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The BMO Vancouver Marathon is an annual event that invites runners to undertake Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 8k Races. Here's something different: Circus West and the PNE proudly present a circus and theatrical hybrid of Lewis Caroll's classic, Alice in Wonderland. Coastal City Ballet is a local dance company that grooms young dancers and provides them with professional performance opportunities. The DOXA Documentary Film Fest is tackling the concept of virtual reality at this year's 2013 festival. Here's something new to East Van this May: Off The Eaten Track, the popular culinary walking tour company is launching a cool new package for $65 that samples the best of Main's hottest restaurants and boutiques.
Vancouver Bike to Work Week is brought to you by HUB, a charitable organization geared at encouraging people to use their bicycles as primary transit. SubscribeStay informed about everything you don't want to miss - personalize your subscription now! When the month of December swings round film critics across the globe practice the same ritual, to determine the greatest films of the past year. The film festival circuit expands in size each year, spreading its reach across the globe in an attempt to nurture and showcase international films that may have otherwise been lost in the flood of the Hollywood mainstream market. Summary: Astronaut Medical engineer Dr Ryan Stone and team commander Lieutenant Matt Kowalski , must work together to survive after an accident leaves them alone and adrift in space. Verdict: Gravity is an awe-inspiring, wonderfully immersive and truly captivating cinematic achievement.
Summary: Ellis and Neckbone, two teenage boys living on the Arkansas River stumble upon a fugitive by the name of Mud. Verdict: Mud offers charm, intrigue and standout performances by all and cements Jeff Nichols as a great and exciting new filmmaker. Verdict: Les Miserables brings a bold and fresh take on the Musical genre offering some real courageous and simply stunning Oscar worthy performances.
Summary: Woody Grant, an ageing, alcohol dependant grump takes a trip from Montana to Nebraska with his son in a bid to claim a million-dollar Mega Sweepstakes Marketing prize. Verdict: Director Alexander Payne weaves this charming road movie around the the themes of life and the family. Summary: The true story of the 2009 hijacking of the MV Maersk Alabama cargo ship, at the hands of Somali Pirates. Verdict: From the word go director Paul Greengrass and his cast have you in the palm of there hand, in one of this years finest and most thrilling movies. Summary: When Aaron the sole survivor of a fishing boat accident that claimed the lives of five local men, including his brother Michael (Jordan Young), returns to his small Scottish coastal village, he struggles to reintegrate into the community. Summary: The Civil War rages on as America’s president battles with the House of Representatives for the passage of the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery. Verdict: Spielberg has managed to create a beautifully shot and authentic portray of ‘Abraham Lincoln’s’ struggles during a time that has ultimately shaped America as it is today.
Summary: Julian runs a Muay Thai Boxing club in Bangkok as a front for his family’s drug smuggling empire. Verdict: While Nicolas Winding Refn has certainly indulged himself with Only God Forgives, it will surely evoke much opinion and debate, and while these opinions and debates will be of vastly different colours, he will evoke them nonetheless. Summary: Luke, a motorcycle stunt performer, whose life is suddenly changed, turns to robbing banks as a way to provide for his lover Romina and newborn son Jason. Verdict: The Place Beyond The Pines is a bold and ambitious film that deals with complex themes and characters beautifully.
Summary: Bilbo Baggins and the company of dwarves led by Gandalf the Grey, continue their quest to reclaim their homeland deep within the Lonely Mountain, from Smaug. Verdict: Peter Jackson returns to Middle Earth back on form, tackling most of the issues from before, resulting in a more concise and satisfying film.
Verdict: Despite its structure and pacing issues, John Lee Hancock and Disney present a warm and tender tale of hope that offers one of the finest performances of 2013.
Summary: When Emily Taylor (Rooney Mara), a young woman suffering from depression is prescribed the new drug Ablixa by her psychiatrist Dr Banks (Jude Law).
Verdict: What starts as a fairly dull, anti-pharmaceutical message, eventually turns into one of the best takes on the Neo-Noir style I have seen. Verdict: Luhrmann has managed to bring this great American fable to a new audience with a visual flair, style and technique unmatched.
Summary: When Ryota Nonomiya learns that his biological son was switched with another child at birth, he must make the life-changing decision to choose his biological son or the child he has raised as his own. Verdict: Like Father, Like Son offers a startling study into parenthood and the notion of parental love.
Films that didn’t make the list due to UK release dates are American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave, Inside Llewyn Davis, Her, Dallas Buyers Club and The Wolf of Wall Street. Allan Brown Despite my 9-5 being consumed by the daily duties of an Electrician, Movie Review World serves as a platform for me to share my thoughts, explorations and reflections on one of my biggest passions, film. I really enjoyed Lincoln, it was nice to see Spielberg show a more intimate and personal look at the man, as oppose to a grander perspective which is normally the norm with a film involving such a weighted historically influential figure.
