Emergency Plan in the event that ROOTS is under a tornado watch or warning.
If a tornado watch is issued an alert will be broadcasted over the NOAA public alert radio located in the ROOTS administrative office. If a tornado warning is issued within our immediate area, the NOAA public alert radio will alert us. ROOTS Academy offers private local lessons and online lessons for: piano, guitar, bass, drum, voice, violin, viola and cello. ROOTS Dance Academy offers ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and hip hop dance classes for toddlers to adults. It doesn’t take long, and it isn’t totally accurate architecturally, but it gets the point across!

Practicing your plan is the ultimate way to ensure that it’s been understood, and it also helps to make your family confident in their ability to get to a safe place.
We will actively standby on alert for any indications that a tornado is developing or that conditions are worsening.
We had a brush with tornadoes ourselves earlier this week, and, as crazy storms continue to rock the nation, we’ve taken it as a reminder to work on revising our own emergency plans here at TechSmith HQ. In the case of life-threatening weather, the possibility of miscommunication is an unimaginable risk. Because we have yet to develop the technologies necessary to prevent natural disasters, knowing what signs to look for is one of the best advantages that a person can have.
Whichever of the countless routes you take, be sure that whatever you do is clear and easily understood.
Creating a digital plan makes it easily reproducible, meaning you can print a copy for everyone and ensure that it will never get lost.
The simple act of practicing will help to foster calmness and clear minds in the event of an actual emergency.
According to their website, when the sirens are activated we should take cover immediately. We thought we might share some tips for family preparedness in the face of inclement weather in the hopes that it will inspire you to revise your own plans at home, or in the workplace.

Great care should be taken to ensure the safety of your loved ones, and because making an emergency plan doesn’t take a lot of effort, you’ve got no excuse for not having one, capiche?
Taking the time to research warning signs and preparation tips for everything from earthquakes to pandemics, and keeping yourself informed gives you a huge advantage. Ask your family for input, questions, and concerns to make the plan the best that it can be. Address all of these questions and more in your plan reviews, and see that everyone is accounted for. Locate emergency shelters in your area, and consider consulting with your neighbors to create a neighborhood plan. In the event of an emergency, it is very important to remember that communication is key to ensuring everyone’s safesty!

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