The character-driven documentary focuses on director Steve Hoover‘s best friend and his mission to help HIV-positive children in India.
Hoover’s best friend, Rocky Braat, traveled to India two years before the film began in search of new meaning for his life.
For the film, Hoover ventured to India to chronicle Braat’s newfound life in this incredibly honest and personal film.

All proceeds from the film will go to support Arms Around the Child, a worldwide HIV initiative. With this blog, I aim to be Southeastern North Carolina’s go-to source for all things film and TV. While we may be hard at work reporting on the stories we get, we also want your tips, reactions and ideas. Many would argue that he is also the world’s foremost authority on ETs having briefed former CIA directors and even president Clinton among numerous other high ranking government officials from all around the world. Buying Sex does drift at times and tries to be too balanced, in my opinion  However, of all of the reporting, both print and television, on this topic, the doc is the most comprehensive I’ve encountered.
Full disclosure, I tend to have a soft spot in my heart for most things (creative, artistic, food related) that come out of the sometimes-great-state-of Arizona. The film tells a pretty familiar story of young, student types heading out to investigate an abandoned hospital for documentary evidence of a paranormal presence for the final project of their non-fiction film class. All in all, there are many things to like about Animus despite its small budget and limited scope for story and execution. Known as one of the most beautiful marathon courses in North America, the race is popular with both international competitors and local racers. The biggest reason you should go and see this show (aside from the awesome music, arial and ground acrobatics) is that CircusWest is a Vancouver company that runs all kinds of interesting Circus Arts programs for both Adults and Youth.
The company is young and only in it's second season, but their artistic programming is both excellent and ambitious. With more than 74 screenings at 5 different venues around the city, festival attendees can expect to experience various interpretations on science fiction, surrealism and storytelling. Anyone who can't get enough kitsch should head down to The Vancouver Convention Centre on the weekend of May 11th because it's going to be completely stuffed with Crafters.
The tour starts downtown at Waterfront Station, includes 2 cocktails plus five courses of food.
By visiting their website, you can sign up as a team leader and register either you friends, schoolmates or colleagues in a combined effort to increase bicycle awareness. As a result these smaller and often quieter films have too been given voice making 2013 in particular, a landmark year for film indeed.
Just be prepared to leave the cinema as physically and emotionally drained as the characters on screen. When an unlikely friendship is struck, they agree to help him evade his pursuers and reunite him with his love, Juniper.
In pursuit of a new life Valjean tears up his parole papers leading to his pursuit by Inspector Javert. Photographed in a beautiful but stark black and white, its Nebraska’s characters that add the surprising warmth and comedic flourishes to this endearing and thought provoking ,comedy, drama. Although somewhat slower and often fact heavy the film is truly anchored by its screenplay, extraordinary direction and of course its cast. When his brother Billy is killed for murdering a local prostitute, Julian finds himself drawn into a cycle of violence with the local police chief. For me atleast, I found Only God Forgives to be a masterful presentation of what film is all about, breaking through the boundaries of regularity, taking risks and offering something new, something unique, and instead of spelling every detail out for its audience, it forces you to work hard to decipher its meaning. Soderbergh manages to draw stunning performances, incredibly skillful direction and an unorthodox plot that is executed within an inch of its life. It’s is hilarious and reckless, trashing through everything in its wake, in one exciting, vulgar and relentless thrill ride…for those who think they can stomach it, GO SEE IT!
While it can be said it perhaps lacks an emotional connection with its characters, the films dream like quality juggles the themes and symbolism of the book that are as relevant today as they were in 1925, and are likely to stay with you long after the end credits roll. Although a quieter, nuance piece, its focus and underlying emotion results in perhaps one of the most visceral and thought provoking films of the year, and one that will undoubtedly linger in your thoughts for days after.
The film won the documentary grand jury prize and the documentary audience award, festival officials announced Saturday night. There he visited an AIDS Orphanage in Chennai, India and decided he could never go back to living the way he was before. Both Hoover and Braat change during the experience and the film gives you a no-holds-barred look inside their shifting world views.
Wilmington and its surrounding areas are rich with intriguing projects, from the big-budget blockbusters to the small-scale, high-impact independent films. Not only that but the makers of the documentary claim to have a six inch Alien corpse in their possession. It also explains the connection to Free Energy and provides not only the vision of contact with ET civilizations as regularly witnessed by the CE-5 contact teams featured therein, but also the paradigm shifting physical evidence of a medically and scientifically analyzed DNA sequenced humanoid creature of unknown classification found in the Atacama desert, Chile.
If you troll or post spam or act like a child we will send you to your room without dinner and take away your posting priviledges. Greer is a former ER physician who was at one time the chairman of ER medicine at Caldwell memorial hospital in NC.
Progressives argue that prostitutes would be safer if the prostitution is decriminalized in Canada. It’s food for thought and will make for some very spirited dinner table conversation. Growing up in Arizona and since moving elsewhere has rendered me a bit of a nostalgic when it comes to the scenery and any references to the Grand Canyon state. I figure that, when you set out to make a horror movie on the low end, you have to work with what you have and make the most of it.

One aspect of the monster in particular really got me – as he is stalking the group members and generally stomping around, raging and such, he stops to sniff the air and snarls in a low grumble. This year, the race starts off at the base of Queen Elizabeth Park (in my neighbourhood, Riley Park!), loops around UBC via Kerrisdale and finishes at the Vancouver Convention Centre (via Stanley Park and the Sea Wall). While the market out in Richmond often attracts the big buzz, our very on Chinatown Night Market in Strathcona shouldn't be missed. Many Vancouverites might be familiar with their CirKids classes that are extremely popular around the city. Always a hit, this annual event features over five hundred artists all showcasing hand-made and original works ranging from jewelry and clothing to delicious eats. One of the most interesting and incredibly talented live acts around, Iceland's Sigur Ros guarantees a concert experience outside of the norm that will knock your socks off.
There are all kinds of neat tools on the website; from logging your kilometres to planning trips. Shopping at Local Farmer's Markets is a fantastic way to support not only BC agriculture, but our community and local economy.
This documentary examines that period of racing, talking with those who have direct experience of that period and can recount not only how deadly the pastime was but the events that led to the regulations that have made it a more reasonable sport. I predict Oscars all round but if Daniel Day Lewis doesn’t win for Best Actor…then ’There will be blood’, indeed.
Travers reflects on her difficult childhood while meeting with filmmaker Walt Disney during production for her classic novel, Mary Poppins.
Side Effects might not end up in your Top 10 list of all time, but it is a film that will raise plenty discussion and debate long after you leave the cinema, and that to me is testament of a great movie. I will be the primary blogger for WilmonFilm, but other staffers, including Community Engagement Editor Jeff Hidek and freelance reporter Brian Tucker, are likely to contribute from time to time.
I will post everything from breaking news to offbeat features that will cover every facet of the entertainment news emerging from the area. Additionally eye-opening, are the credentials and pedigree of the science and medical team behind this potentially profound and historical announcement. I can understand if people are skeptical since history does not look kindly on these type of releases, but do yourself a favor and watch this film with an open mind and THEN judge for yourself.
I warn you, if you are not prepared for a serious world view challenge then ignore what I’ve said and continue to believe whatever you want to believe. On the other, there is a vocal group of abolitionists who advocate the criminalization of the buying.
So, from the start Animus had some good will in my ledger having been shot mostly around Tuscon and Bisbee Arizona and including great shots of the Sonoran desert, palo verde trees and referencing stuff around the University of Arizona. She is flanked by Angel (Caitlin Singer – a stunt performer at Old Tucson Studios I found out from the commentary track), Lucas (Cuffs Bratten), the small bladdered Mekalia (Tiffany Ann B) and Daniel (Brandon Pittman).
I hope, sincerely, that Quin Davis continues his special effects work through his company and gets more chances to work through narrative features because I definitely think Animus is a good start.
It's so much closer (on Keefer St between Main & Columbia), just as beautiful and tons of fun whether you go with family or friends.
Known for their amazing visuals, lights and stage settings, the band (just off of a lengthy rehearsal stint in Portugal) will be performing a ton of new material and will feature a new member on viola.
Tightening up in the editing room could have seen this film go from an intriguing yet overlong and busy drama to the masterpiece it deserved to be. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel is beautifully realised and at times verges on the profound. Just keep in mind that the existence of ETs is frightening to many people, and will look to easily dismiss the idea rather then embrace the evidence of the inevitable. Of course, the fallout of such things is not nearly as simple, and Buying Sex from directors Kent Nason and Teresa MacInnes examines the issue in the most balanced way I’ve ever seen from any documentary or news program.
It seems to suggest a long born adaptive behavior more animal than human and gave me the chills. With tickets to the Opening film at an affordable $20, this is a great chance to get on the ground floor of this year's best documentaries.
And the man gave me Jurassic Park so he can do whatever he wants as far as I’m concerned. So often, you see a first feature and want to reach through the screen and move the camera somewhere to get a more interesting shot. Weekday Matinee Tickets are only $8, plus they have Youth Tickets for $6 for Weekday Matinees and $10 for Evenings. Once they are essentially trapped at the hospital, a different kind of threat emerges beyond just a ghost (picture a large mutant-y looking prospector guy, part Yosemite Sam, part creature from the Descent with a saw thing affixed to his arm) and the group gets reduced in pretty quick fashion. I also really love all the traditional dishes that are available like steamed dumplings and Hainanese Chicken. The best part is the picture taking ops: this night market looks fantastic on your instagram (check out their website for samples of what I'm talking about).

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